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Camping Chair

Our test winner is the Berger Folding Sofa Relax Double: This bench offers high seating comfort, is upholstered and has a high backrest. Our favourite with the test grade 8.1/10!

We have tested 4 camping chairs, paying particular attention to ergonomics and comfort.

A camping chair is part of the essential basic equipment when you go camping. It takes up very little space, is simple to set up and provides the necessary relaxation at the campsite. It is also very practical to have a camping chair when fishing or in the garden.

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Winner Winner
Our winner: Berger Folding Chair Tarim Our winner: Berger Foldable Sofa Relax Double Basic Nature Travelchair Holiday Review Relags Travelchair Love Seat Review

Berger Folding Chair Tarim

Berger Foldable Sofa Relax Double

Basic Nature Travelchair Holiday

Relags Travelchair Love Seat

Test seal: Berger Folding Chair Tarim, Rating 2.3
Test seal: Berger Foldable Sofa Relax Double, Rating 2.3
Test seal: Basic Nature Travelchair Holiday, Rating 2.5
Test seal: Relags Travelchair Love Seat, Rating 2.5
  • Very stable
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Extra cushion, which can be attached with a Velcro fastener
  • Durable and durable
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Padded fabric
  • High backrest
  • Comfortable seat height
  • A cooling compartment in the left armrest
  • Beverage compartment in the right armrest
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Space for 2 persons
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Space for 2 drinks
  • Unfavourably attached armrests
  • No cup holders
  • Bars press quickly into the fabric
  • Low backrest
  • No headrest

High comfort, but with impractical armrests.

Very comfortable bench with high seating comfort, but the typical cup holders are missing.

It has great characteristics, but the rods press into the fabric and chafe marks can occur quickly.

Practical and comfortable, but doesn't include a headrest.

Scope of delivery Camping chair, cover, pillow, operating instructions (in the form of package insert) Camping bench, carrying bag Camping chair, package insert, carrier bag Camping bench, carrying bag
Quality impression Excellent Good Excellent Satisfactory
Material of frame Steel pipe No information Powder-coated tubular steel frame Robust aluminum frame
Stability Good, does not tilt or shake Good, does not tilt or shake Very stable Good, does not tilt or shake
Weight 4.6 kg 6.4 kg 4 kg 5,3 kg
Height 104 cm 97 cm 100 cm 98 cm
Width 91 cm 68 cm 60 cm 150 cm
Depth 72 cm 133 cm 60 cm 58.5 cm
Seat height 48 cm 44 cm 100 cm 34 cm
Pack size 96 x 21 cm 97 x 30 cm 104 x 33 x 33 cm 99 x 24,5 x 24,5 cm
Max. capacity 120 kg 200 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Packaging Good Good Good Okay
Storage bag No Yes Yes Yes
Foldable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Armrest Yes No Yes Yes, on both sides
Cup holder Yes No Yes Yes
Headrest Yes Yes No No
Available in further colours No No No No
Additional warranty 24 months No information No information No information
Quality of instructions Clear, in bullet points Okay Satisfactory Good
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Tested products

Berger Folding Chair Tarim - thumbnail

1st place: Berger Folding Chair Tarim

Test seal: Berger Folding Chair Tarim, Rating good

The Berger - Folding Chair Tarim belongs to the more comfortable camping chairs. The pillow, which can be attached and positioned to the backrest, is particularly striking. A drink can be placed in a net on the right armrest. However, the arms are only partially comfortable to put down, as a belt is in the way from the back and the height is difficult to adjust. The stability is good and the chair does not wobble or tilt.

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Berger Foldable Sofa Relax Double - thumbnail Test seal: Berger Foldable Sofa Relax Double, Rating good

2nd place: Berger Foldable Sofa Relax Double

The Berger - Folding Sofa Relax Double is a very robust camping companion, which offers space for two persons. The bench alone also offers good seating comfort, which is supported by the upholstery of the fabric. Problem areas, where the poles can pierce more quickly, are well sewn and protected from a pole breakthrough. The only disadvantage is that the cup holders, which belong to the typical camping chair, are not attached.

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Basic Nature Travelchair Holiday - thumbnail Test seal: Basic Nature Travelchair Holiday, Rating satisfactory

3rd place: Basic Nature Travelchair Holiday

The Basic Nature - Travelchair Holiday is a practical camping chair with a comfortable straight seat. The armrests are practically adjustable and offer space for a snack and a drink. The head is a little too short and you would have to slide deep into the chair to be able to lean your head comfortably. Overall, the chair makes a good impression and is well suited for normal camping use.

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Relags Travelchair Love Seat - thumbnail Test seal: Relags Travelchair Love Seat, Rating satisfactory

4th place: Relags Travelchair Love Seat

The Relags - Travelchair Love Seat has a good basic configuration of a camping chair and also offers space for two people. You sit securely and comfortably and have space for a drink in each individually adjustable armrest. A negative aspect is that the head has no backrest and therefore you cannot lean back completely.

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Berger - Folding Chair Tarim

Winner: read review
  • Attention when choosing the colour: Depending on the season and place of use, particularly bright colours such as yellow can attract small black beetles.
  • Integrated cup holders can not only hold a refreshment for you but are also extremely useful for stowing small items or briefly storing garbage before disposing of it in the next available opportunity.
  • Infants should not be placed unattended on a camping chair, as the folding chairs do not provide the necessary stability and can, therefore, tip over.

In the run-up to the test, we defined practical requirements and the following test criteria:

  • Ergonomics
  • Comfort
  • Handling
  • Sturdiness

In order to be able to evaluate these criteria, we have defined several tests for the camping chairs. First, the scope of delivery and functionality are checked. The chairs are assembled as recommended by the manufacturer and stowed in the enclosed carrying bag, checking handling and transport. All chairs are tested in the further test procedures. Meanwhile, ergonomics and comfort are assessed.

It is also tested whether the chairs offer the best possible comfort even after sitting for long periods. It is also tested how stable the chairs are and how easily they tip over with or without load. Finally, the workmanship of the camping chairs is closely examined.

Covering caps and holder should ensure a firm connection between camping chair and textile.
How well do the caps and bar holders hold?

In order to avoid mistakes and to ensure the load of everyday use, each test takes place in several rounds.

The test criteria are given percentages depending on their importance. The final score is then objectively calculated from the test criteria using an algorithm.

Product selection

Our product selection is based on an observation of the current market. In addition to popular branded products, we also include insider tips in our selection. Criteria such as price and range of functions are an important factor for us. The test field is also determined by analysis and evaluation of customer reviews and external tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest).

The devices are purchased anonymously or lent to us by the manufacturer. Dealers and manufacturers have no influence on the tests and our evaluation.

As soon as new relevant products come onto the market, our test field is extended by these. The new products go through the same test as the already tested devices.

Camping chairs are indispensable for a camping holiday. They are very useful when you are camping alone, with friends or family out in nature. These practical seats can also be used for other occasions, such as a festival visit or as a replacement for garden furniture.

The chairs convince with a comfortable seat and are also optimally shaped for a comfortable posture. They can be folded up easily and stowed away to save space when they are not needed. In addition, the different versions of the camping chairs are also very light.

So you can easily transport them and take them with you when camping. A further advantage of the camping chairs is their firm stand: these seats offer a good hold on almost any surface. That's why they are part of the basic camping equipment.

They are available in different sizes: There are the models for adults in a large shape and the smaller cut versions, which are aimed primarily at youngsters. The different versions are usually in neutral colours, so that they can be adapted visually to any environment.

If you want to attract a little attention with your camping chair and want to quickly distinguish it from the others and rediscover it, you can rely on the chairs in a striking look. For example, you can discover a camping chair with colourful motifs or patterns. You can find out everything you need to know about camping chairs on this page.

The various camping chairs are characterised above all by their many practical features. The first thing to mention is that the chairs can be easily folded in and out and thus quickly present a seating option. In most cases, the folded chair can even be set up with a single movement of the hand.

You just pull the backrest of the chairs and the four legs of the seat unfold. Now you can sit directly on the seat. If you want to fold the chair in again, simply push the front towards the backrest, activating the folding mechanism. Now the chairs fit into the car, the storage room, the garage or the cellar in a space-saving way.

Transporting the camping chairs is also very easy because the chairs are designed very light: the weight of the chairs for the camping trip is between 2 and 5 kilograms, depending on the version. As a result, these models are much lighter than the classic garden chairs. In addition, the camping chairs convince with high load capacity. There are versions that are designed for 100 kilograms, but there are also various models for sitting that carry up to 250 kilograms.

Only high-quality fabrics are used to cover the chairs for the tenting trip. So you can be sure that the chairs won't fade. This is ensured by reliable protection against UV radiation in sunlight. The water-repellent and fast-drying properties are also a highlight. If the chair remains outside in the rain, this is no problem. After a short drying phase, it is immediately ready for use again.

When it comes to appearance, the chairs for camping are based on a rather straightforward design. They have simple shapes and are above all designed with practical usability in mind.

The chairs in various construction methods are designed for all campers who do not want to do without comfort in nature. This is ensured by the backrest with upholstery. So you can sit with the whole family on the comfortable chairs for camping and have dinner at the camping table. Or you can simply relax together in the sun. If you're looking for a little more cosiness, you can choose a model with a backrest for adjustment.

Armrests are also an additional comfort that you don't have to miss out on when you're out in nature.

Camping bench - two-seater
There are now also two-seaters. They take up less space at the breakfast table than two full camping chairs.

Young campers with children's chairs or camping highchairs are well equipped for an excursion into the countryside. The seating surface has a low height of about 25 centimetres, so that the camping table is easy to reach for eating or playing board games. The cheerful colours of these versions ensure a particularly good mood for young and old. In addition, the high seating comfort corresponds to that of the chairs for adults.

When producing children's camping chairs, the manufacturers use ultralight aluminum. The result are chairs that often weigh less than two kilograms. This also enables the little ones to carry their own chairs for camping themselves and thus play an active role in the construction of the camping environment. This strengthens the sense of community in the family and ensures a harmonious tent trip where everyone can have fun.

Not all camping chairs are the same. If you are looking for the right seat for outdoor trips or the garden, you can choose between different versions. Each model has its own advantages to discover.

The best-known models are the standard four-legged camping chairs. The most popular colours are green, blue, grey and black. The models are often available with a helpful carrying bag in which the chairs can be easily stowed when folded.

This makes it easy to stack several chairs on top of each other, for example in the boot. Families opt for different colours, so that each family member can recognise their chair immediately.

High-quality models for sitting while camping also have various extras. For example, there are camping chairs that can be folded out to provide additional storage space for your feet. Users sit particularly comfortably on these chairs.

They even make it possible to take a nap at lunchtime. Some models also have additional head padding. Here you can lean back comfortably and let your mind wander a little.

These versions are also the right choice for bathing in the sun.

In addition to these models, which all have a standard size, there are also other models. These are a little smaller and a good idea for mobile use. Since the large versions do not fit in the backpack, there are certain chairs in small sizes for trekking friends and hikers.

These are simply stowed away and can always be carried along on hikes. These models provide you with a practical seat during rest or a longer break at a beautiful vantage point. If the hiking tour continues, you simply put the chair back in its folded state.

If you want to get to the bottom of the history of folding chairs and camping chairs, you have to look far back in time. The forerunners of modern seating can already be found in ancient Egypt, but also in Rome and Greece. A good example is the so-called curulic chair, on which the Roman magistrates settled at that time. This model was a folding chair, which was also the seat of the emperor.

Wood was used to make the frame, sometimes metal was also used. However, this was rarely the case. With the wooden models, the high-quality carvings caught the eye directly. Here, for example, animal symbols were incorporated which represented artistic decorations. Also, gold elements were to be discovered in the chairs. They also enhance the quality of the seats. There were also models in which ivory decorations set striking focal points.

In many cases, the manufacturers used leather for the design of the seat. Simple battens were also used for production. These simply folded together when the chairs were folded in.
Archaeological excavations over time revealed at least 18 folding stools in various parts of northern Europe. These relics date from the Nordic Bronze Age. Among the finds is the famous folding stool from Guldhøj in Denmark. The wood of this model has been completely preserved to this day. The folding chair from Daensen still has striking metal fittings and is another important find in this area.

The folding chairs were widely used during the Middle Ages. They were regarded as a piece of furniture for the liturgy. The Faldistorium, for example, is well known and was used by bishops as a folding chair. Sometimes, however, they were also allowed to settle on the throne. In addition, prelates and abbots also used these folding chairs during pontifical acts. The backrest and the support on the sides were added in the 15th and 16th centuries. This achievement provided, even more, sitting comfort on the folding chairs.

Nowadays, folding chairs are mainly used in areas where it is important that the parts are easy to carry and stow away. Organizers offer these seating arrangements, for example, to equip conference rooms with chairs for events. These models are also a good choice today for use outdoors or in the garden.

The models are also used in catering establishments, for example in beer gardens, where people like to sit outside. Here, the people responsible use special beer garden chairs. They have a metal frame with the seat and backrest made of sturdy wooden slats or plastic. The slats are mounted in such a way that spaces are created between them. Thus the rainwater runs off completely simply. The chairs can also remain outside. They dry very quickly and do not rot, as the water does not accumulate on these chairs.

The modern camping chairs in various designs are very popular. They have several advantages, but also some disadvantages. Both will be explained in more detail below.

Some of the advantages of camping chairs have already been discussed. These are lightweight models that can be used very flexibly. Easy transport is also a great advantage of the chairs, as they can be easily used for different occasions. The chairs also have another advantage: they are usually quite inexpensive to buy.

Unlike high-quality and expensive garden furniture such as loungers or relax chairs, these types of seats are sometimes available for a single-digit price. As a rule, you only have to make a few compromises when it comes to seating comfort. Camping chairs also have a soft seat. If necessary, it is also possible to provide the seats for camping with cushions or similar pads in order to increase comfort even further.

Another advantage is their uniform look: the different models of camping chairs all have the same design. So it is easy to create a stylish ensemble with a set of camping chairs. It goes very well with your campsite for a summer holiday or for the cosy corner in the garden. If a spontaneous and surprising visit comes along to a cosy family evening in the green of your home, the camping chairs will quickly provide you with additional seating.

However, there are some disadvantages to camping chairs. Although the models are robustly designed, they do not have the stability of conventional chairs. This means, for example, that you cannot use the chairs as stepladders to work at height or reach certain objects. You will also need to maintain the chairs thoroughly. Since they are mainly used outdoors, it is important to clean the elements regularly.

This is the only way they will look like new for a long time and score points for their long service life. The chairs for camping are easy to care for: you can simply wipe them off with a damp cloth, for example. Not only the seat surface has to be taken into account, the frame should also be cleaned from time to time. In this way, it is easy to prevent possible wear. Brushing with a soft hand brush is also sufficient for coarser soiling. This allows leaves or smaller twigs to be removed quickly.

A camping chair is a practical purchase as it is a simple seat for various occasions. The models are easy to transport, so you can carry them with you when you go on holiday. A distinction is made between the standard models, small seats for hikers and chairs for children. So everyone can find the right part for their needs.

How do we test at

Live and authentic: We get the devices into our Hamburg test laboratory. Here we take a close look at everything.

Each test is preceded by an extensive search:

  • Which suppliers are on the market?
  • What current products are there?
  • What are the comparison criteria?
  • What tests are we going to run?
  • What is the test procedure?

When everything's settled, we'll bring the devices to us. For each product the test procedure, the measured values and product properties are documented in detail. We create photos and videos. We evaluate the results for you, summarize everything in a test report and calculate the test grade.

Have fun!

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What is the best camping chair?

Our test winner is the Berger Folding Sofa Relax Double: This bench offers high seating comfort, is upholstered and has a high backrest. Our favourite with the test grade 8.1/10!

We have tested 4 camping chairs, paying particular attention to ergonomics and comfort.

A camping chair is part of the essential basic equipment when you go camping. It takes up very little space, is simple to set up and provides the necessary relaxation at the campsite. It is also very practical to have a camping chair when fishing or in the garden.


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