Relags Primus Cooker 'Gravity' Silver

Test 05/2019

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Test seal: Relags Primus Cooker 'Gravity' Silver, Rating 9.8

last modified: 11.10.2019, 9:54

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All rating criteria details:

Handling 30%
Performance 30%
Safety 25%
Compactness 15%
Tested by: Johanna


Product tester


The Relags Primus Cooker is powerful and of high quality. It is compactly to fold and large enough to cook for several people.


  • Powerful
  • Windbreak included
  • High quality
  • Compact


  • Windbreak somewhat unstable

360° View

High quality and strong power. Compact but still suitable for several persons!

The Relags Primus Kocher consists of a metal frame with fold-out feet and is connected to a gas cartridge by a hose. It can be folded and is handy and compact. The workmanship is of very high quality.

The Relags Primus cooker
The Relags Primus cooker


The camping stove is supplied with a stove frame, lighter, floor and wind protection, bag and operating instructions. Moreover, the corresponding valve cartridge must be ordered. The operating instructions are clearly written and illustrated.

The contact area for pots has a diameter of 15 cm.

Installing the gas cartridge

The valve at the end of the stove rack hose must be connected to the gas cartridge. For this, make sure that the valve is completely closed by turning it clockwise until it stops. Now, turn the gas cartridge counterclockwise to the valve. The gas cartridge must be kept as upright as possible and the valve as straight and stable as possible so that it can be turned in easily and does not jam. Now you can start!

The valve of the cooker
The valve of the cooker must be closed

The gas cartridge when connecting
The gas cartridge must be screwed to the valve


The piezo igniter
The piezo igniter ignites the flame

The valve is opened
The valve on the gas cylinder must be opened

Before starting, you should place the cooker frame on the enclosed floor protection on a flat surface for a firm stand. Ideally, position the gas cylinder that it is as far away from the frame as possible and the hose is straight and without kinks. Now you can turn the knob on the valve slightly counterclockwise and ignite the flame with the enclosed piezo igniter. Simply hold the detonator against the gas opening and press the button until the flame ignites. With the rotary knob you can now regulate the flame intensity, which works very precisely with this stove.

Under calm conditions and with the gas supply fully turned on, the Primus stove needs 3:20 minutes to boil 500 ml of water. The gas consumption was 15 g.

Under windy conditions, with the gas supply fully turned on and the windscreen up, the Primus cooker needs 4 minutes to boil 500 ml of water, or to heat it up to 100°C. The gas consumption was 15 g. The windbreak has done its job here, but it makes a rather unstable impression. Due to its light weight and its wobbly stand, it moves with the wind.

thermal image of the gas cooker
thermal image in calm

heat image of the gas cooker at wind
heat image at wind

With 3000 Watt the Primus stove has a lot of power and therefore a strong flame, which provides high efficiency and speed.

To switch off the gas cooker, turn the valve clockwise until it stops.

gas cooker protected by wind shield
The gas cooker contains an aluminium wind shield

The Relags cooker in use
The Relags cooker in use


After application, the entire metal frame must cool down before it can be moved, as it heats up very strongly. If the gas cooker is not used, the gas cartridge should be unscrewed again. Generally, the gas cooker is intended for outdoor use and not in closed rooms.

The gas cartridges should be stored in a cool, well ventilated place!

Unfortunately, there are only very few buyer evaluations available at the moment. The high quality workmanship, stability and size of the stove are positively noted. Negatively noted is the quality of the supplied windscreen.

Manufacturer Relags
EAN 7330033901603
Fuel Gas
Type of cartridge Valve cartridge
Lighting point 1
Adjustable flame
Wind screen
Consumption (with wind) 15 g
Consumption (without wind) 15 g
Diameter attachment 15 cm
Power 3000 W
Material Stainless steel
Weight 0,285 kg
Depth 15 cm
Height 5 cm
Width 17 cm
Quality of instructions Good
Manual language EN, FR, DE, SE, FI, NO, NL, IT, ES, PT, DK
Packaging Good
Quality impression Excellent
Scope of delivery Cooker top, windscreen, floor protection, bag, operating instructions

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Is a self-igniter integrated or is a lighter required?
The camping stove is supplied with a piezo lighter. Therefore, no lighter is required.
What is the size of the pot rest?
The pot rest has a diameter of 15 cm.


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