The Home Office: Your Must-Haves for working successfully at home


Working from home: The reasons for a home office are many and varied. Either you are self-employed and therefore need to be able to work flexibly in several places. Or your boss is relaxed and allows you to enjoy a relaxing day now and then when you can work from home. In order to be able to use the time in your home office efficiently, you should invest in the necessary equipment. This will save you a lot of nerves in the long run and ensure a stress-free working day at home. We have tested some basics for everyday office life and have put together a small selection of the most useful and best articles for you here.

The basic equipment

How to start the day in the home office

How do you start a successful day in the home office? Correct: with a nice hot cup Coffee. Once all your senses have been activated with the help of coffee, you can get started. The first thing you need is a decent workplace. For regular home office work, we recommend a fixed PC instead of a laptop. Sure, such a laptop is mobile and practical, but in the long run, working in the home office will be easier with a large PC monitor. Are you fed up with cable clutter on your desk? Understandably so! We tested wireless keyboards and mice, and the Samsung - BKB-10 Keyboard and the Logitech M510 Mouse performed best. The keyboard from Samsung is small, stylishly designed and provides a pleasant typing experience. The Logitech mouse also convinced us. Although you pay a little more here than with other brands, this mouse fits the hand very well and guarantees pleasant use even after hours of use. Why it also pays off to invest in wireless keyboards and mice: If you want to tidy up your workplace after work, the wireless devices can be easily stored in drawers and cupboards. This way, you can keep everything tidy and well organised even in a small flat without annoying cable clutter.

The Adata hard disk is even waterproof.
Adata's hard drive is even waterproof.

Secure your data reliably

Hardly anything is as annoying as losing your own data due to memory loss or a virus. To make sure your work is safe, you should make regular backups on an external hard disk. The ADATA SD700 1TB is not only our test winner, it is even protected against dust and water damage. You can safely entrust your data to this hard disk. The Hama USB 3.0 card reader is ideal for fast data transfer. It convinced with its very high transfer speed and its practical design. An ideal little helper in your home office at a low price.

The Samsung - BKB-10 keyboard is our test winner among wireless keyboards.
The Samsung - BKB-10 keyboard is our test winner among wireless keyboards.

Which USB stick should I buy?

There is now a flood of USB sticks on the market. It is hardly possible to keep track of them. A real all-rounder is the SanDisk Extreme PRO USB Stick. The stick reaches SSD speed when reading and writing data. In addition, the high storage volume of 128 GB- and all this for a reasonable price. With this stick, you will be able to master many years of home office work.

Equipped with these basics your success in the home office can start! In our office category, you will also find many other interesting products for working in the office. With this in mind: Have fun designing your home office!