DIGITUS 14'' Universal Notebook Docking Station

Test 07/2020

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Test seal: DIGITUS 14'' Universal Notebook Docking Station, Rating 8.9

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All rating criteria details:

Overall impression 25%
Compatibility 25%
Connection selection 25%
Commissioning 25%
Tested by: Lasse



All in all, the DIGITUS 14'' Universal Notebook Docking Station makes a good impression. It offers a good number and selection of ports. Because the laptop can be placed on it, the connections are always within reach. It is easy to set up and can be used with many operating systems, but only with Windows and MacOS all connections and functions can be used.


  • Power button
  • Anti-Lost-Lock
  • Laptop rechargeable when connected
  • Automatic driver installation
  • Laptop can be set up for it


  • Only SST mode for MacOS
  • Only with Windows and MacOS fully compatible

360° View

A compact docking station on which the laptop can be placed so that the connections are always within reach.


The 14'' Universal Notebook Docking Station by DIGITUS is delivered in a stable illustrated cardboard packaging on which some information can already be read. In the scope of delivery are:

  • Docking station
  • USB-C connection cable
  • Instructions

The docking station is very flat and finished in matt black. It makes a very good impression.


The docking station is connected to your PC or laptop with the included USB-C connection cable. If your computer does not have a USB-C port, you will need an adapter or a USB-C to USB-A connection cable.

As soon as you connect to the docking station, the driver will be installed automatically and you can use all ports directly.


The docking station has 14 ports including 3 video ports, SD and MicroSD slot, microphone/audio line-in and various USB ports.

The video connections are an HDMI, a display port (DP) and a VGA connection. With them, you can either mirror (single-stream transport mode) or expand your screen (multi-stream transport mode). The MST mode is only available for Windows users. For macOS, it is only possible to use the SST mode.

Digitus Docking Station

With the power supply connection via USB-C, it is possible to charge your laptop at the same time via the docking station if the laptop is charging via the USB-C connection.

There is also an Anti-Lost-Lock connector available, to which a Kensington Lock can be attached for example.


The DIGITUS 14'' Universal Notebook Docking Station has a slightly sloped surface and low height so that the end of your laptop can be placed on it, connection cables can run underneath it and your laptop keyboard is angled comfortably.

We have evaluated 13 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 58 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are a good 42 percent of users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 3.3 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 58% positive and 42% negative ratings

Positive comments were made on the following points:

  • Works perfectly
  • Fast transmission
  • Works on Smartphone

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Connection unstable
  • Does not build up 3 video interfaces at the same time as promised
Manufacturer DIGITUS
EAN 4016032456070
Height 1.9 cm
Width 35.1 cm
Depth 7.5 cm
Weight 247 g
Quality of instructions Good
Manual language GER, EN, FR, ES, IT, PL, TR, NE
Quality impression Excellent
Scope of delivery Docking station incl. USB-C cable, user manual
Packaging Illustrated cardboard, vividly designed
Additional warranty -
Connection to PC USB-C
Ports 14
Display port 1x
Ethernet (LAN) 1x
Suitable for tablet/ smartphone Yes (limited)
Monitors for simultaneous use 3
Compatible operating systems Windows, MacOS
Headphones | Microphone 1x (In and Out)
SD card slot 1x
Security connection (Kensington Lock) Yes
USB 2.0 2x
USB 3.0 3x
Power supply Via USB-C (up to 100W)
Supported resolution of the video interfaces VGA: 1080P/60Hz; HDMI: 4k/30Hz; DP: 4k/30Hz; For triple connection: SST: 1080P/60Hz; MST: 720P/60Hz
Further connections 1x USB-C, 1x microSD
Further video interfaces 1x VGA

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Can I connect my iPad Pro to it?
Yes, but only the charging and audio functions are compatible. Data transfer is not possible.


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