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Test 10/2019

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Test seal: tolino Shine 3 eBook-Reader, Rating 8.2

last modified: 22.11.2019, 14:35

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All rating criteria details:

Reading experience 25%
Image quality 20%
User friendly 20%
Battery Performance 15%
Compactness 10%
Capacity 10%
Tested by: Jil



The tolino - Shine 3 eBook-Reader has a night light function and can download all kinds of documents/books from the computer. In addition, the well-lit display is convincing. A negative aspect is the smooth surface, which makes the device difficult to grasp. Moreover, it's not waterproof and the memory can't be expanded.


  • Night light function
  • Documents/ books downloadable from computer
  • Top illuminated display


  • Housing material somewhat smooth
  • Not waterproof
  • Memory not expandable

360° View

Easy operation and beautiful design. Unfortunately, the memory is not expandable.

Optics and equipment

The packaging of the tolino - Shine 3 eBook-Reader has a nice design and is appealing.

The e-reader has a black colour and resembles the design of the Kobo reader. Also here the workmanship is very good.

Its weight is light and handy.

The case is covered with a kind of hard plastic and a dotted look adorns the back.

Because of the smooth plastic casing, the e-reader does not always lie securely in the hand.

At the bottom of the device are the USB power plug output, the on/off switch and small control light.

The product has a memory of 8 GB. Since there is no SD card slot available, it is not possible to expand the memory.

The display has a high resolution and shows an extremely sharp picture. In addition, the e-reader offers integrated lighting that is discreet and very finely adjustable.

The device has 6 pre-installed fonts as well as a dictionary and a translation dictionary. You can add your own selected fonts to the existing fonts.

In the scope of supply are:

  • E-Reader
  • USB power cable
  • Warranty booklet
  • Quick start guide

The quick start guide is well structured, clear and comes in 5 different languages.


tolino - Shine 3 eBook-Reader
Home page of the tolino eBook

In order to use the tolino - Shine 3 eBook-Reader you have to turn it on via the on/off switch. To do this, hold it down for 1-2 seconds.

In the course of this the screen lights up and the language settings must be made.

You will also be asked for a WLAN connection. However, it is possible to set it up afterwards.

Next, you have to enter the country and log in with your Thalia account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to continue without it.

Once the account has been created, you will be redirected to the login page to finally log in.

This will give you tips about Tolino. It will explain where to find the menu, where to go from there and where to find your books and the shop.

You will then receive a short reading guide. Here the procedure "in the book" is explained to you, for example how to turn a page and what is in the reading menu.

Then the lighting system is explained to you.

The start page is clear and contains only two areas. In the upper area you get to "My Books" and below you find "The Shop".

At the top right of the screen are the search bar icon and the brightness setting area. Here it is possible to choose between light and dark surroundings as well as between warm and cold.

Furthermore, it is possible to switch on the automatic colour temperature.

On the left side of the screen, you will find the books menu.

Here you get access to the Thalia shop, the web browser, the settings, your account and information and help.

Furthermore, a dictionary, a translation dictionary as well as a manual and the book with the title "Frau Bovary" are pre-installed.

In total, the e-reader is intuitive to use and offers a nice, high resolution.

The only negative point is the flickering of the screen.

Reading experience

tolino - Shine 3 eBook-Reader
landscape mode for the tolino eBook-Reader

All in all, the reading experience is mediocre.

The menu is very clear and structured. You will find your way easily and quickly.

The touchscreen of the Tolino reacts relatively fast. Sometimes the loading of the next page takes a little longer and the screen flickers relatively strongly.

Turning the pages in the book works without any problems with one hand. Apart from the difficult grip due to the smooth surface, the e-book lies well in the hand. In addition, it is extremely light, which is a plus point especially on the road.

The resolution of the display is optimal. Font, graphics, and pictures can be recognized perfectly and sharply.

The lighting is also positive. Tolino offers settings from dark to light as well as a distinction between dark and bright surroundings. It is also possible to set automatic colour temperature.

This makes reading more comfortable for the eyes.

Purchasing process

You can access the Thalia Shop either via the homepage or via the Books menu. This will also take you back to the Tolino homepage.

If you buy a book in the shop for the first time, you will get a short introduction.

Then you can simply choose a book. You will see recommendations, tips, and categories as well as top lists.

The page is ordered and everything is clearly legible.

On the right is the price and below it the "Buy" button.

As soon as you click on this button, you will be redirected to the next page. Here the title and the price will be shown again.

With the input of your password, you confirm the purchase. The book will then be downloaded from the shop to your e-reader. There you will find it under "My Books".

Download from PC

Use the supplied USB power cord to connect the Tolino to your computer.

Once both devices are connected, the e-reader will display a message.

The e-reader cannot be used while operating the computer.

You will then find your e-reader in the file folder under "Devices".

From there you simply drag your document to the e-reader in the "Books" folder.

The transfer is relatively fast and without any problems.

Then you can eject the e-book reader.

If the connection is interrupted again, the message on the Tolino disappears.

At this point, a window will appear showing how long it will take to add the document/book.

As soon as this action is completed, a checkmark will appear on the screen.

PDF document

You will find the book/document later under "My Books".

There you can call it up with a single click.

The size of the document we downloaded in our test is 32.5 MB.

The quality of the pages is excellent. The font is very legible and there are no problems.

Graphics, representations, and pictures are perfectly recognizable.

The document can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode.

Setting options

tolino - Shine 3 eBook-Reader
different setting options for personalization

After you have downloaded or purchased your selected book, you can find it under "My Books" on the home page or in the Books menu.

Clicking on it will take you directly to the book itself.

There you can turn the pages by right- or left-clicking in the middle of the screen. Either forward or backward.

When you click on the lower screen, the top and bottom setting bars appear. You can use these to make various settings:

  • Jump to other chapters
  • Portrait or landscape mode
  • Bookmark
  • Font size and font type
  • Line spacing, alignment, and margin
  • Lighting
  • Search terms

The Tolino Shine3 offers 6 pre-installed fonts and more can be added.

The device also shows you how many pages are left in each chapter.

We have evaluated approx. 30 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary it can be said that about 60 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 30 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 60% positive and 30% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • The battery lasts very long
  • Processing is impeccable
  • Tunable backlight

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Software bug
  • Slow response of the touch screen
  • Operation complicated
Manufacturer tolino
EAN 4016621126872
Scope of delivery E-Reader, USB cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Certificate
Quality impression Good
Menu navigation Easy to use
Handling Touchscreen
Lighting Steplessly adjustable illumination
Supported media formats EPUB, EPUB (DRM), PDF, PDF (DRM), TXT
Additional warranty 2 years from date of purchase
Quality of instructions Very clear and structured
Manual language GB, GER, BEL, NL, IT
Width 11 cm
Height 15,5 cm
Depth 0,8 cm
Weight 163 g
Display size 6 inches
Number of fonts 6 fonts
Camera resolution 300 ppi
Internal memory 8 GB
Speed 1 GHz
Battery life Over several weeks
Memory expansion
Battery Performance
User friendly
Image quality
Reading experience

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Ilse Flüh
Hilfe, Ich kann keine E-Books in Tansania herunterladen. Woran liegt das ?
Hallo Frau Flüh, wenn es nicht daran liegt, dass Ihre Speicherkapazität aufgebraucht ist, könnte es eventuell an der Zeiteinstellung auf Ihrem Tolino Shine 3 liegen. Wenn man im Ausland, das in einer anderen Zeitzone liegt, unterwegs ist, tritt häufig beim Kauf eines neuen Buches eine Fehlermeldung auf, wenn keine automatische Zeitumstellung erfolgt ist. Dies liegt daran, dass beim Kauf die Zeit im Onlineshop nicht mit der auf Ihrem Ebook übereinstimmt. Ändern Sie dazu also die Zeiteinstellungen auf ihrem Tolino, sodass diese mit Datum und Uhrzeit in Tansania übereinstimmen und versuchen Sie es erneut. Ihr askGeorge Team
Can books be downloaded directly from the e-book reader, or does the download have to be transferred from the PC to the reader?
You can download your books directly from the e-book reader.
Does the tolino Shine 3 also have an SD card slot?
No, the device does not have such a compartment.
Is it possible to turn off the backlight completely?
Yes, the backlight can be switched off completely.


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