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Test 09/2019

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Test seal: Thule 153427 Lithos Backpack, Rating 9.4

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All rating criteria details:

Wearing comfort 35%
Handling 25%
Laptop security 25%
Robustness 10%
Versatility 5%
Tested by: Elisabeth


Product tester


The Thule - 153427 Lithos Backpack is a very comfortable backpack that fits snugly against your back. Its compartments are well-sorted and well structured. In the laptop compartment, the laptop has a safe place and doesn't wobble back and forth. However, the total space of only 20 litres is a bit small and you can only carry the essentials.

The material is robust and easy to clean. The backpack also keeps the contents dry in the rain, but you have to be careful in the zipper area.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Good partitioning of the compartments
  • Optically appealing


  • Small space
  • No cooling compartment

360° View

A very comfortable backpack to carry, but with little space.


The Thule - 153427 Lithos Backpack is delivered in the ordered colour and size and arrives undamaged.

Optics, compartments and material

Optically this model is kept in a dark red. Inside a khaki fabric with camouflage details is sewn. The compartment for the laptop is in the single large compartment and is equipped with padding. A narrower compartment is attached to it and can be used for a tablet, but is not quite as padded as the laptop compartment. A small compartment for pens and the like is attached on the opposite side. The outer front compartment measures 25 x 25 x 3 cm and is also lined with khaki fabric.

In front you can sort all small things well
In front you can sort all small things well

There is also a pocket for drinks bottles on the left and right. According to the washing list, the materials are made of 100% polyester but feel high-quality and waterproof.

You can easily transport your bottles on the side
You can easily transport your bottles on the side

A cooling compartment is not available.

The backpack is closed by a u-shaped zipper on the large compartment and by press studs and a vertical zipper on the small compartment. The closures are smooth and simple.

Water resistance

If you spray the backpack with water, it will roll off directly at the main material. The zipper is not waterproof and the backpack gets wet if there is a lot of moisture. After you have dried the backpack, it remains a little moist and should be left to dry.

The backpack fabric is waterproof. The zipper doesn't keep the water out too well.
The backpack fabric is waterproof, but the zipper doesn't keep the water out too well.

Material robustness

In order to test the material resistance, we pulled the backpack over normal asphalt floors. After approx. 10 meters the backpack floor is only dirty but not noticeably roughened. The cleaning is a bit more difficult afterwards but can be done with a wet cloth.

Only some dirt sticks to the backpack. The material is robust.
Only some dirt sticks to the backpack. The material is robust.

Comfort and handling

The Thulerucksack is comfortable to carry, even though the total weight of 7 kg is slightly higher. The well-padded straps are thin and flexible and can be carried by wider as well as narrower shoulders. A chest strap is not available. The shorter the straps, the easier it is to carry the backpack because everything is closer to the back. The back is also fitted with padding, which contributes to wearing comfort.

The backpack sits very well on the shoulders.
The backpack sits very well on the shoulders.

In order to check the stability, we have placed the backpack once empty and once full. If possible, it should not have to lean against the backpack so that you can park it in a dirtier or wet area without dirtying it from the front or on the carrier side.

If the backpack is not full, it is only lying down and cannot stand. When the backpack is full (7 kg in total), it remains upright and does not fall over.

Laptop compartment

The laptop compartment is nicely soft and protects the laptop, as it is packed separately from the other things. The maximum size of the laptop is 15 inches, everything else doesn't fit in the padded compartment. Even at 15 inches, the laptop looks out of the compartment. If you shake the laptop, it won't move because it sits very firmly in the pocket. The fact that the laptop lies directly against the back makes it easy to carry the backpack, even if the laptop is a little heavier.

The laptop sits securely in its compartment.
The laptop sits securely in its compartment.

Even if there are more things than the laptop in the backpack, the laptop is very well protected and can be safely transported from one workplace to another.


The backpack can be used for anything where you need to carry something. Whether it's shopping, school or university files or just the things you spend outside your home for a weekend. You can get some stuff in your backpack, but space is limited to 20 litres. The u-shaped zipper opening is practical and allows easy access to all objects.

At the time of our test, we could not evaluate any customer reviews.

Manufacturer Thule
EAN 0085854241311
Scope of delivery Backpack
Quality impression Very good
Height 45 cm
Width 34 cm
Depth 20 cm
Weight 670 g
Chest strap No
Laptop compartment Yes, 15 inches
Bottle holder 2
Small compartments and/or bags Outside: bottle cage, small compartment; inside: Laptop and tray compartment, flat zipped compartment
USB-Connection No
Bag clasps Snap fasteners and zipper
Handle Yes
Stability Empty: No stability, Filled: Yes, it's safe
Material Polyester
Robustness of the material Very good
Processing Good
Water-repellent Yes
Waterproof Yes, but to be on the safe side you should take the contents out of your backpack as soon as possible.
Washable No, can only be wiped off with a damp cloth
Capacity 20 l
Wearing comfort

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Hi, can you add dimensions of 15" laptop you said would fit? Wonderful review btw
Hi, thank you for your feedback! The backpack is suitable for a 15.6" laptop. The laptop compartment dimensions are 15.2 x 10.4 x 1.2 in.
How many litres does the backpack hold?
The backpack holds about 20 litres.
Is the laptop firmly in the bag?
Yes, the laptop is firmly in its compartment.
Does the backpack have a bottle compartment?
Yes, one on each side.


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