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Test 08/2019

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Test seal: Rommelsbacher JG 80 Jona, Rating 10

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All rating criteria details:

Yoghurt Quality 50%
Handling 20%
Cleaning 15%
Capacity 15%
Tested by: Jana


Product tester


A real eye-catcher Rommelsbacher Jona is very suitable for the production of yoghurt. The quality of the device is high and the glasses are also very stable. The time setting is very practical and facilitates the handling of the yoghurt maker. In addition to the very simple operation, this device also convinces with the fact that besides yoghurt you can also prepare other products such as cream cheese, sourdough or chili oil.


  • Easy to operate
  • A wide range of possibilities
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Lightweight device
  • High-quality workmanship


360° View

A very high-quality device, which shows no defects or similar. In addition to yoghurt, a variety of other products such as cream cheese, sourdough or chili oil can also be prepared.

The Product

The Rommelsbacher Jona Yoghurt Maker is packaged in an attractively designed cardboard box, on which the most important product information is described. The colours, design, and packaging of the JG 80 are elegant and simple. The device is made of stainless steel and feels very good in quality. The touch screen control panel is located on the front of the unit. There you can adjust the display of the running time and select the 4 different programs (for yogurt, cream cheese, vegan yogurt, herbal extracts). In addition, there are the sensor keys "+" and "-" for increasing and reducing the time setting. Each operation of a key is confirmed by a signal tone. The maximum time is 19 hours. A total of 4 125 ml yoghurt jars and two large 1.2 L jars are included. They are made of glass and ceramic. The instructions for use are well written, contain all the important information and explain very clearly how commissioning works. In addition, it is noticeable positively that recipe suggestions are contained.
The manufacturer guarantees a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Accessories Rommelsbacher Yoghurt Maker
The accessories of the Rommelsbacher Yoghurt Maker

The delivery includes:

  • A yoghurt maker
  • 4 yoghurt glasses
  • 2 glass containers drip sieve
  • An instruction manual


The Rommelsbacher Jona Yoghurt Maker must first be thoroughly cleaned according to the instructions for use. To do this, wash the glasses in hot rinsing water or in the dishwasher and then dry them thoroughly. The yoghurt maker himself should be wiped inside with a damp cloth and some detergent. It is important to thoroughly clean all components of the appliance before putting it into operation, as milk products are very sensitive.

Zubehör Rommelsbacher Joghurtzubereiter
Cleaning before first use.

Fresh milk or UHT milk is needed to prepare the yoghurt. You also need a cup of yoghurt, which ideally has the same fat content as the milk used. Alternatively, you can use yoghurt cultures, but our test was carried out with 3.5% UHT milk and 3.8% natural yoghurt. According to the manufacturer, for the Rommelsbacher Yoghurtzubereiter natural yoghurt, a total of 400 ml milk and 70 g natural yoghurt should be used for all four portion glasses. When testing, we followed exactly these specifications. Additives such as sugar, fruit or flavours should be avoided and added to the finished yoghurt first.

According to the instructions for use, there is no need to heat the UHT milk before use. However, it should not come directly from the refrigerator, but should be at room temperature just like yoghurt. Each glass is filled with yoghurt and then infused with milk. The ingredients should be mixed well with a spoon or whisk. The filled jars are then closed with their lids and placed in the yoghurt maker.

Afterwards, the yoghurt maker himself is closed with a lid and the Rommelsbacher Jona Yoghurt Maker is connected with the power supply.

To start the device, the start button on the touch screen must be pressed.

Rommelsbacher Touchscreen Programm
Touchscreen programm

Yoghurt preparation
Yoghurt in the preparation

Then select program 1 (yoghurt) on the program key. A preset preparation time of 8 hours appears on the display. This can be adjusted at will, but to a maximum of 19 hours ripening time. To start yoghurt preparation, the on/off switch must be pressed again.

According to the instructions for use, the yoghurt should now mature for approx. 8 hours. We left it in the machine for 9 hours to achieve a mild result. The time on the display now counts backwards every hour, so that you can always see how long the machine is still in use. After the entered maturing time has elapsed, the appliance switches itself off automatically and a signal tone sounds. The yoghurt is then placed in the refrigerator to cool. After a few hours in the refrigerator, the consistency of the yoghurt in the container was pleasant, not too solid but not too liquid. Before eating, we refined the yoghurt with fruit and other ingredients.


The photo taken with the thermal imaging camera showed that the yoghurt containers have a temperature of approx. 42°C after 8 hours in the yoghurt maker. The device has constantly warmed the yoghurts.

Yoghurt result
The result: Yoghurt preparation with the Rommelsbacher Yoghurt Maker.

On-/Off-switch of the Rommelsbacher Yoghurt Maker
After the preparation you can decorate the yoghurt as you like, e.g. with fruit.

The consistency of the Rommelsbacher yoghurt maker is very good. The yoghurt has become very creamy and the firmness is very even. The yoghurt is also very tasty. All in all, the yoghurt is very good compared to the competition and the ripening time of 8 hours has proven to be optimal.

Additional features

Besides yoghurt, you can also use the Rommelsbacher Jona Yoghurt Maker also for vegan or lactose-free yogurt from soy milk. Also, other kinds of yoghurt like "Greek style" with/without cream can be produced with this machine without any problems. Recipes for it are contained in the manual. In addition, other dairy products, such as cream cheese, can also be made with the yoghurt maker. This yoghurt maker also offers functions for preparing chilli oil or thyme syrup as well as sourdough. All in one a very versatile device, which is very easy to use.


The cleaning is very simple. The glasses can be easily washed in the dishwasher together with the lids. The inside of the appliance was hardly dirty and therefore only had to be wiped with a dry or damp cloth and if necessary dried afterwards.

At the time of our test, we could not evaluate any customer reviews.

Manufacturer Rommelsbacher
EAN 4001797861108
Scope of delivery Yoghurt maker, 4 yoghurt jars à 125 ml, 2 glass containers 1.2 L, drip tray, mains cable, instructions for use
Quality impression Very good
Quality Portion Glasses Good
Material Stainless steel
Material Portion glasses Glass, ceramic
Colour Black, silver
Height 18,5 cm
Width 18 cm
Depth 16 cm
Weight 0,9 kg
Capacity 1200 ml
Preparation time Approx. 8 hours
Number of portion glasses 6
Overheating protection No information
Labelling of portioned glasses No information
Electric Yes
Automatic shutoff Yes
Time function Yes
Incl. recipe recommendations Yes
Handling Easy
Cleaning Clean the inside and outside of the unit with a damp cloth
Cleaning portion glasses Glass containers and yoghurt cups can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Packaging Clear, elegant, informative, very detailed
Additional warranty 2 years from date of purchase
Manual language GER, EN
Quality of instructions Very good
Yoghurt Quality

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Hi - can you also make the yoghurt directly in the big 1.2l jars? Or do you need to use the 4 smaller containers?
Hey, Ellen! Yes, you can also use the big 1.2 jars.
Hello, to make cream cheese I read about rennet. First, you make yoghurt with this machine and then you put it into the big glass where the net is. Sorry, if I ask stupid questions, do you have to buy rennet? Or how do you make cream cheese with this machine? Thanks for the answer.
The rennet is an extract that you can buy at the pharmacy. But you can also make a fresh cheese recipe with natural yoghurt and cream.
I always make yoghurt like this: Heat milk to 38 - 40 degrees, mix well with Starter Yoghurt and put it into the yoghurt maker. Can I do the same with the Jona?
According to the operating instructions, you do not need to heat UHT milk before use. However, it should not be taken directly from the refrigerator, but should preferably be at room temperature, just like the yoghurt. Each glass is filled with the yoghurt and then poured with the milk. The ingredients should be stirred well with a spoon or whisk. The filled jars are then closed with their respective lids and placed in the yoghurt maker.
I find the idea of making my own yoghurt totally exciting. But I didn't really understand what the advantage of this device is if I add natural yoghurt in addition to milk. Don't I end up with natural yoghurt, which I can then sweeten or prepare with fruit, for example? Then why not buy more natural yoghurt directly?
You need bacteria for your own yoghurt production. You can either find them in finished natural yoghurt or you can buy the lactic acid bacteria in powder form. For many people, it is simply easier to buy a glass of natural yoghurt instead of finding out about powdered forms. If the first production is successful, a glass of homemade yoghurt can be kept for the next production and you don't need to buy yoghurt anymore.
If I have to add natural yoghurt as an ingredient in addition to milk, what have I gained in the end with such a device? Isn't it natural yoghurt again - only in a larger quantity? Then I could also buy more natural yoghurt ;-) Please enlighten me about the advantages of such a machine. I found it totally exciting until I asked myself this question.
You said it yourself, you have yoghurt in a bigger quantity. In a family with several members, you usually have a lot of plastic cups. You have to buy all the individual yoghurts and bring them home. Your own yoghurt also only has the ingredients you want. Sugar in the right amount for you, fruit etc. without artificial additives.
Do you have to use the large glass container to flavour oil, or is it also possible with the small yoghurt containers? With the 4 small yoghurt containers, I could flavour 4 different oils at once, which would be very practical.
We have only tested yoghurt with the Bereiter. But we think that the oils can be prepared in the small containers in any case.
What is the 1.2L container`s dimensions - diameter and height?
Diameter: ca. 11,5 cm. Height: ca. 10 cm.
S. Riechmann
What is the diameter of the big glass jars?
ca. 11,5 cm.
Is it possible to equip the yoghurt maker with other glasses than the originals?
Mustard glasses fit the diameter.
Do I have to add water to the yoghurt maker?
The yoghurt maker does not need any water at all.
Will the yoghurt be firm or can you get a creamy consistency?
With less time the yoghurt becomes creamy.
Is it possible to make yoghurt with soy milk?
Yes, that is possible.


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