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Test 03/2020

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Test seal: TREKOLOGY Walking Trekking Poles, Rating 8

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All rating criteria details:

Ergonomics 25%
User friendliness 25%
Noise level when putting on 20%
Stability 15%
Weight 15%
Tested by: Elisabeth


Product tester


In summary, the TREKOLOGY - Walking Trekking Poles make a very stable impression but tend to vibrate during walking due to their stiffness. Also, the rubber buffers hardly caused any differences, because they are quite hard and it clatters on harder surfaces. The poles are otherwise easy to adjust and offer lengths between 100 and 135 cm. The grips are comfortable in the hand and the hand loops do not chafe and nestle well. When adjusting the hand loops, however, you must be careful not to pull out the split pin.


  • Easy adjustment of the length
  • Comfortable hand straps and handle
  • The bag can be opened at the side with a zipper


  • Hand strap pin pulls out during adjustment
  • Vibrations during touchdown
  • Loud clacking on hard floors

360° View

Mechanism and ergonomics are good. However, insufficient rubber buffer suspension and loose hand strap splint.


The TREKOLOGY - Walking Trekking Poles are delivered in a bag with buckle, which can also be used as a transport bag. The bag can be opened at the side to get better access to the contents. In the accessories are:

  • Hiking poles
  • 2 different rubber buffers (shoes and round attachments)
  • 2 different plates (mud plate and snow plate)

The poles can be fixed to each other with clip-on spacers. Instructions on how to use the poles are included. The mechanism is explained, but there is no table for the correct length to fit the body height.

The bag is closed with a buckle
The bag is closed with a buckle

With a side zipper it is even easier to reach the poles
With a side zipper it is even easier to reach the poles


The materials are of high quality and appear robust. The handle has a cork trim and is otherwise made of plastic. There is a hand strap on the handle, which is not padded but is made of a soft material. Towards the bottom, the handle is extended with foam so that you can reach around in steeper areas and keep the pole shorter. The poles of the poles are made of aluminium. At the bottom, there is a metal tip which can be covered by the different rubber buffers. With a thread, the plates can be fixed beforehand.

There is a handle extension under the cork handle
There is a handle extension under the cork handle

With the thread a plate can be screwed onto the stick
With the thread a plate can be screwed onto the stick

Adjustment mechanism

The poles are adjusted telescopically. The clamps are released and the pole can be extended. Small markings ensure that the pole is not pulled out too far. The poles can be adjusted continuously between 64cm and 135cm and can, therefore, be used individually. For example, if you want to adjust the length 110cm, you have to pull out the lower pole completely and then adjust the upper pole to 110cm to reach the length. With this model, you only adjust one bar, from which you can read the length. The lower bar has no inscriptions.

The clamps are stable
The clamps are stable

When pushed together the sticks have a length of about 64cm
When pushed together the sticks have a length of about 64cm

When the stick is extended, nothing wobbles and the stick is firm.

Folded up, these sticks are quite large in comparison and have a packing size of approx. 65 x 12 x 5 cm.

The packing size is quite big with about 65 cm
The packing size is quite big with about 65 cm

Practical test

In order to test the walking sticks in use, we walked over various surfaces, such as paved stone floor, asphalt, sandy paths, softer meadow soil and up and down hills.

The material of the rubber pads hardly slips on stones, only when the pole is set too diagonally.

The sticks clatter on firmer ground and you notice that they are not completely stiff. Nevertheless, the sticks are easy to walk with and also uphill is no problem. It is noticeable that the harder the ground was, the more the sticks vibrated when you put them on. On soft ground, the vibrations were softer, but not completely gone.

The hand loops are comfortable and do not scratch. It is not bad that they are not padded. A disadvantage, however, is that the cotter pin pulls out when you adjust the hand loops.

The splint of the wrist strap slips out when adjusting the length
The splint of the wrist strap slips out when adjusting the length


The handles are easy to grasp and the cork is pleasant to the hand. The material of the handle can be slightly pressed in. The length settings are very variable and easy to adjust.

The handle is easy to hold
The handle is easy to hold

The length is easy to adjust
The length is easy to adjust

We have evaluated about 67 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that about 89 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 8 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 89% positive and 8% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Pleasant hand strap material
  • Clamps hold the pole in place even when it is supported more strongly

Negative comments were made on the following points:

  • Hand strap pin slips out
  • Distinct rattling even on soft ground
Manufacturer TREKOLOGY
EAN 0855462008763
Height 133 cm
Width 2 cm
Depth 2 cm
Weight 810 g in total, 275 g per pole
Pack size 65 x 12 x 5 cm
Scope of delivery Hiking poles with tips, 2 rubber pads (shoes, round), 2 plates (mud plate, snow plate)
Packaging Bag with drawstring
Quality impression Good
Quality of instructions Good
Manual language EN
Additional warranty No information
Material of the pole Aluminium
Material handle Cork
Hand straps Yes, adjustable
Size adjustable Yes, 64 -135 cm
Adjustment mechanism Telescope
Ergonomics Good but vibrating
Spike Yes
Rubber buffer Shoes, round attachments
Plate Snow plate, mud plate
Cushioned model Yes, 2 different rubber buffers
User friendliness

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Which sizes can be set?
Lengths between 64 and 133 cm can be adjusted continuously.
Which system is used to assemble the pole?
The walking poles are pulled apart telescopically and thus also brought to the correct length.
Does the pole vibrate while walking?
Yes, especially on harder floors you can feel vibrations.


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