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Test 10/2019

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Test seal: Braubox Brewing Box Set, Rating 9.3

last modified: 12.11.2019, 11:30

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All rating criteria details:

Preparation 35%
Taste 35%
Workmanship 15%
Scope of delivery 15%
Tested by: Jonas



The included materials of the Besserbrauer Brewing Box Set were high-quality processed. The essential processes of cider production, such as pasteurisation and post-ripening, are well explained in the operating instructions and are actively carried out by yourself.

The final result met all expectations. The carbonic acid ensures a pleasant, refreshing tingling sensation on the tongue and palate. Visually and taste-wise, the drink is reminiscent of a somewhat tangy, naturally cloudy apple fizz, with a slightly acidic wine note in the aftertaste. Our testers were all positively impressed by the final product.


  • Materials with good quality workmanship
  • Instructions easy to follow
  • The essential processes are done by yourself
  • Convincing taste


360° View

The first impression is reflected in the final result. Highly recommended!

General information

The Besserbrauer Brewing Box Set is delivered in an attractive packaging. The instructions are written in German, illustrated and clearly understandable.

Scope of delivery

  • Fermenting bottle with bung and stopper
  • Brewing instructions
  • Thermometers
  • Filling hose with clamp
  • Dosage aid
  • Pump
  • Yeast
  • Birch sugar
  • Apple juice
  • Detergents


Duration: approx. 30 minutes

The apple juice is pasteurized at 70-75 °C.
The apple juice is pasteurized at 70-75 °C.

In addition to the utensils included in the delivery, you will need a large cooking pot with a capacity of at least 5 litres. During pasteurisation, the apple juice supplied is heated to kill potential germs in the juice. You pour the apple juice into the pot, heat it up to 70-75 °C and keep this temperature for about 10 minutes. First, I heated the fruit juice to the highest temperature until the desired temperature was reached. Then I let the juice simmer at medium temperature to maintain the temperature. Then you want to cool down the pasteurized apple juice as quickly as possible. Fill your sink with cold water and place the saucepan in it. To speed up the cooling, it is recommended to add ice cubes or other cooling elements. If you do not have ice cubes or similar, the process will exceed the specified 30 minutes. To counteract this a little, you should change the cold water every 5 minutes. With the thermometer, you can check the temperature at any time. Once the juice has cooled to below 25°C, you can start the fermentation.

Pour the apple juice into the fermentation container.
Decanting the apple juice into the fermenter.


Duration: approx. 15 minutes

To bridge the waiting time when cooling the apple juice, you can sterilize the necessary utensils to start the fermentation. To sterilize the funnel, stopper and bung, pour 2 to 3 litres of water into an adequate large container and stir in approximately 5 g of detergent per litre. Your brewing utensils must be bathed in the liquid for at least 1 minute. To sterilize the fermenting bottle, pour some cleaning liquid into the fermenter, close the opening by hand and shake the bottle vigorously.

After sterilizing all utensils, rinse them thoroughly with tap water. Next, put the funnel in the fermenting bottle and add the yeast. Then shake the bottle vigorously. Now fill the fermenting bung with some cleaning liquid, put it on the stopper and both together on the fermenting bottle. For at least 1 week you must now store the barrel at room temperature as still and protected from light as possible. During this time the yeast works hard and converts the sugar contained in the juice concentrate into carbonic acid and alcohol.


Duration: approx. 20 minutes

Sugar is mixed with hot water.
The birch sugar is infused with hot water.

Before you can start sweetening, first sterilize the beer pump and a saucepan. After thoroughly rinsing the pump and the pot with water, remove the fermenting plug with the fermenting bung and pump the liquid into the pot. The pot should have a capacity of at least 5 litres. In order to create the perfect cider for you, it is advisable to take a small taste sample. You will notice that the yeast has converted the fructose into alcohol.

The result is a very acid apple wine without carbonic acid. A bag of birch sugar is included. The special thing about birch sugar is that it is tasteless and, compared to household sugar, cannot be fermented by the yeast. You can add the sugar to your homemade cider as you like. Again, all products that come into contact with the cider must be sterilized accordingly.

As soon as you have decided on a quantity of birch sugar, you can pour hot water over the sugar and then add it to the cider pot. Before you start pouring the liquid into bottles, you can taste again if you want to add a little more sugar.

Bottle ripening

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

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To ensure that carbon dioxide is also formed during bottle ripening, which produces the unmistakable tingling sensation on the tongue and palate, you must add household sugar to your cider. After sterilizing a cup and a spoon, weigh 30 g of sugar, pour hot water over the sugar and add to the cider.

Once you have stirred the contents of the pot vigorously and the liquids have mixed well with the sugar, you can begin to bottle the cider using the pump. We have chosen swing stopper bottles.

The bottles should only be filled to about 90% so that the carbonic acid has some room to build up pressure so that the bottles do not burst. After closing the bottles, let them ripen for at least 3 weeks at room temperature, standing upright and protected from light.


The Besserbrauer Brewing Box Set was very tasty. The long wait was worth it and we were positively impressed by the fruity, sparkling end result. The finished drink reminds optically and taste-wise of a somewhat tangier, naturally cloudy apple fizz. In the finish, a slightly sour note can be perceived, which is known to contain wine.

The finished product.
This is what the finished cider looks like.

At the time of the test, we could not evaluate any customer reviews.

Manufacturer Braubox
Scope of delivery Fermentation bottle with fermentation bung and stopper, brewing pipe, thermometer, filling hose with clamp, dosing aid, pump, yeast, birch sugar, apple juice, cleaning detergent
Quality impression Excellent
Width 17.5 cm
Height 36 cm
Depth 17.5 cm
Weight 7,795 g
Capacity litres 4
Alcoholic content 4.5%
Tap -
Material of fermentation tank Glas
Colour Natural cloudy apple juice
Ingredients Apple juice, yeast, sugar
Additionally required 1 large cooking pot, container with 2 litres capacity, 1 funnel, tap water
Ingredients are enough for 4 litre
Preparation time 2 hours
Additional warranty -
Packaging Appealing
Quality of instructions Excellent
Manual language GER
Scope of delivery

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Is the Brauset reusable?
Yes, the Braubox apple cider set is reusable. Only the ingredients need to be bought again. But you can buy them on the manufacturer's site as a "refill package" for 15-16€" and also at local dealers.
How long can the ingredients be kept?
The manufacturer guarantees the shelf life of the ingredients for 10 months as soon as they reach the consumer. (Except when purchased through a local retailer)
Can the container also be used for wine?
Yes, this is also possible.


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