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Test 10/2019

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Test seal: Jabra Elite 65t, Rating 9.5

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All rating criteria details:

Sound quality 40%
Wearing comfort 30%
Design 10%
Handling 10%
Battery life 10%
Tested by: Jil



The Jabra - Elite 65t scores with a high-quality design, good workmanship and top quality in terms of sound and micro/ phone call function. However, the buttons are a bit small and stiff.


  • Beautiful design
  • Good workmanship
  • Very good Noise Cancelling
  • Micro-/ phone call function very good
  • Very good sound
  • Practical charging case


  • Heavy, small keys

360° View

Offers many good features, including noise-cancelling and micro/ phone call function.

Appearance and equipment

Jabra - Elite 65t True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
The Jabra In-Ear Headphones have a relatively firm fit in the ear

The Jabra - Elite 65t are delivered in a very high-quality and attractive packaging.

The in-ear headphones are of the colour "Titan Black". Their shape is ergonomically adapted to the auricle. They are well made and have a high-quality design.

A charging case - also in black - is included, in which the headphones can be charged on the way.

In the scope of supply are:

  • In-Ear Headphones
  • Loading case
  • USB power cable
  • Replacement rubber caps
  • Instruction manual


Both headphones have a button on the outside with which they can be controlled. The button on the left headphones is used to turn the sound down or up, and to turn a song up or down. The latter is done by pressing and holding the upper or lower part. The button on the right headset controls the answering or rejecting of a call. It can also be used to pause or resume the song.

The buttons are a little too small and cumbersome so that you often have to click yourself and push the handset unpleasantly hard into your ear.

Download the app for easier use: Jabra Sound+.

Wearing comfort

Small Buttons of the Jabra - Elite 65t True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
The buttons are a little heavy and small.

To insert the headphones, place them in your ear and, with a little pressure, twist them into your ear. Then they should fit tightly.

If they don't, check to see if any of the replacement rubber tips in a different size fit better.

The fit of the headphones will, of course, depend on the ear of the test person. My headphones fit perfectly. They also hold well during jerky movements or jogging, which is also due to their low weight. With the included attachments of different sizes, this should be possible for most people.


The sound quality is very good. The music is clearly reproduced.

With the Jabra Sound+ App, the equalizer of the headphones can be adjusted. In addition, a hear-through mode can be used in which the ambient noise is transmitted via the microphones. In addition, the battery status can be read off via the app.

The noise cancelling is very good. There is hardly any ambient noise reaching the ear while the music is playing.

As soon as one of the two headphones is removed, the music automatically switches off and on again when inserted.


Bluetooth stability is good. After a distance of about 20 meters and 4 walls as a barrier, the connection slowly weakens. The sound jolts a little, but everything is still easy to understand.


The micro/ phone call function is very good. You can understand the caller fluently and clearly via the headphones. Even if the phone is not nearby, you can answer and end the call.

The caller can also understand you perfectly. The sound is as clear as if you were making the call on your smartphone.

We have evaluated almost 200 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that around 60 per cent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 20 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 60% positive and 20% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Great sound
  • Long battery life
  • Good design

The following points were noted negatively:

  • When controlled by the handset, it pushes into the ear
  • Connection problems with the left handset
Manufacturer Jabra
EAN 5707055044441
Quality impression High quality, very well processed
Scope of delivery In-ear headphones, charging case, rubber spare tips, USB power cord, user manual
Additional warranty 2 years
Quality of instructions Very brief, only the most important information
Manual language GB, FR, GER, NL, IT, PT, ES, HU, RO, FI, RU, DK/SK, CZ, UA, PL, TR, GR, AR, FA
Height 3 cm
Width 3 cm
Depth 3 cm
Weight 12 g (both headphones together)
Battery life Up to 5 hours, 15 hours with charge case
Particularly suitable for sports
Firm fit in the ear Moderately firm fit
Bluetooth stability Good
Microphone/ Phone call function Very good, sound perfectly understandable
Noise Cancelling Very good
Packaging High quality, appealing
Sound quality
Wearing comfort
Battery life

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How can I check the battery status of my headphones and charging station?
Simply insert the headphones, then briefly press the button on the left. The status will then be announced by voice message.
Can the headphones be connected to the TV?
The headphones can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device.
Do the headphones have a microphone for video recording?
No, there is no integrated microphone.


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