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Test 08/2019

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Test seal: WMF Perfect Pressure cooker, Rating 8.5

last modified: 29.11.2019, 8:38

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All rating criteria details:

Safety 25%
Capacity 25%
Energy efficiency 25%
User friendly 15%
Equipment 10%
Tested by: Elisabeth


Product tester


The WMF - Perfect pressure cooker is a good pressure cooker, but it hooks a bit in some places and the steam releases unclean. Otherwise the pot heats up quickly and the cooking indicator is very helpful for estimating. Another practical feature is that the handle can be removed. This makes it possible to clean the pan very thoroughly.


  • Practical cooking display
  • Handles facing each other


  • Steam accessories must be purchased separately
  • The pressure release is under the handle and is somewhat impractical to operate
  • No different print settings

360° View

Good pot, but missing pressure adjustment and inconvenient pressure relief.


The WMF - Perfect pressure cooker is delivered in an attractive, functionally illustrated packaging.

The operating instructions describe in great detail how to handle the cooker and also recommend a cooking or steaming time for various types of meat, fish and vegetables. Tips on filling quantities and other aids are also described in many languages.


The slider is in the handle
The slider is in the handle

Basically, the pot is easy to handle, but you need to know how to attach the lid. The pot can be opened using a slider on the handle. The slider is built into the handle and can be operated from the side.

It must be in the right position in order to be able to be pushed for opening or closing without any problems, otherwise the blockage will quickly occur. It is described on the handle how the slide must be positioned in order to either open, close or let off the steam.

The display is helping with the heat regulation
The display is helping with the heat regulation

The pot has an indication showing how strong the pressure is inside the pot. The display works in such a way that a cooking signal is pushed out of the lid and the ideal pressure is displayed with different coloured rings. This is very helpful if you want to adjust the heat.

On the middle step of the handle the pressure can be released. The steam is blown away from the handle and you have to be very careful in this area because the steam is very hot. There will be strong water stains and water bubbles will swell under the handle.

When the pressure is released, hot water droplets are released
When the pressure is released, hot water droplets are released

Stains appear on the lid
Stains appear on the lid

Cooking Result

Potatoes: The pot contains one litre of salted water and about 750 g of potatoes.

The potatoes are cooked quickly
The potatoes are cooked quickly

The stove is set to full heat and after about 8 to 9 minutes the water boils. But you can only guess it by the sound and not see it in the pot. As soon as the water is boiling, the cooking indicator will pop out of the pot and the pot will hiss slightly. As soon as you lower the temperature from level 9 to 5, it moves back a little and the hissing becomes calmer.

After a further 8 to 9 minutes the stove is switched off and the pressure is released via the middle position of the handle. The steam hisses forward and the pressure decreases in a few seconds. The lid can then be opened easily. On the underside there are normal water droplets and the lid is fogged up.


The meat is first fried and can then be cooked well in the saucepan
The meat is first fried and can then be cooked well in the saucepan

For the goulash, the pork and beef are first fried and then cooked in the sauce prepared around them for approx. 20 minutes at medium pressure. The result is perfect and was quick to prepare.

The pressure that is released behaves in the same way as with the potatoes.


The cleaning is very easy and can be done easily by hand. Everything can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but the handle is sensitive and should be removed from the lid first and cleaned by hand only.

You should also make sure that the valves are kept clean so that there are no dangers during the next use.

The handle should be removed for cleaning
The handle should be removed for cleaning

This is how the pot can be cleaned easily
This is how the pot can be cleaned easily

We have evaluated about 250 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 85 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are almost 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 85% positive und 10% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Understandable operating instructions
  • Fast pressure build-up

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Difficult opening of the lid, despite completely released pressure and steam
  • Leaking seal
Manufacturer WMF
EAN 4000530579393
Height 19 cm
Width 25 cm
Weight 2770 g
Depth 44 cm
Capacity litres 4,5
Additional warranty 3 years from date of purchase
Packaging Attractive and functionally illustrated
Scope of delivery Pressure cooker with lid
Quality impression Very good
Quality of instructions Very detailed and illustrated with pictures
Manual language DE, GB, ES, BG, DE, FI, FR, GR, IT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SE, SK, SI, CZ, TR, HU, HR
Material Cromagan
Suitable for induction Yes
Steam cooking possible Yes , but no suitable equipment included
Heat insulating handle Yes
Temperature of handles Handwarm, not noticeable
Removable handle Yes
Safety valve Yes
Heat distribution Even
Pressure valve No
Pressure control No
Pressure regulation for sensitive foods No
Dishwasher safe Only the pot, the lid without handle and possible attachments can be cleaned with the dishwasher
Cleaning by hand Easy to do
Energy efficiency
Heat distribution
User friendly

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Can the handle be removed?
Yes, you can remove the handle.
Can the pot also be used on an induction cooker?
This pot can be used on all types of stoves and therefore also on an induction stove.
Is it possible to steam in this pot?
Yes, that is possible, but you have to buy an extra accessory.


The rubber seal does not leak, unless worn down by use. Then it should be replaced to improve the cooker's efficiency. But, this happens to every pressure cooker in the market. Cheers and nice cooking

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