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Test 04/2020

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Test seal: Gladle USB Barcode Scanner Wireless, Rating 8.3

last modified: 17.02.2020, 12:52

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All rating criteria details:

Detection 40%
Handling 30%
Speed 15%
Workmanship 15%
Tested by: Xenia



The USB Barcode Scanner Wireless from Gladle is also suitable for larger companies and inventories due to its light weight, easy handling and wireless capabilities. Various programs and settings support these options. Unfortunately, it is unprotected against falls and does not show any indication of performance and capacity or range. The well-written manual is enclosed in English only.


  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Very light
  • Additional map with the most important commands
  • Wireless scanning


  • No protection against falls
  • No volume control
  • Manual only in English
Very light, wireless scanner without protection against falls and volume control.

Special feature

The USB Barcode Scanner Wireless from Gladle impresses with its light weight of only 135 g. Another advantage is that it can be used with or without cable and has a number of adjustment options.


The device is delivered in a plain cardboard box with a simple inscription. The lightweight barcode scanner has a simple, modern design and is well manufactured. Unfortunately, it is not equipped with shock protection, which makes it more vulnerable to damage.

Scan Modes

The fact that this scanner can be used both with cable and without (wireless) is an advantage. It can either be connected to a computer with the supplied cable or plugged in with a WLAN adapter that comes in a USB port of the computer. If no USB port is available, the barcode scanner can also connect to Android devices via an OTG adapter. It is also possible to use the device with Bluetooth, which enables the integrated inventory setting.

Afterwards, the barcode "Matching" or "Handhold Model" is scanned, only then the scans are displayed in a text program or Excel. This proved to be rather impractical in the test because the barcode or the operating instructions must be available to activate this.

Several functions are advantageous, such as the activation of a permanent laser to scan several products one after the other, various output options in computer programs and the setting of prefix and suffix. The settings remain saved even after the barcode scanner is switched off.


The scanner's light weight and wireless connection make it ideal for larger stores or inventory. However, missing information about the distance, memory capacity or battery life make working with this scanner a guessing game.

The most important commands can be read on a supplied card. Unfortunately, the operating instructions themselves are only available in English. Those who know it will be able to handle the understandable and good instructions.

We have evaluated about 10 reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that about 90 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 90% positive and 10% negative ratings

Manufacturer Gladle
EAN 0636946552855
Supported barcodes AN-8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code93, Code128, EAN128, Codaber Industoal 2 von 5, Matrix2of5, Interleave2of5, MSI, China postal code and more
Not supported barcodes Code39 Extended (special characters were not included), EAN-5, EAN-2, Codabar (letters are omitted), PZN7 and PZN8 (letters are omitted), MSI Plessey, PostNet, Royal Mail
Scan type 1D barcode
Connection Wireless, cable
Scans per second 100
Buffer memory No information
Battery life No information
Signal sound Yes
Scan distance <35 cm
Range 30-200 m
Length of the power cable 152
Supported languages EN, GER, IT, ES, FR, JPN, PT
Quality impression Good
Weight 131 g
Manual language EN
Quality of instructions Good
Scope of delivery Scanner, USB cable, wireless adapter, card with the most important codes for configuration, operating instructions

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Can this scanner also be used for Linux operating systems?
Does the scanner scan automatically or just by pressing a button?
Just by pressing a button.
Can the scanner read 2d-codes as well as QR-codes?
This scanner does not support the identification of QR codes. It recognizes many different barcodes.


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