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Speak 510 Test

Test seal: Jabra Speak 510, Rating 8.2

last modified: 02.08.2019, 13:37

All rating criteria details:

Handling 20%
Design 10%
Tested by: Jonas



The conference speaker Speak 510 from Jabra is not of such a high manufacturing quality. The sound quality is also not so good, there is a constant noise in the background. Furthermore, you have the feeling that the other people are standing very far away from the microphone like in a warehouse or other place where the reverberation is especially strong. Nevertheless, you are able to hold a conference and to understand each other.


  • Protective bag included


  • Sound quality

360° View

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Enough to hold a conference.

General information

Included in the delivery of the Speak 510 193 g light conference speaker from Jabra are a protective case and an instruction manual.


When you press the "Power" button, you start the device, which is accompanied by white LED lights. To connect the conference speaker to another device, you can connect using Bluetooth or a USB plug. A connection via Bluetooth failed with our devices, first we had to connect via USB cable.

Sound & Connection

Of all the products tested, the conference speaker has the worst sound quality. If you communicate with other people, you get the feeling that the other person is far away from the microphone. The sound quality is not so clear, there is a constant slight noise in the background. You also get the feeling that the other persons are standing in a warehouse because the sound echoes a little during playback.


During commissioning, several LEDs light up white. The volume control is also indicated by white LED lights. If the loudspeaker is looking for another Bluetooth-enabled device, the LEDs light up blue. The battery indicator is indicated by green LEDs.

Jabra - Speak 510
Wrapped USB cable

Battery life

The battery life is up to 15 hours talk time.

Further function

The speaker has a cable compartment to wind up the USB cable.

Packing & Instructions

The packaging is attractively designed. It is easy to open. An image of the conference loudspeaker can be seen on the packaging. The plastic content of 4 g is in the middle range. The instructions are illustrated and clearly understandable in English and other languages.

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Wir haben etwa 250 Rezensionen im Internet ausgewertet. Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass etwa 90 Prozent der Käufer zufrieden (4 Sterne) oder sogar sehr zufrieden (5 Sterne) sind. Teilweise (2 Sterne) oder ganz und gar unzufrieden sind ca. 5 Prozent der Nutzer. Die Durchschnittsnote lag zum Zeitpunkt der Auswertung bei 4.6 von 5 Sternen.

Zusammenfassung: 90% positive und 5% negative Bewertungen

The following points were positively noted:

  • Noise level
  • Sound quality
  • Price/performance ratio

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Reverberation
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Does the Bluetooth coupling also work with a PC?

Is a Bluetooth receiver/transmitter supplied which can be connected to the PC, like a wireless mouse?

Is it possible to listen to music with the device?
Yes, because it is connected to the computer/laptop via USB and recognised as a loudspeaker (or via Bluetooth on the PC or mobile phone).

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Overview: Conference Speaker
Manufacturer Jabra
EAN 7353711933598
Scope of delivery Operating instructions, protective bag
Ports USB, Bluetooth
Illuminated on-off switch
Material Plastic
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 3.0
LED light
Microphone orientation 360°
Additional Warranty -
Width 12,0 cm
Height 3,2 cm
Depth 12,0 cm
Weight 193 g
Voltage 5 V
Range Unknown
Packaging Pleasant to open, image of the loudspeaker
Manual language EN,DE,FR,NL,IT,ES
Quality of instructions Good
Plastic packaging in g 4
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