Peach PS500-70 Aktenvernichter

Test 08/2019

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Test seal: Peach PS500-70 Aktenvernichter, Rating 7.9

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All rating criteria details:

Handling 20%
Safety 20%
Speed 20%
Volume 20%
Cut quality 20%
Tested by: Jonas



The Peach PS500-70 is a space-saving, small and lightweight document shredder which, despite its small size, has a high collection volume, works quickly and has a small cut size. However, it is also power-intensive and loud during use.


  • Space saving
  • Small and light
  • Small cut size
  • High capacity


  • Loud operation
  • High power usage
  • No rolls
  • High dust generation during shredding

360° View

Compact document shredder with a large collection volume which is pretty loud and power-intensive.

Special features

The Peach PS500-70 is the smallest, space-saving and lightest document shredder in our test. At the same time, it is also the cheapest shredder. It is the only one that has no rollers on the bottom of the device.

shredded paper of the Peach PS500-70 document shredder
shredded paper with the cut size 4.2 cm x 0.5 cm.


The Peach PS500-70 is impressive because of its simple modest design and its focus on practicality. Directly above the paper feeder, a lot of valuable safety instructions have been attached. These make it possible to make sure that all safety instructions are followed during each operation. The paper feeder is pretty narrow so that unnecessary risks, which could lead to serious injuries, are avoided. Directly in front of the paper feeder is the control panel, which is a switch that can be moved to the sides. However, as with all other devices, it looks less modern. In addition, three LEDs have been attached to the top of the unit, which lights up warningly during operation and in the event of problems such as overheating or paper jams.

Thermal image of the Peach PS500-70 document shredder
The maximum temperature measured is 28.9°.


The Peach PS500-70 Particle Shredder has two different modes of operation: an Auto mode, in which the shredder shreds as soon as the paper is fed in, and a Reverse mode, which throws out the sheets if there is a paper jam. In our test, the PS500-70 destroyed a maximum of 17 sheets per pass and took 12 seconds to do so. A single page was cut in 8 seconds and 85 sheets of paper were destroyed in one minute. At maximum capacity, however, the device works quite loud with a measured 79.9 dB. And as far as power consumption is concerned, this device is anything but economical: at maximum capacity, it consumed a maximum of 415.42 W and 1.3 W in standby mode. On the positive side, however, this shredder hardly heats up during continuous use for 15 minutes and the maximum temperature we were able to measure was 28.9 degrees Celsius.

Capacity & Cut size

Due to the slimness of the device, the collection container of the device with a capacity of 18 litres is also rather small. However, the Peach PS500-70 surprises positively with a capacity of 310 sheets. The cut size is 4.2 cm x 0.5 cm.

We have evaluated approximately 80 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 80 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are almost 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 80% positive and 10% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Clean cut
  • Quiet
  • Powerful

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Switch broken
  • Loud ventilation
Manufacturer Peach
EAN 7640169581076
Scope of delivery User manual
Quality impression Good
Packaging Printed with information
Additional warranty No
Quality of instructions Satisfactory
Manual language GER, GB, FR, IT
Width 32 cm
Height 46 cm
Depth 24 cm
Weight 6,956 kg
Stand-by power consumption 1,3 W
Power consumption 415,42 W
Capacity litres 18
Max. number of sheets 15
Automatic switch-off
Automatic reversal technology No
Readiness indicator
Sheet/minute 90
Number of sheets Collecting container 310
CD shredder
Extra container for CDs/cards No
Speed 1 Sheet 8 sek
Speed max. number of sheets 12 sek
Staples/paper clips to remove No
Card shredder
Max. volume 76 dB
Plastic wrapping
Safesense technology No
Cut size 4,2 cm x 0,5 cm
Highest temperature 28,9
Cut quality

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Does the machine have rollers?
Can the document shredder also shred stapled (1 to 2 staples) papers?
Although the shredder is able to shred staples and paper clips, you should remove them if possible. Industrial staples must be removed.
What is the protection class of the device?
Protection class 4.


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