Lasercutter Mr. Beam II - A good alternative to conventional laser cutters?


Are you still looking for a suitable Christmas present? How about a new laser cutter?

askGeorge has recently started using the new laser cutter Mr. Beam II. askGeorge's decision to purchase the new laser cutter was based, among other things, on the fact that industrially used machines are often too expensive and that the software required is simply too complex and incomprehensible for laypersons, since its use often requires special know-how. After short internet research, we came across the laser cutter Mr. Beam II. The young company advertises with the new laser cutter as an alternative to conventional lasers. With this laser, you can engrave and cut different surfaces in no time. Its functions are extensive and easy to use.

Lasercutter Mr. Beam II with Air Filter
Mr. Beam II in operation

What technology is behind it?

Laser cutting/laser engraving is a method in which material is vaporised, burned or melted using a thermal process. This technique is used especially on flat materials and its high precision enables complex two-dimensional shapes to be cut out without touching the material.

How to use a laser cutter?

The operation of the Mr. Beam is very simple. Before using it for the first time, you connect the laser cutter, which has its own WLAN, to your laptop. Via the Mr. Beam user interface, you can then upload your own designs and make all further settings via the web application.

Who is the laser cutter suitable for?

For everyone who enjoys designing and creating. For hobbyists, designers and creative people.

Which materials can the Lasercutter engrave and/or cut?

A selection of materials that the laser cutter can cut and engrave are e.g. plywood (cutting: up to 4mm, engraving: yes), ball wood (cutting: up to 5mm,
Engraving: Yes), leather (cutting: up to 1mm, engraving: yes), kraftplex (cutting: up to 3mm, engraving: yes), paper (cutting: yes, engraving: yes), felt (cutting: up to 6mm, engraving: yes), fabric/textile (cutting: up to 3mm, engraving: yes), grey board (cutting: up to 1mm, engraving: yes), light foam boards (cutting: up to 6mm, engraving: no), acrylic (cutting: No, engraving: Yes (depending on colour)), cardboard (cutting: up to 5mm, engraving: yes), latex and natural latex (cutting: up to 1mm,
Engraving: No), Anodised aluminium (cutting: no, engraving: yes), foam rubber (cutting: up to 20mm, engraving: no), mirror (cutting: no, engraving: yes) and basalt fabric (cutting: up to 1mm, engraving: no)

Lasercutter Mr. Beam
Result of the laser cutter: askGeorge wooden boards

Lasercutter Mr. Beam II with Air Filter
Mr. Beam II with Air Filter

Possible proposals for use

-engraving of various products e.g. key rings, mobile phones or notebooks, personalised fashion etc.

-model making (architecture and hobby model making)

-cutting edge /Tranching board

->anything with a smooth surface

Here is a summary of the most important details:

  • Laser class 1
  • Worksurface: 500mm x 390mm x 38mm
  • Powerful and highly efficient 5W short wave laser
  • Safety housing made of metal, transparent protective cover
  • Optional: smoke extraction with the Air Filter System
  • CE certification
  • Integrated camera for easy placement of design templates
  • Integrated WLAN
  • Firmware Updates "Over The Air"
  • Assembled ready for use, simply unpack and get started
  • Browser-based plug & play software for Mac, Windows, Linux and tablets
    (without installation)

So far, askGeorge is very satisfied with this handy Lasercutter - it is definitely worth recommending!