OUTERDO Headlamp 6 LED

Test 08/2019

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Test seal: OUTERDO Headlamp 6 LED, Rating 7.4

last modified: 11.10.2019, 10:38

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All rating criteria details:

Wearing comfort 30%
Cone of light 30%
Handling 25%
Range of functions 15%
Tested by: Johanna


Product tester


The Outerdo Headlight is a battery-powered headlight. Due to the large lamp and the large battery compartment, it causes slight discomfort. It has a large variety in the light cone settings and is easy to use, but the light intensity is very weak and the light cone small.


  • Battery mode
  • Firm fit
  • Simple handling


  • Battery and lamp are uncomfortably on the head
  • Big

360° View

Large, battery-operated headlamp, with many light cone settings, but with low light intensity and inconvenient wearing comfort.

The OUTERDO headlamp
The OUTERDO headlamp


The Outerdo headlamp is powered by two recharcheable batteries, which must be inserted into a battery compartment at the back of the headband. It is also possible to operate the headlamp with non-recharcheable batteries.

battery compartment
The battery compartment

The headband
The headband is adjustable

For the time being, the headband can be adjusted to the appropriate size. When placed on the head, the lamp can be switched on by pressing a button on the upper side of the lamp once. The lamp has 8 different light cone settings, which can be adjusted by repeated pressing.

In total there are 6 light cones, which always illuminate in two pairs. First, the two middle light cones illuminate, which lead to a narrow light cone. After that, the two outer ones illuminate and then all four. By pressing the button again, the four light cones start flashing, after which the lamp switches off again.

If you keep the button pressed for 2 to 3 seconds, the two small outer light cones light up. If you press the button again, the light intensity will be reduced. A red light then illuminates and this can also be made to flash again.

If you press the button a fifth time, the lamp switches off again.

There is also a red light on the back of the headlamp in the battery compartment. This can be switched on using a button on the left side of the battery compartment. Press once to turn it on, press twice to flash the red light and press three times to turn it off.

The inclination of the lamp can be adjusted in 5 different angles.

The button
With this button you can turn on the lamp

The lamp can be tilted
The lamp can be tilted


The lamp has a firm fit on the head by the forehead/head straps, also with stronger movement. However, the fit of the lamp is not very comfortable. Due to their large and hard surfaces, the battery and the lamp press uncomfortably on the back of the head and on the forehead.

At maximum brightness, the lamp has a luminous intensity of 400 lux. The light cone is quite small and weak.

After a usage of 4 hours at maximum brightness, the luminous intensity is about 27 lux.

Charging cable
Batteries can be recharged by a suitable cable

At the back of the head is the battery compartment
At the back of the head is the battery compartment

Comparison of light cones

Outerdo headlamp

The light cone of the Outerdo headlamp
The light cone of the Outerdo headlamp

The light cone of the Outerdo headlamp
The light cone of the Outerdo headlamp

Energizer head lamp

The light cone of the Energizer headlamp
The light cone of the Energizer head lamp

The light cone of the Energizer headlamp
The light cone of the Energizer head lamp

Black Diamond Headlamp

The light cone of the Black Diamond headlamp
The light cone of the Black Diamond headlamp

The light cone of the Black Diamond headlamp
The light cone of the Black Diamond headlamp

We have evaluated about 70 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 90 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are almost 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 90% positive and 10% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Battery operation
  • Different light levels
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong luminous intensity

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Lamp gets hot
  • Battery presses at the back of the head
  • Lamp dazzles
Manufacturer OUTERDO
Scope of delivery Headlamp, 2 batteries, charging cable, operating instructions
Quality impression Good
Maximal brightness 400 Lux (with maximum light irradiation from 1 metre distance)
Light levels 8
Weight 201 g
Width 9,5 cm
Height 5,5 cm
Depth 5 cm
Headband size 34 - 52 cm
Energy supply Battery or rechargeable
Dimmable light No
Red light
Tiltable lamp ✔ (5 different angles)
Packaging Good
Quality of instructions Insufficient
Manual language GER, ES, FR, IT, EN
Wearing comfort
Range of functions
Cone of light

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Does the lamp have a narrow or wide light cone?
The light cone can be adjusted in 4 different settings. Depending on the setting, the light cone is narrower or wider.
Can the batteries be removed?
Yes, the batteries can be removed.


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