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Test 10/2019

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Test seal: KOBO HD Touchscreen E-book Reader, Rating 8.5

last modified: 12.11.2019, 12:29

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All rating criteria details:

Reading experience 25%
Image quality 20%
User friendly 20%
Battery Performance 15%
Compactness 10%
Capacity 10%
Tested by: Jil



The KOBO - HD Touchscreen E-book Reader convinces with its lightweight, high resolution and intuitive operation. Unfortunately, the memory is not expandable and the device is not waterproof. In addition, the smooth back provides a more difficult grip.


  • Very good resolution
  • Easy operation
  • Documents/ books downloadable from computer


  • Memory not expandable
  • Not waterproof
  • Smooth backside

360° View

Easy to handle and offers a nice reading experience. Unfortunately, the memory is not expandable.

Optics and equipment

The KOBO - HD Touchscreen E-book Reader is delivered in a plain packaging.

The e-reader is kept in black and looks very well processed.

However, due to the smooth plastic casing, the device doesn't lie very securely in the hand.

Its light weight makes the reader nevertheless very handy.

The case is covered with a kind of hard plastic and the back is decorated with a dotted look.

At the bottom is the output for the USB charging cable as well as the long on/off switch including a small light.

The memory has a total capacity of 8 GB.

There is no SD card slot available. Therefore, the memory is not expandable.

The display of the e-reader is very sharp. This has a Comfortlight. This means that the colour adjusts automatically or can be set manually.

There are also 11 pre-installed fonts on the device and you can add your own selected fonts.

Also in the scope of supply is:

  • The e-reader
  • USB power cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Guarantee card

The quick start guide is well structured, very clear and is available in 11 languages.


KOBO - HD Touchscreen E-book Reader
The home page of the KOBO Reader

To turn on the KOBO - HD Touchscreen E-book Reader, hold down the power button located below the reader.

Since the e-reader is delivered charged, it is immediately ready to start.

You will then be prompted to dial into a WLAN network. You will also be asked to enter the date, time and country you are in.

You will then need to create an account to log in. You will not be able to continue without it.

Before you can get started, however, the e-reader offers you a quick tour through the device. This offer is only made 1x at the beginning.

The start page is clearly structured and very user-friendly.

Due to the high resolution of the screen, good legibility is offered.

All in all, the device is pleasantly easy to use.

The touch screen reacts quickly and offers a relatively smooth transition to the next page. The only drawback is the short flickering of the screen, which occurs after pressing the touch screen.

At the top of the screen is the books menu on the left and on the right the setting options for brightness, the WLAN network, the current battery status, a search function and the options for synchronization.

The brightness setting also includes the "Natural Light Function" and the "Sleep Time Function".

The Books menu will take you to "My Books/Collections/ Titles", the Kobo Shop, Recommendations, your Wish List and Activity, as well as Settings and Help.

With the Kobo app, you can continue reading on your smartphone or tablet and maintain your reading progress. You can find them in the App Store under the name "Kobo Books".

There are also two dictionaries pre-installed. One is "German" and the other is "English -> German".

Reading experience

KOBO - HD Touchscreen E-book Reader
The view inside the book

On the whole, the reading experience is good.

The menu is easy to understand and does not cause any problems.

The reaction speed of the device is fast. It immediately accepts every touch without pressing twice. So there are no long waiting times.

In the book itself, you can easily flip forwards and backwards with one hand. You can also enter the reading menu without any problems.

However, both hands are needed to find your way around the start page. Otherwise, the upper corners are not accessible with one hand.

Since the e-book is very light, it does not interfere with longer reading and can be transported optimally. Only the smooth back could be perceived as annoying, as it makes the grip more difficult.

The display is excellently illuminated. Depending on the time of day or night, the brightness of the display changes so that reading in the dark does not become exhausting for the eyes.

The display flickers negatively in the reading flow. This occurs when the pages are switched (turning pages, wiping, etc.) and is strenuous in the long run.

Purchasing process

KOBO - HD Touchscreen E-book Reader
The buy page of the KOBO Shop

Buying a book of your choice is very simple.

You can open the Kobo Shop either via the Books menu or simply press the search button in the bar at the top of the screen.

If you have previously entered book titles/genres that interest you, the Kobo Shop will now display recommendations that you might like.

After you have selected a book, click on it and all the important information will be displayed.

Then it's quick and easy.

Click the "Buy" button and the Kobo Reader automatically loads the book into "My Books".

Download from PC

To download documents or books to your e-book reader, you will need the supplied USB power cable.

This cable connects the e-reader to your PC.

If both devices are properly connected, a pop-up window will appear on the Kobo Reader.

This will ask you if you really want to connect to this PC.

A loading screen will then appear and the file folder will be opened on the computer.

In the folder, the Kobo-Reader appears as a device. Afterwards, you only have to drag your document onto the e-reader.

The e-reader cannot be used while operating the computer.

The transfer is fast and without any problems.

Before you remove the USB power cable, make sure to eject the e-reader properly.

PDF documents

After you have removed the cable, the loading screen on the e-reader will automatically release.

Then a pop-up window appears, but so short that it is not possible to read the information.

It takes about 5 minutes for the Kobo Reader to update.

You can download the document under "My Books".

The document we downloaded in our test has a size of 32.5 MB.

On the e-reader, the document is displayed excellently. The image is sharp and also the images have a perfect resolution.

The document can be read in portrait as well as in landscape mode.

Setting options

KOBO - HD Touchscreen E-book Reader
Various settings within the book

Once the book is purchased or downloaded, you can find it in the Books menu under "My Books" or it will appear directly on the home page.

You will be directly in the first chapter after you have opened the book.

From here, you can go to the next or previous page by touching the center of the screen, either on the right or left side.

Clicking on the top or bottom area displays the menu.

Here you can change the settings for the view of the page:

  • The font/size
  • The line spacing and the margins
  • The alignment
  • Read settings (on-screen buttons, page layout)
  • Furthermore, there is the possibility to read the book in portrait as well as in landscape mode.

There are already 11 fonts pre-installed and you can add more fonts.

The e-reader also analyzes your reading speed and shows you how much time you would need for the rest of the book or just for one chapter.

We have evaluated 10 customer reviews on the internet. In summary, it can be said that about 65 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are approx. 25 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 65% positive and 25% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Good image quality
  • Handy and light
  • Battery endurance

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Processing is bad
  • Material looks cheap
  • Not waterproof
Manufacturer KOBO
EAN 0681495007554
Scope of delivery E-Reader, USB cable, instruction manual
Quality impression Good
Menu navigation Easy to use
Handling HD Touchscreen
Lighting Switches on automatically in the evening
Supported media formats CBR, EPUB, EPUB (DRM), MOBI, PDF, PDF (DRM), RTF, TXT
Additional warranty /
Quality of instructions Confusing, illustrated
Manual language GB, GER, ES, IT, FR, PO, PL, RU, NL, SL, SV
Width 10,8 cm
Height 15,5 cm
Depth 0,8 cm
Weight 165 g
Display size 6 inches
Number of fonts 11 fonts
Camera resolution 300 ppi
Internal memory 8 GB
Speed 1 GHz
Battery life Over several weeks
Memory expansion
Battery Performance
User friendly
Image quality
Reading experience

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Is the memory expandable with a Micro SD card?
No, unfortunately not.
Do I have to download my books via WLAN or is this also possible via PC?
It is also possible via PC, the reader is displayed as a removable disk.


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