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Test 03/2020

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Test seal: Asus S2 USB-C Portable LED Projector, Rating 8.7

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All rating criteria details:

Image quality 30%
Brightness 30%
Range of functions 20%
Workmanship 10%
Handling 10%
Tested by: Lasse



All in all, the Asus S2 USB-C Portable LED Projector is a compact mini beamer with a wide range of functions, which makes it the most convincing. The 4 different display modes and 4 connections offer a multitude of possible uses. Android users can also connect to the beamer via their mobile phones. However, despite the HD resolution, the Asus S2 LED Projector delivers a not quite sharp picture for smaller fonts and is therefore not optimally suited for presentations.


  • HDMI cable and protective bag included
  • Scope of functions
  • Remote control
  • Screen Mirroring with the mobile phone possible (Android only)


  • Relatively dark image
  • Colour artifacts at transitions between black and white
  • Font somewhat blurred for HD quality

360° View

This mini beamer convinces above all with its large range of functions.

Particular feature

This projector can also be used as a power bank for loading other devices.

The device

The Asus S2 USB-C Portable LED Projector LED beamer with DLP technology is well manufactured and offers an elegant design. It weighs 496 g and has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It has four rubber feet. The S2 Projector also has a tripod thread on the underside. The focusing of the image is done automatically via autofocus.

control knobs
Control knobs at the top of the beamer

However, it is also possible to adjust the focus manually by remote control or directly on the beamer. The easiest way to operate the beamer is to use the remote control supplied. Otherwise, you can access the menu by pressing the focus button on the beamer. All connections are located on the back of the device. The available inputs and outputs are:

  • HDMI
  • USB-A
  • USB-C
  • Headphone output
  • Wireless connection (Android only)

An advantage of this device is that it is delivered directly with a carrying bag. However, this only offers space for the beamer. The power supply unit and connecting cable must be transported separately.

display modes
Selection of display modes for the Asus S2 Projector

The projector has four projection modes: front, rear, ceiling front, and ceiling rear. In addition, one of four display modes can be selected: Presentation mode, Standard mode, Cinema mode or Ecom mode. However, these are only available when the projector is connected to a power source. In battery mode, only High, Middle, and Eco can be selected. The S2 Projector also has vertical and horizontal keystone correction.

There is an integrated 2 W speaker for sound reproduction. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is 3.5 hours in Eco mode. As this is relatively dark and does not offer a nice film experience, I did a battery test while the beamer was set to Middle in display mode. It lasted 2.5 hours.

The Asus mini beamer can also be used as a power bank for charging other devices. The USB port can provide a maximum charging current of 1A.


To measure the brightness of the ZenBeam S2, I measured the illuminance at nine defined points at maximum brightness and white test pattern. For this, I used a lux meter. The mean value of these measurements and the projection surface can then be used to calculate the luminous flux in lumens. With this device, the luminous flux results with an average illuminance of 105.09 lux and an area of 1.08 m² to 113.5 lumens. The brightness of 500 lumens specified by the manufacturer refers to the brightness of the lamp, which of course does not correspond to the brightness of the image.

Image Quality

In order to compare the image quality of the mini beamers in our test, we have developed a test image. This image can be used to evaluate brightness, contrast and colour representation.

test image
AskGeorge test image for adjusting the optimal brightness, contrast and color saturation

First, I tested the image in a darkened room. The image quality corresponds to what you would expect from a beamer of this size. One recognizes a clear difference in the contrast between light and dark picture elements. Contrast, brightness, colour, and sharpness can be adjusted manually so that the image is perfectly adapted to the ambient conditions. With a darkened room and projection on a white painted wall, the following adjustments resulted:

  • Brightness: 60
  • Contrast: 48
  • Color saturation: 45
  • Sharpness: 3

The colour display and brightness also depend heavily on display mode. From the Presentation mode to Eco mode, the image becomes darker and darker.

colour artefacts
Colour artefacts at transitions between black and white

In all modes, colour artefacts also appear at transitions between black and white. These are expressed by coloured stripes.

In daylight, the beamer is unfortunately not to be used. Even with the maximum brightness setting, no reasonable image is projected. However, this is not to be expected differently with a battery-operated beamer of this size.


Another problem is the representation of font. Despite the HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, large fonts are still easy to read, but smaller font sizes are rather blurred. You should consider this if you want to use this beamer for presentations.


The Asus Mini Beamer can be operated via the buttons on the top or via the supplied remote control and is very intuitive. The individual buttons react without any problems. The menu can be used to adjust the image setup, screen, input and system settings. In addition, brightness, contrast and colour saturation can be adjusted in 100 steps.


thermal image

I measured the heating of the beamer during operation with our thermal imaging camera directly at the opening of the fan. In our tests, the S2 Projector reached a temperature of 52.6 °C.

Volume and sound quality

The cooling fan of the Asus LED projector is not very loud. At a distance of one meter, I measured a volume of 40.2 dB and at a distance of 20 cm next to the fan, the volume is 46.3 dB. As soon as there is sound in addition to the picture, the fan can no longer be heard.

The sound of the integrated loudspeaker is very high. Bass is virtually non-existent. The maximum volume for a device of this size is perfectly okay, but it is recommended to connect a loudspeaker or headphones.

There are currently no customer reviews for this mini beamer. As soon as this changes, we will evaluate them for you and add them to our test report.

Manufacturer Asus
EAN 4718017171885
Scope of delivery Beamer with protective bag, manual and warranty card, charging cable, HDMI cable, 3 different socket adapters, remote control
Image size 40-120 inch
Ports Headphones (3.5mm Mini Jack), HDMI, USB Type A, USB Type C
Projection technology LED
Camera resolution 1280 x 720
Contrast No information
Image brightness 500 Lumen
Projection distance 1.5-3 m
Battery life Max. 3.5 g
Weight 496 g
Height 3.8 cm
Width 12 cm
Depth 12 cm
Speaker 1x 2W
Quality impression Excellent
Packaging High-quality and appealing cardboard
Quality of instructions Okay
Manual language English with pictures
Additional warranty 2 years
Image quality
Range of functions

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Do I need batteries for the remote control or are they already included?
No batteries are supplied with the remote control. For this, a Lithium CR 3V button cell is needed.
Can the beamer also play movies with a higher resolution than HD (1280 x 720)?
The maximum input resolution the beamer can play is Full HD (1920 x 1080). However, this is still reproduced in the maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for the beamer.


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