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Test seal: Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless , Rating 9.1

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All rating criteria details:

Sound quality 40%
Wearing comfort 30%
Design 10%
Handling 10%
Battery life 10%
Tested by: Elisabeth


Product tester


In summary, it can be said that the Sennheiser - MOMENTUM True Wireless leaves a very good impression and are well suited for everyday life and sports activities. The sound has a very good quality and the Transparent Hearing is pleasant to adjust manually. The headphones are securely stowed in the transport box and are also charged. The comfort alone is somewhat inappropriate for smaller earcups and the headphones stand out.


  • Touch operation also independent of the app
  • Transparent Hearing
  • Fast coupling
  • Handy and practical design


  • Tap 3 times - to switch back to a prior song - hardly works
  • Short battery life until the headphones have to be returned to the charging box

360° View

The headphones are very well designed. However, it is a bit difficult to go back to a prior song via touch.

Appearance and equipment

I tested the Sennheiser - MOMENTUM True Wireless in the color "black-chrome". The in-ear headphones are well made and look stable. They are "true wireless", meaning: The ear studs are completely wireless.

Included in the scope of delivery:

  • In-Ear headphones and charging box
  • Rubber adapter one pair each in sizes XS, S, M and L
  • USB C charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Operating the headphones

A quick connection to your smartphone is enabled via Bluetooth. If you would like a little more guidance, the free Sennheiser Smart Control App, in which you can also configure the "Transparent Hearing", equalizing and other settings can help. The app is very clearly arranged.

The app is clearly arranged
The app is clearly arranged

The app first gives a short instruction on how to use the headphones and how to operate them. By tapping on both touch sensors on the backs of the headphones for about five seconds, a connection to e.g. a mobile phone is established. The headphones have to be connected via Bluetooth, the app alone is not enough. As soon as a connection to the mobile phone is established, an automatic voice confirms the connection with "Connected", or with "No Connection" if there is no more connection, or the connection is broken.

The music can be controlled with the left plug on the back of the plugs and calls can be managed with the right plug. If you tap on the touch sensors more than once, the desired settings will be made:

How to handle the headphones is clearly described at the beginning in the app and in the user manual
How to handle the headphones is clearly described at the beginning in the app and in the user manual

The music is started or stopped once you tap the left touch sensor. To continue a song you have to tap the sensor twice and to return a song you have to tap the sensor three times. The latter operation sometimes leads to difficulties, because the instruction is recognized as a song and then pause or as pause, then play and then pause again. It is easier to use your mobile phone when you want to listen to a song again.

When a call comes in, you can also answer it through your headphones. To do this, tap the right touch sensor once. If no call comes in at the moment and you tap on the right sensor once, then a voice assistant of the mobile phone is called and the music is interrupted. Unfortunately, this function cannot be switched off if you do not want to use a voice assistant.

The function "Transparent Hearing" can be controlled via the app as well as via the right headphone by tapping twice on the sensor.

To adjust the volume, tap the left touch sensor longer for a quieter playback and tap the right sensor longer for a louder playback. The sensors react very well overall and you should only hold the headphones at the edges to avoid accidentally making unwanted settings.


My headphones fit securely but tilt slightly to the side at the top of small ear cups, which is only an optical problem. The headphones sit even more securely if the device fits exactly into the ear cup and is therefore held a little more. Even when jogging, they hold reliably and do not slip out of the ears. You hardly notice that you are wearing headphones.

Headphones sit comfortably
Headphones sit comfortably

As soon as one headphone is removed, playback stops but starts again when both headphones are next to each other. So the devices recognize how far apart they are from each other and not whether they are in the ear or not.


The sound quality is very good and clear. Treble is very clear, full and clearly resolved. Deeper tones are also reproduced well. A lack of bass cannot be noticed either, and overall you can say that the sound has a very good quality. Also, the volume settings are adequate and the sound is not too loud and not too quiet.

In addition, the headphones have a noise-canceling or transparent hearing, with which the traffic noise from outside can be faded out in any case and in the app you can adjust the right sound for you with the equalizer.

Transparent Hearing

This function allows you to hear outside noises, such as announcements in the train, despite the headphones in your ear. While listening to music, however, this function is attenuated and you don't get too much outside noise because the ear is already exposed to sound. The function is really noticeable when you interrupt the playback. These settings can be made quickly via sliders in the app.

If you switch on Transparent Hearing, then you can clearly understand the announcements, conversations and noises of others. As soon as you switch the function off, you can only hear the higher tones quietly and the dull tones, as well as ambient noises and room noise, are suppressed. This function is particularly practical in public areas with a lot of people if you want to hear it undisturbed.


Bluetooth stability is very good. Only after a distance of about 20 meters and 4 lightweight walls as a barrier does the connection slowly become fragile. Since the smartphone is usually within arm's reach or at least in the same room anyway, Bluetooth works sufficiently. Especially when it comes to sports, independence from a mobile phone is practical.

Even after a longer period of time, in which the headphones have not been used, a fast reconnection is made.


The hands-free or telephone function is very good. You can understand the caller fluently and clearly via the headphones. The called person does not even notice that they are being called via a headset and hears you clearly and noiselessly.

Transport box

The headphones are automatically charged in the transport box. In total, the headphones can be fully charged up to three times, allowing a total of 12 hours. The headphones are on as soon as they are removed from the box and connect immediately. They also immediately lose their connection when they are placed in the box.

The speaker is small and simple
The speaker is small and simple

The headphones are safely stored in the box
The headphones are safely stored in the box

Under the hinge of the lid, there is an indicator light that describes the condition of the speaker and any headphones used. The control light is switched on by a button located next to the lid and switches itself off automatically after it has been switched on.

The lamp gives information about the charging box and the headphones
The lamp gives information about the charging box and the headphones

To charge the box and the headphones, the box must be connected to the supplied USB C cable. This is only about 25 cm long and therefore quite short. A mains plug is also not included.

Otherwise, the headphones are safely stored in the transport box and are protected from damage. They are held in the box by a magnet and do not fall out when the open box is turned over or shaken.

We have evaluated about 178 reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that around 55 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 30 percent of the users. The average score at the time of evaluation was 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 55 positive and 30 negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Good sound
  • Smooth connection structure

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Unequal battery
  • No sleep mode in case
Manufacturer Sennheiser
EAN 0615104319059
Quality impression Excellent
Scope of delivery In-ear headphones, charging case, rubber spare tips, USB power cord, user manual
Additional warranty No information
Quality of instructions Confusing, but illustrated and detailed
Manual language EN, GER, FR, ES, PT,NL, IT, DA, SV, FI, EL, PL, TR, RU, JA, ZH, TW, KO, ID
Height 2 cm
Width 2.5 cm
Depth 3 cm
Weight 73 g
Wireless Yes
Battery life 4 hours, 12 hours with charging case
Particularly suitable for sports Yes
Firm fit in the ear Yes, rubber attachments in various sizes support the grip
Bluetooth stability Excellent
Microphone/ Phone call function Yes
Noise Cancelling Yes, with Transparent Hearing
Packaging Illustrated, appealing, informative
Sound quality
Wearing comfort
Battery life

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