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Test 06/2020

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Test seal: Klarstein Ice Master, Rating 8.4

last modified: 25.06.2020, 6:58

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All rating criteria details:

Overall impression 25%
Handling 20%
Speed 20%
Cooling function 15%
Volume 10%
Cleaning 10%
Tested by: Gesa



The Ice cube machine Icemeister von Klarstein is a good machine with versatile functions: from 3 ice cube sizes to time setting and the automatic timer function. In a 10 minute cycle 9 - uniform - ice cubes are produced continuously.


  • Display with time
  • Timer function
  • Relatively quiet
  • 3 ice cube sizes
  • Self-cleaning program


  • Poor operating instructions

360° View

For the price a good ice machine with extra functions. Only the instructions leave something to be desired.

The Ice cube machine Icemeister by Klarstein makes a stable impression. It looks simple and modern.


The LED light in the form of a clear stone logo also illuminates in standby mode. The operating mode is indicated by a snowflake symbol. It stands still during standby mode and flashes during ice cube production.

The function keys of the machine are displayed in English. These include (1) On/Off, Standby (2) Select, for 3 ice cube sizes (small/medium/large), (3) On/Off Timer, (4) Time.

The device also has the following display symbols: (1) Ice production error indicator, (2) Low water indicator, (3) Ice cube size indicator, (4) Ice container full indicator, (5) Timer indicator, (6) On/Off timer backlight, (7) Time setting, (8) Operating mode (On/Standby).

The maximum water level of the tank is 2.2 litres. This is incorrectly indicated as 1.1 litres in the operating manual. The maximum quantity of water is marked by the edge of the water tank, whereby the marking (H-Max) is not particularly well (lightly) represented.


Before commissioning the machine, the self-cleaning program should be briefly operated. It works very simply and takes approx. 4 minutes each in the 1st and 2nd step. Step 2, however, does not work as described in the manual. It says here that you should press the On/Off switch 5 times. But you have to keep the switch pressed for 5 seconds. The end of the self-cleaning takes place after approx. 10 minutes and is signalled by a beep.

During the ice cube production, the already produced ice cubes are kept cool. During continuous operation, a level sensor runs which automatically superimposes new ice cubes on the melting ice cubes.

If the ice cubes are left in the container for too long, they may stick together because they are still damp during production. However, we were able to separate them relatively easily.

In our test, in which we let the production run for about 5 hours, the ice production ran in 10-12 minute cycles (9 cubes). If ice-cold water is used, the machine produces even firmer ice cubes in a shorter time.

Compared to other machines, the Klarstein ice cube maker is relatively quiet with a maximum ventilation volume of 64.1 dB. During ice production, you can hear the water and the cubes briefly fall into the container, which is advantageous, however, as you are informed about the production status.

Klarstein Icemeister
Ice cube result of the Klarstein Icemeister


If we disregard the bad operating instructions, the machine is actually quite easy to operate, since the symbols and function keys are self-explanatory in our opinion.

The time can be set with the SET button and the arrow button. In addition, the machine has a timer function to start automatic ice cube production at the desired time.

Since the operating instructions are insufficient, here is a brief description of the timer setting: (1) SET button, then use the arrow button to set the current time, (2) SET button, then use the arrow button to select the time for automatic ice production (3) SET button, then use the arrow button to set the time for automatic ice cube production. (4) Finally, confirm everything with the SET key. The symbols "Timer" and "On" now appear on the display. Now the machine should automatically produce ice cubes at the desired time.

There is no cooling function. In standby mode, the cubes melt very slowly compared to other ice cube machines. Depending on the room temperature, they have melted approx. after 1-2 hours.

The machine is equipped with an automatic switch-off, which was used in our test: (1) when there was not enough water, (2) full ice container and (3) the automatic timer function, which triggers the switch-off at the desired time.


The Klarstein Icemeister and the Aicok ice cube machine look very much alike at first glance. The Klarstein, however, has a white-silver design, while the Aicok is black-silver. In addition, the Aicok is a few kilos heavier than the Klarstein. Regarding the functions, both have no stand-by cooling and a timer, which doesn't work with the Aicok. The manuals are not very good for both machines. As far as the ice cube result is concerned, both produce good results, so it can be said that this is at most a question of the design as to which machine is best suited.

We have evaluated about 20 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 80 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 80% positive and 10% negative ratings

The following points were often positively noted:

  • Easy operation
  • Fast
  • Beautiful design
  • Self-cleaning function

The following points were often negatively noted:

  • Somewhat loud
  • Very large
  • The user manual is very bad
Manufacturer Klarstein
EAN 4060656119019
Ice cube sizes 3 (small / medium / large)
Capacity water tank 2200 ml (wrong information in instructions)
Height 33 cm
Width 24 cm
Depth 36 cm
Weight 7,9 kg
Scope of delivery Ice machine, instruction manual
Manual language GB, GER, ES, FR, IT
Quality of instructions Satisfactory
Packaging Adequate
Additional warranty No
Quality impression Good
Length of the power cable 155 cm
Material Stainless steel, plastic
Readiness indicator Yes
Display Yes
LED light Yes
Amount of Ice cubes 9 cubes
Duration 12 minutes
Automatic switch-off Yes
Cooling function During the ice cube production
Maximum volume 64,1 dB
Maximum power 97,4 W
Stand-by power consumption 0,6 W
Time (display) Yes
Time function Yes
Self-cleaning program Yes
Overall impression
Cooling function

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