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Test seal: Krups Cook4Me, Rating 9.7

last modified: 04.05.2020, 17:12

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All rating criteria details:

Range of functions 30%
Handling 25%
Control panel 20%
Result 15%
Cleaning 10%
Tested by: Xenia



With the Multi-cooker Cook4Me Krups makes it possible for everyone to prepare tasty and varied dishes. Both the operation and the cleaning are very easy and intuitive to learn. Especially helpful are the numerous pre-programmed recipes and ingredient programs, thanks to which you can do nothing wrong.


  • Over 50 foods in the programme
  • 150 recipes programmed
  • The pressure is automatically adjusted
  • Fast preparation under steam pressure
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automatic warming
  • Cooking assistant with step-by-step instructions
  • The food is quickly and successfully prepared
  • Up to 15 hours time delay possible
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Practical condensation water tray


  • Duration of warm-keeping function cannot be set

360° View

Very simple, fast and intuitive operation with perfect results thanks to the cooking assistant.

The Multi-cooker Cook4Me from Krups is very easy to use and allows even inexperienced chefs to prepare tasty and quick dishes.


Krups Multicooker with Paprika and Meat in the foreground
Krups Multicooker with Paprika and Meat in the foreground

The Cook4Me offers numerous practical functions. Use this multi-cooker to warm and keep food warm. The Keep Warm feature is offered after you've prepared a dish, but you can also select it manually. Unfortunately, you can't set the duration. After 1.5 hours, it switches off automatically.

You can also use the appliance to cook food or cook under steam pressure.

Another practical setting is the "delayed start", which allows you to start preparing food without being present. Up to 15 hours time delay can be set on the display.


The Cook4Me multi-cooker is very easy and intuitive to use. Even unskilled chefs can prepare dishes or individual ingredients perfectly thanks to the step-by-step instructions.

In the menu, you can move with the wheel of the "ok" and "return" button. Under the "Ingredients" function you can choose between 50 pre-programmed foods. This function is especially useful because the device adapts itself to the weight or size of the food and does not have to be researched in advance in the operating instructions.

Instructions for closing the lid on the Cook4Me
You will also receive the instruction for closing the lid.

Kondenswasserschale des Krups Multikocher
The condensation water tray is emptied after the preparation of a dish

Cook4Me also contains over 150 recipes. You can choose between a starter, main course and dessert. Afterwards, the number of people is set. The cooking assistant will guide you through the preparation of the dishes with its instructions. Then, the ingredients appear on the display, but can also be viewed in the recipe book included. The Cook4Me app is also very practical, with new recipes being uploaded over and over again.

The instructions are really simple and are confirmed with the "ok" button as soon as they have been completed. Subsequently, the Cook4Me adjusts the temperature to the next processing step. Also, the pressure is automatically regulated and adapted to the preparation steps.

If you prefer to prepare your own dishes or use the multi-cooker as a pressure cooker, you can use the manual function.

Another very practical feature is the condensation water tray on the back, which allows condensation water to drain off from the lid. This ensures that nothing drips next to it.


Goulash (2 persons)

The Cook4Me gives a very good result in our test for the preparation of goulash. The preparation takes a total of 45 minutes (10 minutes frying + 35 minutes simmering). In addition, it takes about 3:30 minutes to heat up and cut vegetables and meat. The instructions are very easy to follow and provide a perfect result. Despite the lean beef, we had a very tender and tasty result. The spice and brew quantities are optimally selected for our taste.

Krups Multi-cooker filled with goulash ingredients
Krups Multi-cooker filled with goulash ingredients
Krups Multi-cooker filled with goulash ingredients after cooking
Krups Multi-cooker filled with goulash ingredients after cooking

Potatoes (800g)

The potatoes are prepared in the Krups multi-cooker under steam pressure and are therefore ready much faster than in a conventional cooking pot. Preparation takes 14 minutes, plus the time for heating up. After this time, the potatoes are perfectly cooked.

Krups Multi-cooker filled with potatoes after cooking
Krups Multi-cooker filled with potatoes after cooking

Salmon (400g)

In our test, we also prepared salmon fillets according to the instructions of the multi-cookers. The salmon fillets are placed in the steam bowl and prepared under steam pressure in 3 minutes. The pressure build-up takes only 6 minutes. The first doubts due to the short preparation time were quickly removed afterwards. After 3 minutes the fillets are done. In our opinion 2:30 minutes would also be sufficient since the fillets were a little too firm for our taste.

Krups Multi-cooker filled with salmon fillets
Krups Multi-cooker filled with salmon fillets
Krups Multicooker and ready salmon
Krups Multicooker and ready salmon

Steamed vegetables (zucchini & frozen broccoli)

The multi-cooker prepares steamed vegetables in 11 min zucchini / 10 min broccoli. We have relied on the pre-programmed settings for the respective food. The multi-cooker needs 7 minutes to heat up and the remaining time is pre-programmed. The zucchini result is slightly too soft for our taste, but the pre-programmed information is very helpful and makes cooking easier. The broccoli florets were deep-frozen and perfectly processed after steaming.


A cake from the multi-cooker? We have tested it. The chocolate cake from the recipe book succeeds very quickly. However, the shape is uneven, as the cake is baked in a steam insert lined with baking paper. In terms of taste, the result is very good.

Finished cake result with berries.
Krups multi-cooker filled with cake
The Krups multi-cooker can even make chocolate cakes.
The Krups multi-cooker can even make chocolate cakes.


Cleaning is very easy thanks to the non-stick coating. In addition, both the pot and the steam insert and the metal lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The metal lid did not get any splashes from the goulash for 2 people and could be cleaned easily with a cloth.


The instructions are very clear and easy to understand thanks to the illustrations, which correspond to the colours in the display menu. All photos are kept in the original colour, which makes the illustrations easy to understand.

Since the device is very intuitive, there is no need for a long manual. The included cookbook is also very appealing and clearly designed.

We have evaluated about 300 reviews on the internet. In summary, it can be said that about 85 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 85% positive and 10% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Always new recipes in the database of the app
  • Amazing time saving
  • Simple operation

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Information on cooking times and quantities is incorrect
  • Difficult cleaning
  • Steam escapes around the lid - Risk of burns
Manufacturer Krups
EAN 3045386378074
Additional warranty 2 years
Packaging Good
Quality impression Excellent
Scope of delivery Basic appliance, cooking pot, mains cable, steamer element and holder, cookbook, operating instructions
Manual language DE, EN
Quality of instructions Excellent
Depth 32 cm
Height 31 cm
Width 37 cm
Weight 5,9 kg
Power in Watt 1600
Capacity litres 4
Length of cable 101 cm
Number of programmes 6
Programmed recipes 150
Suitable for 2-6 people
Time preset Up until 15 hrs
Dishwasher safe Partially
Pressure control Automatically
Stirrer No
Warm-keeping function
Control panel
Range of functions

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Rachel P
Dears, can we do simple rice cook with this Krups Cook4me?
Hey, Rachel! Yes, it is possible to cook rice with the Cook4me+.
Hawar Mustafa
Hi, I bought The unique Krups (Krups Cook4Me+ CZ7101, Multikocher ) with 150 pre-programmed recipes - for quick & easy preparation but the menu is in Dutch. How I can get it the English version? Can you help please? Thanks
Hey! In our case, we received the manual in German and English. We could find this link. Please scroll down for the English version.
Can I use the appliance without an app?
Yes, the recipes can also be retrieved via the device. There is also a cookbook for the appliance.
Can I also bake cakes in the Cook4Me?
Yes, the appliance has at least one chocolate cake recipe in its repertoire.
Can I prepare French fries in the multi-cooker?
No, the appliance does not have a FRY-function.


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