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Test 02/2020

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Test seal: AOC CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor, Rating 8.8

last modified: 28.02.2020, 14:01

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All rating criteria details:

Range of functions 20%
Reaction time 20%
Luminosity 20%
Colour representation 20%
Viewing angle stability 20%
Tested by: Jonas



The CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor from AOC has been manufactured to the highest quality. The monitor's luminosity and colour display are particularly noteworthy. The image quality is impressive due to a high contrast ratio and a natural and strong representation of the colours. The viewing angle stability is high and the displayed contents can still be easily read from all different viewing angles. The response time of 1 ms is very low, but due to the VA panels, streaking occurs faster than with the AGON AG273QCG. Also to be criticized is the small range of functions, for example, the screen is not height adjustable and has very few connections.


  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Colour representation
  • Stability of viewing angle


  • Few connections
  • Not height adjustable

360° View

Shines with an optimal representation of colour, brightness and contrast, but with a range of functions that could be improved.

General information

The CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor from AOC comes in a package printed with information that can be easily opened. A user manual is included on the driver CD included with the unit. The displayed content is displayed on the 31.5-inch curved monitor in QHD (2560 x 1440). A driver CD and a warranty card are included, as well as a power cable, an HDMI cable and a Displayport cable.

AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
The curved shape of the screen is clearly visible here.


Thanks to the one-click technology, you can set up the screen in a few easy steps. Then, connect the screen to the power supply and a computer and start the configuration.


AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
Our self-developed test pattern.

In order to be able to evaluate and subsequently compare the image quality, we have developed a test image. The image can be used to analyse contrast, brightness, colour representation and sharpness. The monitor has a very high contrast ratio. The colour blocks in our test image are clearly visible and can be clearly differentiated from each other.


The brightness of the screen is 300 cd/m². The different colour blocks on our test image can be easily differentiated from each other.

Colour representation

The monitor convinces with high colour fidelity. The displayed colours make a rich, strong and at the same time natural impression on me.


Whether dynamic or standing sequences, the images are displayed pin-sharp and in good quality.

Viewing angle

AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
front view.

AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
View from the left side.

The content displayed on the screen is not only easy to read when you sit in front of the screen, but also from different horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Colours remain true to the original, only the brightness changes.

AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
View from the right side.

AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
View from above.

Reaction time

With a reaction time of 1 ms, fast movements are displayed pin sharp and jerk-free.


In comparison to the AGON AG273QCG from AOC, the CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor is the significantly leaner version in terms of ergonomics. The screen is not height adjustable and can only be tilted forward. The tilt angle is between -5 °C and 23 °C.

 AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
The screen can be tilted back and forth.

 AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
The tilt angle is between -5 °C and 23 °C.


AOC - CQ32G1 Gaming Monitor
The buttons are located at the bottom of the screen.

To enter the settings menu, press the fourth button below the screen. There are 5 buttons in total. The labels are difficult to read. Use the buttons marked with arrows to navigate through the menu. There you can adjust the luminosity, colour settings, OSD settings, image intensifier and game settings. The other buttons allow you to choose between the connection source, certain presets and a crosshair, which is especially useful for shooters.

We have evaluated just under 363 reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that around 88 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are a good 8 percent of users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 88% positive and 8% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Brightness
  • Height adjustable
  • Image quality

Negative comments were made on the following points:

  • Uneven illumination
  • Defect
Manufacturer AOC
EAN 4038986116718
Display size 31.5 inch
Display LCD display
Display brightness 300 cd/m²
Ports HDMI, Display port
Screen aspect ratio 16:9
Refresh frequency 144 Hz
Response time 1 ms
Contrast ratio 3.000:1
Panel technology VA
Camera resolution 2560 x 1440
AMD FreeSync Yes
Nvidia G-Sync Yes
LED light Yes
Height adjustability -
Tiltable Yes
Pivotable Yes
Height 53.2 cm
Width 71 cm
Depth 23.7 cm
Weight 7,355
Additional warranty 3 years from date of purchase
Scope of delivery Power cable, HDMI/display port, driver CD, warranty card
Packaging Printed with information and images
Manual language GER, EN, FR, NL, PL, ES, IT, PT
Quality of instructions Excellent
Quality impression Excellent
Colour representation
Reaction time
Viewing angle stability
Range of functions

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Does the monitor have a built-in speaker?
Yes, there are buttons at the bottom of the monitor to adjust the settings.
Does the monitor have buttons?
Yes, there are buttons on the bottom of the monitor to adjust the settings.


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