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Test 01/2020

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Test seal: Ceppekyy In Ear Headphones H01, Rating 8.4

last modified: 20.05.2020, 15:32

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All rating criteria details:

Sound quality 40%
Wearing comfort 30%
Design 10%
Handling 10%
Battery life 10%
Tested by: Lasse



The Ceppekyy In Ear Headphones H01 are convincing despite their simple workmanship and unobtrusive design. The sound image is good and the different attachments offer a firm hold in the ear so that the Earbuds are also suitable for sports activities. Together with the charging box, the headphones offer approx. 80 hours battery life: a strong plus point. There are deductions for the sensitive sensor, the problems with the phone and the lack of an app to make individual settings. All in all, good In-Ear headphones that also convince with their price.


  • Fixed seat
  • Good sound
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life


  • No app
  • Problems when making a phone call
  • Sensitive touch operation
  • No noise cancelling

360° View

Headphones with good sound and firm grip, without many extras, but with a lot of battery life.

Appearance and equipment

loading box

I have tested the Ceppekyy In Ear Headphones H01 in the colour "black". The In Ear headphones are simply manufactured, but still make a good impression. They are "true wireless", which means that they work completely without any cable.

They are included in the delivery:

  • In-Ear headphones and charging box
  • Hybrid silicone rubber ear pads, one pair each in sizes S, M and L
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Operating instructions

The headphones are also waterproof to IPX7. I put the headphones in a glass of water during the test and took them out again after about 5 seconds. After I dabbed them dry with a piece of kitchen roll, they worked again immediately and showed no damage.

water test
The Ceppekyy TWS-HO1 in the water-resistance test

Operating the headphones

The charging box is already pre-charged and after you have charged the Earbuds in it for half an hour, you can start right away. To connect the earbuds to your mobile phone, for example, take them out of the charging box and search for "H01" in the Bluetooth settings of your phone.

Pairing Mode
In pairing mode the LED lights up red alternately...

pairing mode
... and blue.

By the alternating blinking of the LED on the Earbuds in red and blue, you can see that they are in pairing mode. Once you have connected to the Earbuds, they will automatically connect to your device after removing them from the charging box. It is also possible to take only one pair of headphones out of the box and use them separately. It is not necessary that both headphones are connected to the smartphone.

Now insert the headphones and turn them slightly upwards so that they sit horizontally in your ears and thus have a more secure fit. There is a round touch field on both headphones.

Earbud in Ear
The headphones should be inserted vertically and then turned horizontally into your ear.

Unfortunately, it is a bit sensitive and the assignment of the typing commands could have been chosen better. An example: simply tapping on the field pauses playback, tapping it again starts it again. Double tapping on the right headphone rewinds one song, triple tapping on the right headphone increases the volume by one unit. If you now want to increase the volume, the sensor may register this as two taps plus a single tap and thus continue to play the song and pause it directly. It is therefore recommended to use the volume control and the fast forward or rewind on the mobile phone.

The Ceppekyy In-Ear headphones do not have a corresponding app.

Wearing comfort

The attachments are supplied in 3 different sizes.

The headphones sit comfortably in the ear. The different earpads supplied with the headphones ensure that the right size is available for each ear. If you screw the headphones horizontally into your ear as described, they should also fit firmly. If they are too loose and slip out, try another attachment.


The headphones have a reasonable sound: no rattling or clanging and the bass is absolutely sufficient. The headphones do not have a noise-canceling function. They offer a 3D stereo effect, which is absolutely sufficient for this price range. Even the so-called 360°-8D sounds can be played.


Bluetooth stability is very good. The connection withstands a distance of 10 meters and 4 lightweight walls as a barrier without dropouts. Only at a distance of almost 20 meters and a thick concrete wall in between the connection breaks down. As soon as you get back into the Bluetooth range, the two Earbuds connect automatically and the music starts playing again.


A short press on one of the headphones allows an incoming call to be accepted, or a long press and hold of the sensor to reject it. The person you are talking to can be understood very well via the Ceppekyy TWS-H01. However, the person you are talking to will only hear scraps of words or falter, which makes it impossible to have a fluent conversation.

Transport box

The transport box also serves as a charging station. The headphones are inserted into the notches, where they are assigned to the left and right and are held securely in the box by a magnet. The lid of the box also closes with a magnet mechanism.

In the middle you can see the charging status of the box and to the right or left of it the charging status of the respective headphones

load box

The charging box offers the headphones up to 80 hours more battery life with a storage capacity of 2000mAh. This corresponds to a 15-fold charging of the headphones. If you put the headphones into the charging box and close it, the battery status of the charging box as well as of the individual Earbuds appears on an LED display on the front of the box.

The charging box has a USB connection and can therefore also be used as a power bank for the smartphone.

A micro-USB cable is included in the scope of delivery, with which the box can be recharged. This has a length of 30 cm. An adapter for the cable is not included.

Other types of headphones

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We have evaluated about 700 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that about 92 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are almost 5 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 92% positive and 5% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Good sound
  • Price/Performance
  • Firm fit in the ear

Negative comments were made on the following points:

  • Bluetooth connection unstable
  • Have defects after a short time
Manufacturer Ceppekyy
EAN 0799410867852
Quality impression Good
Scope of delivery Earbuds, charging case, operating instructions, charging cable, rubber replacement attachments
Additional warranty Unknown
Quality of instructions Okay
Manual language EN, GER, ES, FR, IT
Height 2.1 cm
Width 1.5 cm
Depth 2.5 cm
Weight 97 g
Wireless Yes
Battery life 5.6h (with charging case 80h)
Particularly suitable for sports Yes
Firm fit in the ear Yes
Bluetooth stability Good
Microphone/ Phone call function Yes
Noise Cancelling No
Packaging Robust cardboard with an illustrated case
Sound quality
Wearing comfort
Battery life

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Do I always store them in the charging box when not in use or do I leave them out of the charger until they do need to be charged?
Hey, Debbie. It is entirely up to you where you would like to put your headphones when you don’t use them. In the charging box, they are easy to find again and fully-charged for the next time as well.
Where can I see the battery status of the headphones?
There is a small battery level indicator on the phone screen and the charger also has a display that shows the battery level when the headphones are in it.
Can I pause the headphones and skip songs?
Yes, simply touching the touch-field on one of the two headphones pauses the music. Double tapping on the right will skip a song.


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