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Test 09/2019

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Test seal: Morphy Richards 242018EE Accents Toaster, Rating 8.4

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All rating criteria details:

Toast result 35%
Handling 25%
Speed 25%
Range of functions 15%
Tested by: Jonas



The Morphy Richards Toaster has a good tanning regulation and the toast slices can be prepared individually. The LED indicator lights allow you to be informed about the toaster's current process. It is to be criticized that the toast slices jump out of the toast slot regularly. In addition, fingerprints stick on the surface.


  • Individual preparation
  • Lighting


  • Fingerprints remain
  • Throws out the toast every time

360° View

Convinces through individual preparation possibilities. But beware: toast jumps out of the toaster regularly!

General information

The Morphy Richards Toaster has a firm stand thanks to the rubber feet. They prevent the 2327 g heavy stainless steel toaster from slipping. Up to four toast slices can be toasted simultaneously.

Tanning stages

The toaster has seven different tanning levels, as well as a warm-up and thawing function, which you can set as you wish.

Further functions

The toaster offers you the possibility to roast the toast slices at the same time on different tanning levels. There are two tanning control switches, each controlling two of the slots. For each pair of slots, there is one tanning control switch, one button to prematurely stop the process and to activate the thawing- and warm-up function, and one start lever. A white light appears when one of the functions is activated and indicates the respective process.

If you press one of the start levers downwards, the toasting process begins. In order to start the toasting process, you must press the lever down firmly to lock it properly. You can recognize that the process has started by the white stop button, which is used to stop the toasting process prematurely and individually.

Once the toast slices have cooled down, you can use the warm-up function to make the toast warm and crispy again within 30 seconds.

With the defrost function you can defrost and heat frozen slices of bread or "toasties" within 3 minutes so that they are ready to eat.

Winding the cable is made easy with a cable compartment underneath the toaster.

thermal image of the Morphy Richards Toaster
thermal image of the Morphy Richards Toaster after use


At the highest level, the process takes about 4 minutes. In this case, the toast slices are slightly burnt and hard.

When the toaster operates at a medium level, it takes 2 minutes and 45 seconds for the toast to be ready to eat. In this case, the slice is crispy, brown, in some areas dark brown and soft from the inside.

At the lowest level, the toast becomes slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The process takes 1 minute and 18 seconds.

It is noticeable that the toast slice jumps out of the toaster every time, regardless of the degree of browning regulation.

Power consumption

The power consumption depends on how many toast slices are toasted at once. If you operate only one start lever, the power consumption will be about 820 W. If you use all 4 toast slots, the consumption will be 1600 W.


To facilitate the cleaning process, the toaster has two crumb trays, which you can take out separately.

crumb tray
The removable crumb trays

Packaging & Instructions

The packaging makes a stable impression, is easy to open, an image of the toaster can be seen and special functions are explained.

With a plastic amount of 20 g, the product is in the upper range.

In addition to German, the instructions are also available in other languages, illustrated and easily understandable.

We have evaluated approximately 150 customer reviews online. In summary, it can be said that about 85 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 85% positive and 10% negative ratings

Following points were positively noted:

  • High-quality processing
  • Optics
Manufacturer Morphy Richards
EAN 5011832050625
Additional warranty -
Height 21 cm
Width 28.8 cm
Depth 27.5 cm
Cable length 80 cm
Weight 2,327 g
Power 820 W - 1600 W
Material Stainless steel
Stop button Yes
Number of toasts 4
Crumb tray 2 items
Different browning levels 7 browning levels
Defrosting feature Yes
Colour Grey/ silver
Bun attachment -
Warm-up level Yes
Toast result
Range of functions

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Does the toaster have heating wires or infrared tubes?
The toaster has heating wires.
Do normal slices of bread also fit into the slots?
The slots of the toaster have the following dimensions: length: 140mm - width: 35mm - depth: 140mm
Is there a lifting function with which normal toast slices can be safely removed?
There is no lifting function. But the slices come out very far and you can remove them easily.
Can the toaster also toast XXL slices?


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