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Test 02/2020

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Test seal: Lenovo Smart Display SD-X701B, Rating 9.1

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All rating criteria details:

Range of functions 30%
Language recognition 30%
Handling 20%
Speaker 20%
Tested by: Jonas



The Smart Display SD-X701B from Lenovo makes a qualitatively well-processed impression. The setup is done with the "Google Home" app and is simple and uncomplicated. The content is easy to read from the screen. Video calls are also possible using "Google Duo". The microphone sensitivity is very high, commands are also recognized in a whisper or at longer distances to the device.

When choosing your words, you have to make sure that the commands are unique. Otherwise, misinterpretations can occur. If required, the display can also be operated via touch function. The speaker provides a good and clear sound. At maximum volume, however, the device reaches its limits and the noise is difficult to ignore.


  • Voice control
  • Functional scope


  • Voice control is often activated accidentally

360° View

The device has many functions and well-developed voice control.

General information

Lenovo's Smart Display SD-X701B is packed in an information-printed package that is easy to open. The manual is available in English, illustrated and clearly understandable. Google Assistant is used for voice control. With the integrated 5 MP wide-angle camera, video calls can be made at a maximum resolution of 720 p. The camera is equipped with an integrated 5 MP wide-angle camera.

 Lenovo - Smart Display SD-X701B
In the menu you can get an overview of the functions.


The front of the unit is mainly white. The back is in wood design.


To set up the device, you must first download the "Google Home" app on your phone or tablet. To use the app and then the Smart Display, you'll need a Google account. The first steps of the setup will then be done via the application. Once you've connected to the Internet, the system automatically updates itself and the display restarts. You can then link the Smart Display to your Google Account.


 Lenovo - Smart Display SD-X701B
Alternatively you can adjust the volume by voice control.

The device has two buttons and two switches on the outside. With the two buttons, you are able to adjust the volume. The switches are used to deactivate or activate the microphone as well as the front camera. With the camera, you push a privacy screen in front of the lens. The brightness of the screen is sufficiently high and can be adjusted to 10 brightness levels. The device uses a proximity sensor to detect whether someone is in the vicinity. If this is not the case, the brightness of the screen goes out and only the time is displayed. You can also control the Smart Display intuitively via touch. However, the touchscreen display is more of a complement to voice control, which is the main focus of the device's operation.

Speech recognition

You activate the voice control by saying "Ok, Google". The sensitivity of the microphone is very high. Even at longer distances or when whispering, the command is recognized and implemented in the optimum case. It can happen that voice control is activated unintentionally when words sound similar or when words are used in a different context. To avoid misinterpretation, it is highly relevant that you express yourself clearly. It often happens that the Google Assistant misunderstands the commands or does not yet have the necessary functionality. The Language Assistant is particularly difficult to use for words that come from English.


 Lenovo - Smart Display SD-X701B
A Smart Display can be used optimally as an aid in the kitchen.

Lenovo's Smart Display SD-X701B offers many ways to make your life easier. You can connect it to movie and music streaming services, watch videos on YouTube, and answer questions using the Internet. The Smart Display has a built-in appointment calendar, can predict the weather and traffic, or just tell you a joke. You can also connect the device to your Smart Home and conveniently turn off the lights using voice commands, for example. Apps can't be installed on the device, but there are many programs that you can access for free and without downloading. You can also make video calls using Google Duo, where you can also place the screen upright if the person you're talking to is using a mobile phone. If the presence of the front camera makes you nervous, you can put the screen in front of the lens.

 Lenovo - Smart Display SD-X701B
The display can be positioned either lengthwise or upright.

 Lenovo - Smart Display SD-X701B
With Google Duo you can make video calls.


The noise level can be varied on a total of 10 levels. You can use either the buttons on the outside or the voice control to adjust the volume. The device is not suitable for playing music at full volume and is noticeably reaching its limits. At a lower level or when communicating with the Speech Assistant, the speaker does an excellent job.

At the time of the test, we were unable to determine and evaluate any buyer ratings.

Manufacturer Lenovo
EAN 0193268969865
Voice control Google Assistant
Scope of delivery Operating instructions, power supply unit, adapter
Packaging Printed with images and information
Additional warranty 2 years from date of purchase
Quality impression Excellent
Quality of instructions Good
Manual language EN
Display size 10 inch
Length of the power cable 150 cm
Touchscreen Yes
Width 31 cm
Height 17.6 cm
Depth 14.5 cm
Weight 1,446 g
Charging method Power supply
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.2
Camera resolution HD (1.280 x 800)
Video call resolution 720 p
Camera 5 MP wide-angle
Microphone 2 x 2 dual microphone arrays
Number of speakers 1
Language recognition
Range of functions

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