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Test 11/2019

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Test seal: Acer H6510ABD DLP Projector Full HD, Rating 9.1

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All rating criteria details:

Image quality 30%
Brightness 30%
Range of functions 20%
Workmanship 10%
Handling 10%
Tested by: Niko



The Acer - H6510ABD DLP Projector Full HD is well suited for home and office use. It is compact and convinces with a good picture. However, a continuous, high-frequency beep is to be accepted.


  • Good resolution
  • Very good brightness and contrast
  • Intuitive operation
  • Compact design


  • Unpleasant beep
  • Few connections

360° View

A practical and well-functioning beamer with a small disadvantage: a high-frequency beep.

The device

The Acer - H6510ABD DLP Projector Full HD is high quality processed and has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Thanks to the 3 rubber feet, the beamer always has a secure footing. Both the zoom and the focus can be adjusted manually via a wheel.

A clearly arranged remote control and the buttons on the top of the beamer are available for operation.

The connections are located on the left side of the unit:

  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x VGA
  • Audio In

The projector has four projection modes: front, rear, ceiling front, and ceiling rear. First, the position of the beamer, i.e. in front of or behind the screen, and then the height of the beamer (floor or ceiling) can be adjusted. In addition, an Eco mode and an Altitude mode for altitudes from 1600 m above sea level are integrated.
The beamer also has a vertical keystone correction up to +/-40°.

This beamer has an integrated 3 W loudspeaker for sound reproduction.

During operation, a continuous and high-frequency beep is clearly audible and unpleasant.

The beamer has a compact design and makes a high-quality impression. In addition, the operating buttons can be seen on the upper side of the beamer.
The beamer has a compact design and makes a high-quality impression. In addition, the operating buttons can be seen on the top of the beamer.


To determine the brightness of the Acer - H6510ABD DLP Projector Full HD, I measured the illuminance at nine defined points on maximum level and the white test image. For this, I used a lux meter. The mean value of these measurements and the projection area can then be used to calculate the luminous flux in lumens. With this device, the luminous flux is calculated with an average illuminance of 705 lux and an area of 1.827 m² to 1288 lumens. Thus, the brightness of 3200 indicated by the manufacturer is not reached on the screen, but the manufacturer's statement presumably refers to the illuminant. From the illuminant, the light first has to pass through the optical system of the beamer that constructs the image, thereby light is lost. Thus it is logical that the whole system does not have as much lumen as the illuminant.

The brightness is in any case sufficient for bright and even dark rooms.

Picture quality

In order to compare the image quality of the beamers in our test, we have developed a test image. This image can be used to evaluate brightness, contrast and colour representation.

In the darkened room, the image is pin-sharp and the colours look very natural. Otherwise, with the help of the colour correction and the wall color correction, further adjustments can be made without any problems in order to obtain a natural and beautiful image.

The picture is already very good, but with some time and understanding, you can achieve a lot more with the settings. Brightness and contrast are very good to be able to display dark pictures as well.

The Acer H6517ABD was also able to convince in the bright room with a good image, even dark images are easy to recognize and cause few problems.

Due to the high resolution, the display of font is no problem for this beamer. In this respect, it is suitable for presentations.

The beamer is also absolutely suitable for movies: Due to the good contrast and the many adjustment possibilities, films can be a lot of fun with this beamer.

The same is true for sports. However, you notice that the frame rate isn't the highest for watching football. The game is easy to follow, the ball is also easy to see, but there is fast motion blur with faster movements.

The menu is well structured and offers many possibilities to adjust the settings for image, color and functions.
The menu is well structured and offers many possibilities to adjust the settings for image, colour, and functions.


Zoom and focus are manually adjusted via two wheels on this beamer. This works without problems and is intuitive.

The Acer H6517ABD is operated via an intuitive remote control or the buttons on the top. So you can do without remote control, but it makes a lot of things easier and faster. The buttons react without any problems. The menu can be used to set the display mode, projection mode, and keystone correction. In addition, brightness and contrast can be adjusted in 100 steps. The various colour adjustments can also be made via the menu.

An intuitively constructed remote control makes operation much easier.
An intuitively designed remote control makes operation much easier.

The menu is clearly arranged, but the navigation takes some time to get used to. For example, the button in the middle is not the "Enter" button.


The temperatures during operation are easy to see here.
The temperatures during operation can be seen well here.

I measured the heating of the beamer during operation with our thermal imaging camera directly at the opening of the fan. In our tests, the Acer H6517ABD has reached a temperature of up to 53 °C. The temperature of the fan is very high.

Volume and sound quality

The fan of the Acer - H6510ABD DLP Projector Full HD is very quiet. At a distance of one meter, I measured a volume of 40 dB. As soon as there is sound in addition to the picture, the fan can no longer be heard.

The integrated 3 Watt loudspeaker creates a maximum volume of approx. 73 dB. The sound quality is not outstanding. There is no bass audible and the sound is somewhat distorted and tinny. Therefore, if you want to enjoy movies with this beamer, you should rather connect external speakers.


The beamer has a 3D function, but you need extra glasses and corresponding media. For these reasons, the function was not included in the test.

We have evaluated approx. 57 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 71.9 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 17.6 percent of the users. The average score at the time of evaluation was 3.98 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 71.9% positive and 17.6% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Good overall performance
  • Good resolution
  • Good brightness
  • Good operability

The following points were noted negatively:

  • A high-frequency tone
  • Loud fan when not in Eco mode
  • Few connections
Manufacturer Acer
EAN 4713392533761
Image quality
Range of functions
Camera resolution 1920 × 1080, 1080p
Image size 41,8 - 305,2 inch at 1080p
Image brightness 3200 lumen
Contrast 20.000:1
Projection distance 1,5 m -10 m at 1080p
Speaker Yes, 1x 3 Watt
Height 10 cm
Width 32.5 cm
Depth 22.5 cm
Weight 2.32 kg
Ports 1x VGA, 1x HDMI, 1x USB CTRL, 1x Audio In, 1x Power connection, 1x Kensington Lock
Scope of delivery Projector with case, power cord, VGA cable, remote control, Quick Start Guide, manual on CD-Rom
Quality impression Good
Quality of instructions Good
Manual language GER, EN, FR, IT, ES, and more
Packaging Illustrated cardboard, appealing, little to no information
Additional warranty 2 years from date of purchase

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