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Test seal: Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear, Rating 8.5

last modified: 07.10.2019, 10:56

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All rating criteria details:

Noise-cancelling 30%
Comfort 20%
Sound quality 20%
Workmanship 15%
Design 15%
Tested by: Philipp


Product tester


The Libratone Q-Adapt is a chic headphone with some weaknesses. The operation and the Bluetooth pairing work very well. The sound is fine, but the active noise reduction causes annoying background noise. In addition, the wearing comfort depends very much on the shape of the head.


  • Four-stage noise cancelling
  • Touch control panel
  • Adjustment and control via an app
  • Easy connection with the smartphone


  • Bass somewhat weak
  • Sound profiles have no effect
  • Not very comfortable for spectacle wearers
Reliable on-ear headphones with slightly poor sound quality.

The device

Libratone Q Adapt
The Libratone Q Adapt comes in a round box.

The Libratone Q-Adapt is delivered in an unusual round package. The headphones are in the supplied case. It is also round and closed with a magnetic closure. Since the headphones cannot be folded together, the case is quite large with a diameter of 20.5 cm. Another disadvantage of the case is that it does not close completely so that the headphones are not protected from dirt and water.

The headphones themselves have a high-quality finish. The ear cups can be turned by 90° and are covered with a leather cushion. The earpiece is quite narrow with only 3 cm and covered with fabric.

The controls and displays are distributed over both ear cups. The battery indicator and power button are located on the left ear. The touch control panel and the noise reduction button are integrated into the right earpiece. The Micro-USB port for charging and the jack socket are also located here.

In the scope of supply are:

  • Headphones
  • Case
  • Charging cable (Micro USB - 105 cm)
  • Jack cable (125 cm)
  • Instruction manual
  • Safety instructions

Wearing comfort

Libratone Q Adapt
For eyeglass wearers, wearing on-ear headphones is often uncomfortable.

As usual with on-ear headphones, the Q-Adapt also presses firmly on the ears. But with larger heads, the wearing becomes uncomfortable relatively fast. I had to take the headphones off after about 30 minutes and give my ears a break. This type of headphones is also not ideal for spectacle wearers. The Q-Adapt does not fit very tight due to the narrow temple. During fast head movements, the headphones slip and are therefore not suitable for sports such as jogging.


Libratone Q Adapt
The Libratone Q Adapt is controlled via a touch panel.

The Libratone Q-Adapt is operated either via the free app or the touch control panel on the side of the headphones. At first, the operation seems a bit complicated because it consists of short and long touching and circular movements with one and more fingers. But after a few minutes, I got the hang of it and was mostly satisfied. Especially the volume control by circular movements on the right auricle works very well. What is very error-prone, however, is stopping the playback by touching it with two fingers. The headphones reacted in less than 50 percent of my cases. But if you use three fingers, the Q-Adapt reacts without any problems.

Another function of the Q-Adapt is the automatic stop of playback when the headphones are removed. When you put the headphones back on, playback starts again.


Libratone Q Adapt
In the free Libratone app you can choose between different sound profiles.

The sound quality of the Libratone Q-Adapt is generally convincing. The sound is very contoured and clear. Especially midrange and treble are very present, only the bass is weak. This makes the sound appear somewhat flat, depending on the genre. Although there is the possibility to choose between different sound profiles in the app, for example, to amplify treble or bass, I couldn't notice any difference between the individual profiles.

Phone calls

Call answering works with the Q-Adapt without any problems by touching the touch panel with two fingers. The quality of the call is also acceptable via Bluetooth. You can understand the other side, but the overall sound is pretty tinny.


The connection via Bluetooth works without problems and once the headset has been connected to a device, it reconnects directly to the device when it is switched on. If there are no obstacles in the way, the connection does not break off even at a distance of 20 m. The headset is connected to the device again when it is switched on. Even if the headphones and mobile phone were separated by four thin walls in our office, the playback still worked without any problems. However, as with all Bluetooth connections, solid walls and glass doors cause bigger problems.

We have evaluated about 60 reviews on the internet. In summary, it can be said that about 70 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are almost 25 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 70% positive and 25% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Good processing
  • Good noise-cancelling for on-ear headphones

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Sound somewhat flat
  • Uncomfortable for larger heads
Manufacturer Libratone
EAN 5710957011091
Scope of delivery Headphones, case, charging cable, jack cable, manual, safety instructions
Height 4 cm (case)
Width 20,5 cm (case)
Depth 20,5 c, (case)
Weight 214 g
Foldable -
Charging time 3 hours
Battery life 20 hours
Control Touch control or app
Bluetooth stability Excellent
Cable connection (without Bluetooth) ✔ length - 125 cm
Speech quality (telephone) Good, a little tinny
Travel case
Sound quality

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Can the noise reduction only be controlled in the app or also on the headphones?
Both are possible.
Can noise reduction be turned off?
Yes, noise reduction can be turned off using either the app or the button on the headphones.
Can the ear cushions be changed when they are worn out?
No, the ear cushions cannot be replaced.


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