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Test 10/2019

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Test seal: BenQ InstaShow WDC10 HDMI, Rating 9.8

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All rating criteria details:

Image quality 30%
Handling 25%
Range of functions 25%
Installation 10%
Delay 10%
Tested by: Jakob



The InstaShow Presentation System HDMI is absolutely uncomplicated. Its high resolution and frame rate are really impressive. The design looks very professional and leaves an extraordinarily good impression. A latency is noticeable, although it is barely disruptive.


  • Simple
  • Smooth image
  • High resolution


  • Button requires 2 cables

360° View

Very easy to use system that has a very good image transmission.

General information

The InstaShow Presentation System consists of the host (the receiver) and 2 buttons (the transmitters). The system is expandable to 16 buttons. No additional software is required for use. Each person can easily mirror the screen content of his computer to a larger screen at the touch of a button.

The image transfer is started with a simple push of a button.
The image transfer is started with a simple push of a button.

The device is primarily intended for use in business environments.


The host is connected with an HDMI cable to a TV or beamer and powered via Micro-USB to USB cable. This can be done via a USB output of the device or via the included power adapter and a power outlet. The connection of the buttons follows the same principle, so you have to use 2 ports of your computer. (If you have a modern computer with USB-C, you might be interested in the InstaShow Type - C, for whose button only a single USB-C port is required.)

The setup is, as announced by the manufacturer, absolutely uncomplicated and foolproof. You plug the receiver and transmitter into their respective devices, hold down the 'host-' and 'button'-buttons for 5 seconds one after the other and they are connected.


The connection between transmitter and receiver works via WIFI 802.1 1ac.

In our test office, I tested the range across the room. The video, which I played on my laptop for the test, only began to falter slightly on the TV after 15 meters.

Picture and sound quality

The image quality is fantastic. In video mode, Full HD videos are transmitted at a rate of 60 fps. Colours and contrasts do not look any different than when you transfer movies or presentations with a conventional HDMI cable.

The sound is transferred in good stereo quality and is synchronized with the picture being played.


A slight delay between the transmitter and receiver cannot be completely avoided. The InstaShow Presentation System has a very fast transmission time with a delay of 0.17 s on the TV and 0.1 s on the computer screen. You will notice a slight latency when moving the mouse cursor, but it is so minimal that it didn't bother me when navigating the mouse. Only for video games, the delay could be a disadvantage. However, since the system was not designed for video games, but for presentations, this cannot really cause minus points in the rating of this system. However, there is still room for improvement in latency.


The system is compatible with any receiver with HDMI connection. The transmitter requires a USB output to provide video output. No additional software is required as the InstaShow Presentation System is actually a "Plug & Play" product.

The InstaShow buttons of the HDMI and the Type-C version can be connected to the same host.
The InstaShow buttons of the HDMI and Type-C versions can be connected to the same host.

The InstaShow HDMI and the InstaShow Type - C buttons can be simultaneously connected to the host.


The system works as simple as an HDMI cable, no additional software is installed. The transmission is secured by 128-bit WPA2 encryption. According to the manufacturer, the devices work completely hardware-based, which ensures a low hack susceptibility.


You can find even more information on the InstaShow on the manufacturer's website.

We have evaluated 3 reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that all buyers are very satisfied (5 stars). The average score at the time of the evaluation was 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 100% positive and 0% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Easy installation
  • No software required
  • Image transmission fast and stable
  • Encoding

The following points were noted negatively:

Manufacturer BenQ
EAN 4718755063053
Scope of delivery Receiver, 2 Transmitters, Cradle, Quick Start Guide, Regulatory Statements, Holder for Host, USB Power Supply (GB and DE), HDMI Cable (80 cm), USB Micro-USB Cable (140 cm), USB Extension Cable (80 cm)
Max. resolution 1920 × 1080 pixel
Frame rate 60 fps
Max. number of users 16
Quality impression Excellent
Receiver ports HDMI, Micro-USB, LAN
Transmitter ports HDMI- and USB-port
Height Receiver: 2.5 cm; transmitter: 2 cm
Width Receiver: 17 cm; transmitter: 8.5 cm
Depth Receiver: 11 cm; transmitter: 18 cm
Weight Receiver: 155 g; transmitter: 87 g
Additional warranty 3 years
Packaging Informative, adequate
Quality of instructions Good
Manual language Illustrated
Image quality
Range of functions

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Does InstaShow need to be connected to the Internet?
No, you don't need an Internet connection to use InstaShow. However, it is possible to set up a connection via the W-Lan to control the host even if it is mounted on the ceiling of the beamer, for example, and is therefore difficult to reach.
Is additional software required?
No, the InstaShow is a real Plug & Play operation.


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