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Ice cream machine with compressor

What could be nicer than a really tasty ice cream? Especially with children, an ice cream machine at home is a highlight. They can create their own creations freely and creatively - anything from chocolate sprinkles to smurf or rainbow ice cream is possible. Ice makers also have a great advantage for adults: they know exactly which ingredients are contained and can determine the amount of sugar themselves.

We have tested 3 ice cream machines with a compressor and paid particular attention to quality and the final result. Our test winner is the Ariete Gran Gelato: The machine is of high quality and provides a delicious ice cream experience. Our favourite with a test score of 9,5/10!

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Winner Best price winner
Our winner: Ariete Gran Gelato Metal 693 De'Longhi ICK 6000 Review Gino Gelati GG-220W Ice-Chef Review De'Longhi ICK 5000 Review

Ariete Gran Gelato Metal 693

De'Longhi ICK 6000

Gino Gelati GG-220W Ice-Chef

De'Longhi ICK 5000

Test seal: Ariete Gran Gelato Metal 693, Rating 1.4
Test seal: De'Longhi ICK 6000, Rating 1.7
Test seal: Gino Gelati GG-220W Ice-Chef, Rating 2.15
Test seal: De'Longhi ICK 5000, Rating 2.4
  • Signal tone at the end of the process
  • LCD display
  • Timer
  • Completely dismountable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be completely disassembled
  • Good result
  • Easy cleaning
  • Integrated timer
  • Cool hold function
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to use
  • Completely dismountable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long process of making ice cream
  • Somewhat cumbersome assembly
  • Very loud
  • Makes squeaky noises
  • Unpleasant odour development
  • Very loud
  • Production of "hard" ice cream complex
  • Uneven consistency
  • Very loud
  • No ice cream production in specified time
  • Unpleasant odour development

The Ariete ice cream machine offers great features and produces a great result.

The ICK6000 ice cream machine from De'Longhi has a high-quality effect and conjures up ice cream with a beautiful consistency.

It is easy to use, but the ice cream produced has an uneven consistency.

Makes a good impression at first, but the machine does not produce ice cream. The consistency remains largely liquid within the specified time.

Scope of delivery Ice cream machine, measuring cup, ice cream spoon, operating instructions, guarantee certificate Ice cream machine, ice spatula, instruction manual, recipe book measuring cup, spatula, ice cream machine, operating instructions Operating instructions, ice spatula, recipe book, ice machine
Quality impression very good very good good good
Additional warranty / 24 months none 24 months
Material Metal Plastic, stainless steel Plastic, stainless steel Plastic, metal
Capacity 1 l 1,2 l 1,5 l 1,2 l
Preparation time Individually adjustable 40 minutes 60 minutes 25 minutes
Packaging Simply illustrated, informative good good good
8 reviews
- -
Range of functions
Quality of instructions good Spelling mistakes are included, satisfactory good Satisfactory, spelling mistakes
Manual language IT, GB, FR, GER, ES, PT, NL, EL, RU, PL, AR IT, GB, FR, GER, NL, ES, PT, EL, RU, HU, CS, PL, NO, SV, DA, FI, SA GB, GER IT, GB, FR, GER, NL, ES, PT, GR, RUS, HU, CZ, PL, NO, SV, DK, FI, ARB
Width 27 cm 32,6 cm 24,1 cm 32,6 cm
Height 33 cm 24,5 cm 32,3 cm 24,5 cm
Depth 37 cm 42,6 cm 39 cm 42,6 cm
Weight 9,3 kg 13,5 kg 9,4 kg 13,5 kg
Length of the power cable 1,50 m 1,50 m 1,50 m 1,50 m
Power in Watt 135 230 140 230
Automatic switch-off yes none none none
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Tested products

1st place: Ariete Gran Gelato Metal 693

Test seal: Ariete Gran Gelato Metal 693, Rating excellent

The Ariete - Gran Gelato is a first class product, which is very easy to use and offers many good features, like the timer, a start/stop button and the automatic shutdown. In addition, the unit can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning. Unfortunately, assembling the machine at the beginning is a bit cumbersome and the process for making "hard" ice is a bit long. But the waiting is worth it, because the result is flawless.

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De'Longhi ICK 6000 - thumbnail Test seal: De'Longhi ICK 6000, Rating good

2nd place: De'Longhi ICK 6000

The De'Longhi - ICK 6000 is super easy to use and the cleaning is also easy. The device can be completely disassembled for this purpose. Unfortunately, the machine is very loud during the process and an unpleasant smell develops. But the nice final result is positive.

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Gino Gelati GG-220W Ice-Chef - thumbnail Test seal: Gino Gelati GG-220W Ice-Chef, Rating good

3rd place: Gino Gelati GG-220W Ice-Chef

The operation of the GinoGelati ice cream machine (model GG-220W Ice-Chef) is very easy and also the cooling function and the integrated timer are advantageous. However, the production of conventional "hard" ice cream is a bit complicated. Another drawback is the uneven consistency of the ice cream as well as the high volume.

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De'Longhi ICK 5000 - thumbnail Test seal: De'Longhi ICK 5000, Rating good

4th place: De'Longhi ICK 5000

The De'Longhi - ICK 5000 only convinces with its easy handling and cleaning. The device can be completely disassembled for this purpose. Unfortunately, the machine is very loud during the process and the result is unsatisfactory in the end, as the process is much slower than indicated.

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Ariete - Gran Gelato Metal 693

Winner: read review
  • After the preparation in the ice cream machine you can put the finished ice cream for a short time in the freezer. Depending on the recipe, the ice cream tastes much better afterwards because lower temperatures are reached.
  • To make ice cream, also place the container in the refrigerator compartment and let it freeze there for between 8 and 24 hours, depending on the appliance. The ingredients must also be frozen frequently.
  • The ice cream machine should be cleaned immediately after each use if no further ice cream production is to be considered in the next few hours.

In the run-up to the test, we defined practical requirements and the following test criteria:

  • Result
  • Functional scope
  • Handling
  • Cleaning

In order to evaluate these criteria, we have defined several tests for the ice machines with compressor. These are used to prepare chocolate ice cream in the form of "hard" ice cream and soft ice cream. Before the first use, the machines are prepared and assembled according to the manufacturer's specifications. In addition, the existing functions, such as automatic switch-off, are checked. The required ice cream mixture is made by our testers themselves from the following ingredients: 250 ml milk, 50 g whipped cream, 200 g dark chocolate and 100 g sugar. The finished mixture is put into the machines and the time is topped during the process. Handling, ease of use, power consumption and volume are also assessed during the test series. As soon as the ice cream is ready, it is evaluated by several test persons. If the desired consistency has not been achieved, a run with individual settings is carried out. Finally, the devices are cleaned and tested to ensure that the individual parts are dishwasher-safe.
The user-friendliness and handling are always taken into account. . Other functions are tested in further stages.

In order to rule out errors and to ensure the load of everyday use, each test takes place in several rounds.

The test criteria receive percentages depending on their importance. The final score is then objectively calculated from the test criteria using an algorithm.

Weight of ice cream machine
weight of ice cream machine

Product selection
Our product selection is based on observation of the current market. In addition to popular branded products, we also include insider tips in our selection. Criteria such as price and range of functions are an important factor for us. The test field is also determined by analysis and evaluation of customer reviews and external tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest).

The devices are purchased anonymously or lent to us by the manufacturer. Dealers and manufacturers have no influence on the tests and our evaluation.

As soon as new relevant products come onto the market, our test field is extended by these. The new products go through the same test as the already tested devices.

An ice cream machine with compressor: The Ariete Gran Gelato

There is hardly a person who can do without ice cream voluntarily. At the latest, when the temperatures climb up, the craving for cold sweets gets bigger and bigger. However, not every corner has an ice cream parlour. So what to do? Have you ever thought about an ice cream machine with a compressor? With this wonderful purchase you can make as many own creations as possible.

Even nutritionists shouldn't bother about an ice cream machine with a compressor. You alone decide which ingredients end up in the ice cream machine. You can also completely dispense with flavourings and additives during production. However, before this is the case, we would like to provide you with all the necessary information on this product in this guide.

In the same breath, we will deal with the functionality and the advantages and disadvantages of an ice cream machine with compressor. Three recipes are also included in the text. We hope you enjoy reading them.

After our historical excursion to the formation of ice cream, we would now like to devote ourselves fully to the ice cream machine. There is a lot to report about this article. Let's take a look at the difference between an ice cream machine with compressor and an ice cream machine without compressor.

If the ice machine is equipped with a compressor, then you can look forward to the best results. The machine is more powerful overall and the ice is produced faster. In addition, the ice machine does not have to be pre-cooled. Even continuous operation is possible. An ice machine without compressor is also a good choice for beginners.

However, the preparation of the delicious sweets takes much longer and the machine must be pre-cooled. This requires less space than an ice cream machine with a compressor.

Anyone who has never dealt with this product before should, of course, take a look at the manual or obtain valuable information from the Internet. Alternatively, you are welcome to read on and absorb everything important from our text. Operating an ice-cream machine is no witchcraft. Thanks to the compressor, the ice machine works at peak performance.

The cooling process takes place automatically. Depending on the machine, the ingredients are continuously cooled to the required temperatures. The range for this is from -15 °C to over -30 °C. It is a pleasure to compare an ice cream machine with a fully automatic self-cooling compressor with a small freezer. Basically, there is a lot of power in the machine.

Not only is the product immediately ready for use, but continuous operation without a break would also be possible if required. To help you better understand how the ice cream machine works, we go through each work step individually. There is a container on the ice machine. All the necessary ingredients are put into it.

After you have started the machine, it works at full speed. All the ingredients are properly mixed and cooled at the same time. Depending on the recipe, the ice cream is ready after about 20 to 40 minutes and can be eaten.

With regard to the equipment, it quickly becomes clear that this is not a zero-night-fifteen device. Next to the ice container there is a timer on the product. This allows the freezing time to be adapted to the quantity of ice and the ingredients required. A further valuable feature provides more comfort, namely the automatic switch-off.

This function prevents the desired ice from becoming too hard. This means you don't have to wait next to the machine all the time and can concentrate on other tasks. Many ice machines with a compressor have a pilot light. An extremely important detail. The indicator light shows you which mode the machine is in. If it is stirring or the ice cream is still being cooled.

You don't have to buy the absolute high-tech machine right away. The only important thing is that the raw material in the container is processed well and that a creamy ice cream is formed. Manufacturers like Kitchenaid, Klarstein, Krups or Unold offer professional models.

Did you know that every German citizen eats about 8 litres of ice cream per year? A considerable number. Fortunately, you can buy this refreshing delicacy anywhere. At the kiosk, at petrol stations, in the supermarket or practically in the ice cream parlour of confidence.

For real couch potatoes, the investment in an ice cream machine with compressor is always worthwhile. Especially since you have a large number of recipes at your disposal. Even vegans or food allergy sufferers don't make a mistake when you buy this device. You can decide for yourself which ingredients are ultimately in your ice cream.

From now on, you no longer have to do without this pleasure. Of course you should use the article accordingly. If you only start the ice cream machine twice a year, then the question naturally arises whether it would not make more sense to buy an ice cream in the shop.

An ice cream machine with compressor has a larger dead weight

For many prospective buyers the advantages and disadvantages naturally play an immensely important role. We do not want to withhold these from you.

Let's start with the positive points.

- The ice machine does not require pre-cooling.
- You can look forward to an excellent ice cream quality.
- Simple and understandable operation for the user.
- Nothing stands in the way of a permanent operation of the ice machine.
- You can use fresh ingredients for the preparation.
- A creamy and delicious consistency awaits you.
- The ice cream is ready to serve in less than an hour.

The disadvantages are limited, but we do not want to sweep them under the carpet.

- When you buy the ice cream machine, you have to expect a higher purchase value.
- If you want to set up an ice machine with a compressor, you should have enough space.
- The product has a larger own weight.

There are several same factors to consider when buying an ice cream maker with a compressor. What size do you expect? So who can taste your homemade ice cream? Is it one, two or more people? If you want to feed the whole family or many friends, then clearly a larger ice cream container comes to the fore.

The smallest models have a volume of 1.0 litres. For the more extensive projects, the 1.7 litre ice containers are recommended. If you feel like an ice cream, then it can never go fast enough. Consequently, the next step is to focus on the duration of the ice cream production. The duration of the preparation does not really depend on an ice cream machine with compressor.

Much more important is which ingredients are used to make the ice cream. These ultimately have an enormous effect on the amount of ice, the consistency of the ice and the temperature. Experience has shown that the use of chilled ingredients is recommended because they additionally shorten the preparation time.

The fact is that ice cream machines with a more powerful motor reduce the preparation time. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the technical data.

Sometimes you approach a purchase without thinking. But you shouldn't necessarily do that with an ice cream machine with a compressor. It is therefore very important to think about the location of the product in advance. Where would you like to install the machine? Do you really have room for it? Also keep in mind that most models have a high dead weight.

If you want to make ice cream, you definitely need a lot of freedom of movement. Make sure that the storage area is solid and cannot tilt to the side. Once the device is in use, it is impossible to move it to another location. You will find corresponding instructions in the respective manual or ask your dealer directly.

In an ice cream machine with compressor there is a stirring motor. This ensures that all ingredients are mixed to a usable ice cream mass. If the stirring motor runs at full speed and really gives one hundred percent, then even the firmest ice mixture turns into a nice creamy ice cream. However, this performance boost requires more energy. You should think about this before you buy.

Of course, the case is not insignificant. Many users prefer ice machines with a stainless steel compressor. Of course, you can also choose the plastic version. Visually, the stainless steel version leaves behind an attractive and aesthetic design in any case.

In addition, the material convinces with its high resistance and stainless steel is robust anyway. Consequently, you can assume that you will enjoy the product for a long time to come. The plastic models, on the other hand, are cheaper to buy. In addition, the plastic is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Prepared ice cream from the ariete Gran Gelato

There are sweet toothers all over the world who could probably eat ice cream every day. The creamy, sweet and fruity texture makes many gourmets' hearts beat faster. Do you know who invented ice cream? Of course, this delicacy comes from Italy. After all, numerous ice cream parlours bear an Italian name. But does ice cream really origin from Italy?

Anyone who thinks of Italy is on the wrong track. In fact, we owe it to the Chinese that this delicacy even exists. The first ice cream was made more than 5000 years ago. But the prototype looked still different, as we know our ice cream today.

Also the creation was much more complicated. From freezer up, out with the ice cream and snack. As basis for the first ice the Chinese used snow. The people from the valleys ran to the mountain peaks to get the goods. Most of all, time was on their backs. As we all know, the snow melts quite quickly.

Once the melting preciousness had been reached, it was stored in cool holes in the ground. The Chinese stirred honey or wine into the snow so that the ice would not only taste like water.

Alternatively, different spices or crushed fruits were sprinkled on the cool refreshment. In terms of taste, this form of ice cream was not necessarily a hit, but for the circumstances of the time, one could no longer demand it. Another 1500 years passed and the inventive people could make ice even without snow. The cooling effect of saltpetre made it possible.

Ice cream only played a role in Europe about 700 years ago. The famous sailor Marco Polo brought the beloved recipe of the ice cream from his trip to China to Europe. The first beneficiaries were the citizens of Venice. Where we would be with the Italians again. With a few skilful tricks the Italians turned the basic idea into a real speciality.

In 1660 an Italian opened the very first ice cream parlour in Paris. From then on there was no stopping. The triumph of the delicately melting delicacy was unstoppable. Even in faraway America ice cream was on everyone's lips.

To get off to a successful start, you need a recipe in the first step. Which ice cream would you like to make? The absolute classics are vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and strawberry ice cream. However, you don't necessarily have to stick to these creations. If you like, you can combine and try as you like.

Alternatively, you can get suggestions on the Internet or buy a book for ice-cream recipes. Maybe a good friend or family has a great tip for you. The main thing is that the ice cream tastes good at the end. Ice cream machines with compressors are usually designed so that you can put eggs, cream, milk, fruit, juice, syrup, yoghurt or fruit in the ice cream container.

At this point, we would like to present three sample recipes for ice cream machines with compressors. You are welcome to use them. Let's start with the legendary strawberry ice cream.

Strawberry ice cream

The following ingredients are needed to make strawberry ice cream:

- 800 g strawberries
- 300 g sugar
- 500 ml cream
- 480 ml milk

The recipe is completed by 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract and 1/2 teaspoon salt. First of all, remove the stalk from the strawberries and wash the fruit thoroughly. Then put the strawberries in a bowl. Add sugar, cream and milk. Puree the ingredients and finally add the eggs, lemon juice and vanilla extract. Do not forget the salt. Mix all the ingredients again and put into the ice-cream maker. The raw mixture must now freeze for about 50 minutes before it can be finally eaten.

Chocolate Cookies Ice Cream

If you would like to try something original, the Chocolate-Cookies ice cream is a good choice. These foods are needed for the recipe:

- 500 ml milk
- 250 g chocolate cream
- 6 biscuits of your choice

Place the milk and chocolate cream in a bowl and mix well. The cream must have dissolved completely. In the next course, crumble the biscuits. When you have completed these steps, pour the milk chocolate cream into the ice cream container.

Then stir the crumbled biscuits into the cream. Now the mixture must freeze. Once the chocolate cookie ice cream has reached the desired consistency, you can enjoy the delicacy to the full.

Orange ice cream

Goes to spread quickly and is especially popular because of the sweet and fruity taste. Not only children are crazy about it. These ingredients are a prerequisite for production:

- 500 ml orange juice
- 30 g cornflour
- 80 g sugar, brown
- 3 tbsp lemon juice

The ingredients are put into a bowl and whipped with a hand blender. One minute is enough. Then pour the liquid into a pot. While stirring constantly, heat the raw mixture on the stove for about 5 minutes. Never bring to the boil.

After cooling, the liquid ends up in the ice machine. Now the future orange ice must freeze for about 40 minutes. Then you can feast to your heart's content.

If food is processed in kitchen appliances, there must be no compromise in hygiene. An ice cream machine with a compressor should also be cleaned regularly. You therefore do not have to panic. This sounds much more complicated than it actually is.

Fortunately, the processes are going well. First of all, you should keep an eye on the operating instructions. In this description, the manufacturer has provided valuable information on the care of the device. This point is particularly important even before the device is put into operation for the first time. You will learn which parts may even be allowed in the dishwasher. Normally, some parts should be washed out with warm water and a little detergent.

This measure will eventually eliminate any residues of chemical substances that are automatically produced during production. Basically, the container and the stirring rod are always cleaned after use.

If there are sharpeners and smaller stains on the housing, wipe off the residues with a damp cloth. It is best to wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth afterwards. Make sure that no water penetrates into the area of the engine.

You must also ensure that the individual parts dry properly. Moisture in the appliance must generally be avoided. Therefore, always follow the care tips in the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Most people buy an ice cream machine with a compressor because they want to know what the ingredients are in the ice cream. Those who suffer from lactose can still eat ice cream thanks to a suitable recipe. The dessert is then made with alternative foods such as soy milk or almond milk. You decide what the ingredients will be.

For vegans, an ice cream machine is therefore also a wonderful invention. Flavour enhancers, tons of sugar or opaque ready-mixes have a bad hand from now on. The lower fat content also contributes to a healthier ice cream.

If you make your own ice cream from now on, you can even save money in the long run. A scoop of ice cream in your favourite ice cream parlour costs between €1 and €1.50. If you often pass by, this sweet pleasure quickly becomes an expensive affair. With the ice cream machine, you put a one-time amount on the table. If you eat a lot of ice cream, you will get away with it for a comparatively lower price over the years than if you constantly eat ice cream.

The great thing about ice cream machines is that you can use them at any time. You are not dependent on opening hours. Especially in winter, it becomes harder to get hold of this sweet delicacy. With the ice cream machine you can skilfully avoid this problem.

With an ice cream machine you can constantly reinvent yourself. You are not bound to any recipe. Undreamt-of possibilities open up for you. Even seasonal products can be used to create delicious ice cream. With the variety of recipes, you will certainly always come up with something new.

Vanilla ice cream is your favourite. There will hardly be a person who has never tried this variety in his life. As you would expect, vanilla ice cream can be bought at any ice cream parlour or ice cream parlour. But also chocolate ice cream is ordered very often. Children especially like this type of ice cream.

Adults too, of course, but this target group prefers a mixed form of preparation. Chocolate ice cream with hazelnuts or stracciatella always goes down well.

Small pieces of chocolate may also be present in the ice cream. There are several varieties of fruit ice cream that have the upper hand. Lemon is still a real classic, closely followed by strawberry and cherry. Strawberry ice cream is also one of the most popular types of ice cream in Europe. Pistachio ice cream is regarded as a shooting star and yet it is still a big hit with conventional ice cream varieties.

However, you don't have to follow a strict pattern and can create your own ice cream at will. The only important thing is that the ingredients are as fresh as possible. Seasonal and aromatic fruits form the basis for a delicious ice cream. However, you should not completely do without fat.

Those who want to benefit from a delicious ice cream should not do without the essential flavour carrier. Ground sugar is a great advantage when preparing the raw mass. This gives you a more pleasant consistency.

So if you are thinking about buying an ice cream machine with a compressor, take a closer look. There are even models that are able to produce sorbet and frozen yoghurt. Many machines have compact safety packages.

These include the LC display, child-proof lock, automatic switch-off and an audible signal to let you know when the ice cream is ready. Of course, such additional details are reflected in the purchase price.

However, you should keep in mind that investing in a high-quality product is well worth it. Especially since the ice machines with compressor have an excellent quality standard and convince with a long service life.

We hope that this worth knowing information about ice cream machines with compressor has helped you. Perhaps we were able to answer all your questions successfully and help you with your upcoming purchase decision.

How do we test at

Live and authentic: We get the devices into our Hamburg test laboratory. Here we take a close look at everything.

Each test is preceded by an extensive search:

  • Which suppliers are on the market?
  • What current products are there?
  • What are the comparison criteria?
  • What tests are we going to run?
  • What is the test procedure?

When everything's settled, we'll bring the devices to us. For each product the test procedure, the measured values and product properties are documented in detail. We create photos and videos. We evaluate the results for you, summarize everything in a test report and calculate the test grade.

Have fun!

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What is the best ice cream machine?

What could be nicer than a really tasty ice cream? Especially with children, an ice cream machine at home is a highlight. They can create their own creations freely and creatively - anything from chocolate sprinkles to smurf or rainbow ice cream is possible. Ice makers also have a great advantage for adults: they know exactly which ingredients are contained and can determine the amount of sugar themselves.

We have tested 3 ice cream machines with a compressor and paid particular attention to quality and the final result. Our test winner is the Ariete Gran Gelato: The machine is of high quality and provides a delicious ice cream experience. Our favourite with a test score of 9,5/10!


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