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Multi Cooker

Our test winner is the i PREP & COOK XL by Krups: The appliance can be operated intuitively with all its useful functions, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and provides a delicious cooking and baking experience. Our favourite with the test score 9.8/10!

We have tested 5 multi-cookers and paid special attention to the handling and the range of functions.

A multi-cooker is exactly the right appliance for people with little time, but who still value a varied and healthy diet. Cooking, frying, deep-frying, steaming and even baking a cake in one device: only a multi-cooker can do this.

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Winner Best price winner
Our winner: Krups i PREP & COOK XL HP60A115	Krups Cook4Me Review Rommelsbacher Multi Cooker MD 1000 ONEPOT SF-1705 Multi Cooker Review

Krups i PREP & COOK XL HP60A115

Krups Cook4Me

Rommelsbacher Multi Cooker MD 1000 "MeinHans"

ONEPOT SF-1705 Multi Cooker

Test seal: Krups i PREP & COOK XL HP60A115	, Rating 1.15
Test seal: Krups Cook4Me, Rating 1.25
Test seal: Rommelsbacher Multi Cooker MD 1000
Test seal: ONEPOT SF-1705 Multi Cooker, Rating 3.7
  • Wide range of functions
  • Stirrer with 4 different attachments
  • Cooking and steam cooking function
  • Recipe book with 300 recipes
  • Associated app that can be connected to device
  • App contains many recipes, shopping list function and recipes can be saved
  • Device automatically adapts programs to the selected recipe of the app
  • Cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Intuitive handling
  • Over 50 foods in the programme
  • 150 recipes programmed
  • The pressure is automatically adjusted
  • Fast preparation under steam pressure
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automatic warming
  • Cooking assistant with step-by-step instructions
  • The food is quickly and successfully prepared
  • Up to 15 hours time delay possible
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Practical condensation water tray
  • Fast preparation under steam pressure
  • Up to 24 hours time delay
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automatic warming
  • The food is quickly and successfully prepared
  • Fully removable lid
  • Spare sealing ring in accessories
  • Equipped with an agitator
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Up to 24 hours time delay
  • Number of persons of the recipes in the app cannot be changed
  • Duration of warm-keeping function cannot be set
  • The danger of burns when releasing pressure
  • Requires a long time to build up pressure
  • No steam pressure function
  • Too small and flat steam insert
  • An unfavourable shape of the cooking pot
  • The lid cannot be removed
  • Steam valve under the handle
  • The steam liquid is distributed over the control panel
  • Condensation tray unusable

A versatile device with intuitive handling and many recipes to try out.

Very simple, fast and intuitive operation with perfect results thanks to the cooking assistant.

Multitalent with perfect results but slow pressure build-up.

A device with numerous safety deficiencies and difficult handling.

Control panel
Range of functions
Scope of delivery Basic unit, stainless steel container, lid unit, ultrablade chopping knife, mixer, stirrer, kneading/grinding knife, steam basket, kitchen spatula, cleaning brush, floor XL, cookbook, operating instructions Basic appliance, cooking pot, mains cable, steamer element and holder, cookbook, operating instructions Basic appliance, cooking pot, removable lid with bayonet lock, mains cable, spare sealing ring, measuring cup, steam inlay, storage rack, spatula and serving spoon, cookbook, operating instructions Basic unit, saucepan, stirring arm, measuring cup, steaming element, silicone spoon, spatula and serving spoon, measuring spoon, operating instructions
Number of programmes 10 6 14 30
Programmed recipes None in the cooker itself, but hundreds of recipes in the app, which can be connected to the multi-cooker 150 None None
Capacity litres 3 4 4,5 5
Length of cable 138 cm 101 cm 110 cm 115 cm
Weight 7.7 kg 5,9 kg 6,1 kg 4,8 kg
Height 33 cm 31 cm 31 cm 28 cm
Depth 35 cm 32 cm 28,5 cm 46 cm
Width 33 cm 37 cm 28 cm 33 cm
Power in Watt 1,550 1600 1000 Up to 1900
Suitable for 4-6 people's main dishes 2-6 people Ca. 6 people 2-6 people
Time preset No Up until 15 hrs Up until 24 hrs Up until 24 hrs
Additional warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 24 months
Pressure control No Automatically 1 levels No
Stirrer No No
Warm-keeping function
Dishwasher safe Partially Partially Partially No details provided
Quality impression Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
Packaging Informatively illustrated Good Good Good
Manual language EN, IT, GER, NL, FR DE, EN DE, EN, NL, FR, ES, PO, IT, CZ, HU, PL, RU, GR DE, EN
Quality of instructions Excellent Excellent Good Satisfactory
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Tested products

1st place: Krups i PREP & COOK XL HP60A115

Test seal: Krups i PREP & COOK XL HP60A115	, Rating excellent

With the i PREP & COOK XL from Krups cooking is easy. The appliance comes with many accessories and a wide range of functions. It has a stirrer as well as a cooking and steam cooking function. An app allows you to connect the appliance to your mobile phone and control it. The app offers various recipes and automatically adjusts the settings of the appliance to your recipe. There is also a cookbook with 300 recipes and an introduction to the appliance. Most parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Krups Cook4Me - thumbnail Test seal: Krups Cook4Me, Rating excellent

2nd place: Krups Cook4Me

With the Multi-cooker Cook4Me, Krups makes it possible for everyone to prepare tasty and varied dishes. Both the operation and the cleaning are very easy and intuitive to learn. Especially helpful are the numerous pre-programmed recipes and ingredient programs, thanks to which you can do nothing wrong.

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Rommelsbacher Multi Cooker MD 1000 Test seal: Rommelsbacher Multi Cooker MD 1000

3rd place: Rommelsbacher Multi Cooker MD 1000 "MeinHans"

The Multi-cooker Mein Hans by Rommelsbacher is a real multi-talent thanks to its many features. Thanks to the steam pressure function, it enables meat dishes to be prepared quickly. Unfortunately, it takes about 13 minutes for the pressure to build up. The cookbook also allows you to prepare original dishes without any cooking experience. Sadly, there are no pre-programmed recipes, so unskilled chefs have to rely on the instructions or the cookbook. Another disadvantage is that there is a risk of burns if the steam is released.

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ONEPOT SF-1705 Multi Cooker - thumbnail Test seal: ONEPOT SF-1705 Multi Cooker, Rating sufficient

4th place: ONEPOT SF-1705 Multi Cooker

The SF-1705 Multi Cooker from Onepot did not convince us due to the numerous shortcomings in the test. The operation is anything but intuitive and has no steam pressure function. The shape of the cooking pot is unfavourable, the steam inlay is too small and the screwed lid also makes cleaning difficult. In addition, there are numerous safety deficiencies and recipes that can only be called up online.

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Krups - i PREP & COOK XL HP60A115

Winner: read review
  • Before boiling for the first time, you should first carry out a test run with water to eliminate unpleasant odours and residues from the production process.
  • When cooking with the steam pressure function, make sure that the pressure relief valve is always clean. Otherwise, it will have a negative effect on the function of the cooker.
  • A multi-cooker can replace many appliances! Therefore, pay special attention to the range of functions and decide which features are particularly important to you and which price-performance ratio is appropriate.

In the run-up to the test, we defined practical requirements and the following test criteria:

  • Scope of functions
  • Handling
  • Control panel
  • Outcome
  • Cleaning

In order to be able to evaluate these criteria, we have defined several tests for the multi-cookers. All appliances must prepare goulash, potatoes, salmon and steamed vegetables in these tests. First, the scope of delivery and the available functions are checked. In addition, the menu navigation as well as the recipes enclosed, linked or available in an app are evaluated.

In a first test run, goulash is prepared in the devices. Our testers use the following ingredients: 400 g lean beef, 1 red pepper, 2 onions, 1 clove of garlic, 1.5 tbsp tomato puree, 1/2 tbsp sweet paprika powder, 1 tsp spicy paprika powder, 150 ml beef stock, 150 ml water, salt and pepper. In the following rounds, about 800 g potatoes and 400 g salmon are cooked. Zucchini and frozen broccoli are then prepared. All foods are prepared with recommended and pre-programmed settings.

One of the multi-cookers in our testkitchen
One of the multi-cookers in our testkitchen

During the test processes, handling, user-friendliness and safety are checked. In addition, the required time is always stopped. The finished meals are served to several test persons who evaluate the result. Finally, the devices are cleaned and the dishwasher resistance of the individual parts tested.

In order to rule out errors and to ensure that the test is not exposed to everyday wear and tear, each test is carried out in several rounds.

The test criteria are given percentages depending on their importance. The final score is then objectively calculated from the test criteria using an algorithm.

Product selection

Our product selection is based on an observation of the current market. In addition to popular branded products, we also include insider tips in our selection. Criteria such as price and range of functions are an important factor for us. The test field is also determined by analysis and evaluation of customer reviews and external tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest).

The devices are purchased anonymously or lent to us by the manufacturer. Dealers and manufacturers have no influence on the tests and our evaluation.

As soon as new relevant products come onto the market, our test field is extended by these. The new products go through the same test as the already tested devices.

Modern multi-cookers are practical aids for the daily preparation of food and co. or for festive dinners at the weekend. This is why these high-quality utensils are essential in today's kitchens.

The multi-cooker is a real enrichment because with its help food can be prepared without great effort and without the preparation having to be permanently monitored. A gentle cooking process prevents valuable ingredients from being lost in the food. The preparation of juicy and butter-soft meat is child's play with the appliance. Anyone who counts calories and pays strict attention to their diet is well advised to use the model because little or no fat is required for preparation. Pressure cooker functions are indispensable for quick preparations. You control the cooking process via the display. All important information is displayed here.

Working with multi-cookers means saving time. And time is money. Thanks to the shape, structure and features of the multi-cooker, even elaborate dishes - for which connoisseurs need several hours - can be prepared in just a short time. And the results are delicious. The appliances save a lot of energy compared to a stove. While a stove sometimes uses an output of 4,000 watts, many multi-cookers manage with only about 1,000 watts, even at the highest level. It is also helpful here that the multi-cookers switch off automatically as soon as no more heat is required for the cooking process. This also saves energy and thus costs for the consumer. In addition, the different models take up very little space in the kitchen and thus remain discreetly in the background.

Instructions on the screen
Instructions on the screen

If you want to prepare a certain menu, you just have to look around for the recipe and then go to the supermarket to collect the suitable ingredients. The recipe for the preparation can be found directly on the device via the control panel if it is available in the memory. In the course of the preparation process, the individual ingredients and foods are placed directly in the pot - always with an eye on the recipe specifications. The lid is then placed on the pot. All that remains is to set the time and wait.
The interior receives sufficient heat via heating elements on the base, the sides and directly on the cover in the multi-cooker. Various types of cookers feature a 3D heating system. Different models have different layouts.

Before cooking for the first time, you should first carry out a test run with water in order to eliminate unpleasant odours and residues from production

A practical plus of the multi-cookers is the sensor for the temperature. This is helpful when conditions change. Even if the program is wrong or there is a risk of overboiling, this clever sensor switches on. It reacts directly and early and lowers the temperature.
Another useful feature is the pressure sensor. Various levels can be set here. In this simple way, the multi-cooker also becomes a pressure cooker. The exact settings with regard to the pressure and the time required are selected individually by the user - according to specifications from the recipe used for the dish.

What distinguishes the Multi-Cooker from a cooker or rice cooker is its ease of use. This is done via a simple control panel, which is the highlight of the cooker. Different recipes can be easily selected here. Users vary between the automatic programs and the manual settings. This operation takes place at the touch of a button. Each of the desired programs has a timer. The duration of the cooking process can be set here. As soon as the selected time for the preparation has elapsed, the multi-cooker switches itself off automatically. If desired, it is also possible to keep the prepared dishes a little warm - for example, if other dishes are to be added and the menu is to be served in its entirety. Good to know: In most cases, the cookers have a heat-insulated housing. That means they don't get any warmer themselves. Also, very little heat gets out.

The functions of luxury appliances

Steamed Vegetables
Steamed Vegetables

In addition to these versions, which are equipped with classic features, there are also models that come across as luxury devices. These can convince with additional functions. Cookers with steam function make it possible to steam vegetables, fish or meat. Above all, people who like to eat healthily prefer these appliances. The models are often available in combination with a rice cooker setting. Another luxury model is the multi-cooker with baking function. There are various settings for baking bread, rolls or cakes. However, this cooker is not intended for biscuits and cookies. All you have to do is put the different ingredients for the biscuits into the multi-cooker and you will soon receive the finished product.

There are hardly any limits to the imagination when using the multi-cooker. Hobby chefs, beginners and professionals use the appliances to prepare very different dishes - depending on individual preferences. The various features and functions support users in achieving high-quality and delicious results. They will delight the whole family at their daily lunch or the visitors at a dinner on the weekend. For many dishes, it is not even necessary to use another kitchen helper. The multi-cooker alone is enough to make delicious meals a success.

Whip up delicious stews and savoury sauces

Ready-made goulash
Ready-made goulash

Especially in the colder part of the year, many households like to serve tasty stews. These are rich and strengthen the organism. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a vegetable stew, a spicy goulash or a hearty soup. Who sets here particularly on meat products, which roasts this in the apron with the help of the roasting function. The remaining ingredients are then added afterwards. Users use the cooker according to their individual experience or adhere exactly to the recipes provided. In most cases, all you have to do is put the specified ingredients into the stove, pour in water and switch on the appliance.

It is also very easy to make sauces. The cookers are suitable for tomato sauces, a Bolognese, simple cream sauces or unusual finesses, which round off almost every dish in a taste-intensive way. Meat and vegetables must be roasted or steamed beforehand. The sauce is then added. It is also possible to mix a sauce with fresh ingredients. Here chefs can be creative and let their imagination run wild. Soon you will find your new favourite sauce.

Sear meat, prepare fish and seafood

Fish in the Multi-cooker
Multi-cooker prepared fish

With the multi-cooker, the pan is no longer needed in the kitchen. Because users fry meat with the appliance. The side dishes, such as vegetables, can also be steamed. Experts say that the meat is particularly tender and juicy when prepared in a multi-cooker. Gourmets adjust the degree of browning to their preference: should it be well done, medium or bloody?

Fish is very much in demand among people who eat consciously. It provides the human body with good nutrients and fats. To ensure that none of these substances is lost during preparation, it is advisable to steam the fish gently. This is easy to achieve with the right insert for the multi-cooker. Alternatively, it is, of course, possible to fry the fish strongly, as is usual with meat. Users simply place the fish in the cooker and then set the desired program. The work is now done by the machine.

Make your own yoghurts and prepare the bread with the luxury cooker.

Yoghurts are in demand as a light dressing or as a fruity dessert. They taste particularly creamy and delicious if you make them yourself. For this purpose, many cookers are equipped with a yoghurt maker or have a production program. In no time at all your own yoghurt is produced. This raises the question of which flavour is preferred: should it be natural yoghurt or fruit yoghurt produced by adding fruit? Yoghurt is then used as a dressing, topping, sauce or dessert.

The luxury cookers with baking function enable users to produce their own baked goods. A stirrer is often installed at the bottom of the cooker for this purpose. With its help, all ingredients of the dough are carefully and thoroughly mixed. More than filling in the ingredients and pressing the buttons is also not necessary here.

Prepare rice and pasta to the point

Since the multi-cooker is based on the rice cooker, the rice cooker function should not be missing. Too dry rice is a thing of the past with this appliance. The rice succeeds to the point. Just put the desired amount of rice in the cooker, add a little salt and water and choose the right program. The rice, which is a tasty ingredient for the menu, is ready within a short time.

And who doesn't know that? You forget the noodles on the stove or at least let them steep in boiling water for a moment too long - and they are no longer al dente, but rather muddy. The multi-cooker can help here. Because with this appliance the cooking time can be timed very precisely. The One Pot Pasta is particularly popular here, i.e. all ingredients in one pot. Because in this way the preparation of the dish is particularly quick and easy.

The possibilities in the kitchen are almost unlimited with a modern multi-cooker. Very different dishes can be prepared with very little effort. Only with special kinds of preparation still, further aids are necessary for the kitchen. To get creative input and new ideas for tasty dishes, browse through the recipe books or look at the templates pre-installed in the multi-cooker.

Certain functions are available in each multi-cooker. These are mainly basics for the processes in the kitchen.

Frying with the multi-cooker or roasting meat and fish

Those who like to make french fries or fritters and similar fatty pastries do not necessarily need a fryer that only takes up space in the kitchen. These dishes are also successful with the multi-cooker. Here you use the typical sieve for draining, which is integrated. The different model series and manufacturers offer different possibilities: for frying in hot fat or with a hot-air deep fryer. Frying is also possible. Meat and fish are prepared precisely with this function. To do this, you use the temperature and time settings. The pot itself is specially coated. Therefore, nothing can sear or burn on the bottom. You control the preparation and benefit from the refinement of the kitchen appliance.

Gentle cooking and steam cooking

The gentle method as a method of preparation is advantageous. This is because the temperatures during preparation are not set very high. As a result, many vitamins, important minerals and the like remain in vegetables, meat or fish. Other types of preparation have the disadvantage that these substances are lost. Gentle steaming also has advantages in terms of taste. Because by this gentle kind of the preparation the flavour of the elements can spread much better. It is particularly popular for cooking vegetables or curry dishes. Steam cooking is a cooking alternative from China and is also very gentle. Here, too, vitamins are preserved while the food is cooked with hot steam.

Stewing, grilling and the pressure cooker function

Stewing is particularly popular in winter: first roulades or goulash are roasted hot, then cooked in the boiling liquid. This makes the meat nice and tender. Grill fans also get their money's worth with a multi-cooker. Of course, the appliance does not quite come close to real charcoal grills, but as a practical alternative, it is a good choice. The pressure in the saucepan plays a decisive role in the pressure cooker function. The inside is sealed airtight and the pressure is simply adjusted. This makes the preparation of elaborate dishes much quicker.

The baking setting, warming up and keeping warm

Chocolate cake by the multi-cooker
Chocolate cake prepared with the multi-cooker

With the baking function, you not only make cakes but also bake delicious dishes with cheese - for example a lasagne or other pasta dishes.

If you want to eat a dish the next day, use the warm-up function. The heat is evenly distributed inside. If you leave the house while an automatic program is running, the multi-cooker keeps the dish warm until you get home. You benefit from a warm meal.

You don't have to be a professional chef to use the multi-cooker. The appliance is also suitable for beginners. In addition, the kitchen aid is not only suitable for large families who need a lot of food. These appliances are also a good choice for 2-person households or singles. If you are on your own, you can use your time at home very effectively with the multi-cooker. The warm-up function is also very practical here.

While large families use the multi-cooker to prepare food in stages - due to the sometimes small filling quantity - two people always have the right quantity ready. For families, however, the multi-cooker is also very practical for preparing side dishes such as rice or noodles, as there is no need to observe them while they are cooking.

The right care is important for the multi-cooker to function well for a long time. Therefore you should consider certain hints. Basically, cleaning the appliance is very simple and fairly quick. You can remove the pot from the inside of many of the models. Thanks to its special coating, nothing burns in this pot. And also residues are hard to be seen. For cleaning, hold the inner pot under running water. Take a rinsing sponge with a little detergent and scrub the pot evenly. It's even easier if you put the pot in the dishwasher.

You can also easily clean the housing of the multi-cooker. The best way to do this is to use a damp cloth. With this, you wipe the housing completely. This is especially recommended for external dirt such as dust or splashes. Soon the model will look like new again.

Each user must decide for himself which multi-cooker is the right one for the kitchen. Ultimately, individual criteria are decisive here. However, there are various factors that interested parties should consider when buying a multi-cooker so that there are no disappointments afterwards.

An important criterion is 'capacity'. Interested parties decide according to the size of the household. While singles or 2-person households reach for a small model, which is completely sufficient for the employment in everyday life, persons, who cook for several humans, pull the larger models up.

Not only how much, but of course also what you want to cook with the kitchen appliance is important when choosing the right model. If you are looking for simple dishes for everyday use, you should choose a simple model. For unusual creations, however, there are also versions with different programmes and features. Last but not least, it is also important what the device looks like. Of course, here you take a model that blends in perfectly with the ambience of your home kitchen. Many of the stoves are available in neutral colours, making them particularly suitable for combination with various kitchen furniture and cupboards. The shape and design are also a criterion: should they be modern curves or light corners? You should pay special attention to the structure of the display. Everything should be easy to read here. In this way, everyone will find the right kitchen aid for his or her purposes. No matter whether you want to cook for a large number of people, for yourself alone or in pairs.

Multi-cookers are available from various manufacturers. These differ in application and applicability. Among others, the Tefal multi cookers are popular. Moulinex also produces high-quality appliances. The multi-cookers from Gastroback and Russel Hobbs are also convincing. Other well-known models include the Gourmetmaxx Thermo multi-cooker, the Thermostar, the Bosch Auto-Cook and the Klarstein multi-cooker. Many of the manufacturers also offer suitable recipes. The various templates from the Internet are easy to use for various appliances. The German comparison portal Stiftung Warentest has tested individual kitchen appliances with a cooking function. In this selection, the Kennwood multi-cooker was ahead, but it is also one of the premium appliances in this area and is, therefore, a little more expensive.

In addition to the multi-cookers, there are also various similar appliances that serve very well as kitchen aids. A kitchen appliance with a cooking function, for example, is often used. It works very much like a multi-cooker but does not have all the functions. For example, it is not possible to select baking options. Pressure cooker functions are also not available on a kitchen appliance. On the other hand, it can cook rice or steam.

A Sous Vide Cooker ensures gentle production. Here the technique of cooking food under vacuum conditions is used. They cook in an airtight foil. The origins of this method lie in France.

Hot air fryers are a good purchase if you love French fries and similar snacks, but want to reduce the fat content in your diet. The French fries succeed in a few minutes, by adding hot air the fat content can be reduced by 80 percent. You can also use the hot air fryer to make chicken nuggets and meat.

What applies to other kitchen utensils also applies to the multi-cooker: Over the years, the series has been developed further and further. They have been optimised to suit their specific applications. New special options and features were added all the time to round off the functions of the Multi-Cooker. The original model was developed in the 1920s. The idea at that time was above all to reduce gas consumption for the user. The cost of the gas was to be reduced so that money could be saved. In the 1950s, for example, the rice cooker with an electric drive was put on the shelves of shops in Japan. This determined the shape and construction of today's multi-cookers. Various features and possibilities were gradually added. Over the years, for example, the appliances were oriented towards other types of food, including different types of grain. But soups and co. could also be prepared with the multi-cooker. Over time, the original rice cooker took on the shape of the current multi-cooker.

In Europe, producers also produce kitchen appliances with special functions. These include electric cookers, pressure cookers, bread baking machines, toasters, steam cookers, yoghurt makers and microwaves. Modern multi-cookers, which are available today, have all these capabilities in one appliance. With these models, it is possible to produce countless dishes - and in a very simple way, so that almost anyone can succeed. However, it should be noted that special steps are still carried out with external models as far as possible. An example of this is the flambéing of dishes.

How do we test at

Live and authentic: We get the devices into our Hamburg test laboratory. Here we take a close look at everything.

Each test is preceded by an extensive search:

  • Which suppliers are on the market?
  • What current products are there?
  • What are the comparison criteria?
  • What tests are we going to run?
  • What is the test procedure?

When everything's settled, we'll bring the devices to us. For each product the test procedure, the measured values and product properties are documented in detail. We create photos and videos. We evaluate the results for you, summarize everything in a test report and calculate the test grade.

Have fun!

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What is the best multi cooker?

Our test winner is the i PREP & COOK XL by Krups: The appliance can be operated intuitively with all its useful functions, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and provides a delicious cooking and baking experience. Our favourite with the test score 9.8/10!

We have tested 5 multi-cookers and paid special attention to the handling and the range of functions.

A multi-cooker is exactly the right appliance for people with little time, but who still value a varied and healthy diet. Cooking, frying, deep-frying, steaming and even baking a cake in one device: only a multi-cooker can do this.


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