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Test seal: Princess AEROFRYER, Rating 7.7

last modified: 04.03.2020, 9:06

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All rating criteria details:

Frying capacity 40%
Handling 35%
Control panel 15%
Accessory 10%
Tested by: Tim



If you put the Princess AEROFRYER in your kitchen, you can't expect an optimum premium hot air fryer. However, for a good price, you get a good mid-range appliance, which can be used optimally for the preparation of meat, chips, fish or even cakes. Our recommendation is that you switch off the appliance after half of the time with smaller amounts of ingredients and shake the basket with the food, so you can enjoy your dish with an even cooking.


  • Manual mode and 7 automatic programs
  • Quiet device
  • Incl. grill grid


  • No viewing window
  • Without stirring arm
  • Poor display
  • No recipes

360° View

A solid hot air deep fryer. However, the appliance lacks decisive features.

The name of the Princess AEROFRYER is deceptive. Compared to the other hot-air deep fat fryers, the device is not XL but only average in terms of the filling quantity. The appliance has only one cooking basket, into which various foods such as French fries, poultry or fish are filled and can be heated. The cooking basket can be removed from the drawer in which it is located at any time and thus be filled easily. In terms of processing and stability, the appliance does not stand out. It is obvious that it is not a premium product, but it is also not a device of insufficient quality.

Princess - AEROFRYER
Princess - AEROFRYER with fries

The device

The extra-large illuminated display allows you to set the temperature, duration and one of the seven automatic programmes: French fries, meat, shrimps, cake, chicken, steak and fish. The various automatic programmes are displayed as symbols on the control panel. This means that the appliance can also be used for baking, roasting and frying. An overview of the automatic programs can be found below. The appliance has a timer which can be set between 1 and 60 minutes in 1-minute intervals. The temperature can be adjusted between 80 and 200 degrees. These functions can be performed from the control panel, which is located centrally on the front of the unit. It is noticeable that the display of the unit is blurred.

A window for observing the food is missing as well as a stirring arm for evenly distributing the food in the basket, this is also evident during use. As an accessory, a grill attachment is included with the appliance, which ensures that the air circulation of some food on the grill ensures more even cooking. It is noticeable that the appliance is very susceptible to fingerprints due to the black high-gloss design so that the hot-air deep fryer appears to be quickly worn out.


The appliance manufacturer recommends cooking the chips at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. In our test, we filled the hot-air deep fryer with 750 g chips. Thus, the device was not completely filled, so that there is still enough space for the circulating air. As soon as the cooking basket is placed in the drawer and the drawer is pushed into the appliance, the display switches on and the desired time and temperature or an automatic program can be selected.

The French fries are still not quite perfect after the preset automatic program of 20 minutes. Especially the French fries in the middle of the deep fryer are still very soft and not crispy. French fries that were further along the edge of the deep fryer are already somewhat crispy. It is best to shake the basket with the fries halfway through to ensure optimum cooking. If this is considered, the fries will also be evenly crispy. Unfortunately, the appliance lacks a stirring arm which automatically distributes the chips in the basket. So additional work is necessary.

Princess - AEROFRYER
Princess - AEROFRYER with Chicken Wings

The chicken wings have become perfect. On other devices, they have become a little too black, but on this device, this is not the case. With a quantity of 750 g, they can be put into the device at the indicated time of 25 minutes and 180 degrees. The barbecue grill is also ideal for the Chicken Wings, although only a limited amount of Chicken Wings fits on the grill. In our case, 750 g would already be too much. The appliance emits a loud acoustic signal to indicate that the timer has expired and as soon as the drawer is pulled out, the appliance switches off automatically.

Cooking times

Here is an overview of the various automatic programs, the temperature and the respective duration:

  • Fries: 200 °C; 20 min.
  • Meat: 180 °C; 15 min.
  • Prawns: 160 °C; 20 min.
  • Cake: 160 °C; 40 min.
  • Chicken: 180 °C; 25 min.
  • Steak: 160 °C; 20 min.
  • Fish: 180 °C; 20 min.

The temperature and duration of the respective programs can still be changed individually. The manufacturer himself does not provide any information about the quantities of food for the respective programmes. We can give the tip that the cooking basket should be filled to ¾ at most to ensure an optimal result.


The housing of the hot air deep fryer may only be wiped with a damp cloth. All removable items can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, this is also recommended, as it is particularly difficult to clean the basket completely without putting it in the dishwasher.

We have evaluated almost 300 reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that about 80 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 15 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 80% positive and 15% negative ratings

Manufacturer Princess
EAN 8713016048257
Automatic programmes French fries Meat Prawns Cake Chicken Steak Fish
Recipe booklet No
Capacity 3.2 l
Inspection window No
Accessories Grid
Timer 1 to 60 minutes
Volume 1 metre distance 47 dB
Length of the power cable 1 m
Power in Watt 1,400
Temperature levels 80 to 200 °C
Menu navigation Digital display
Stand-by power consumption 0.6 W
Highest temperature 200 °C
Weight 4.47 kg
Height 38 cm
Width 32 cm
Depth 34 cm
Manual language GER, EN, NL, FR, ES, PT, IT, SE, PL, CS, SK, RU
Quality of instructions Sufficient
Scope of delivery Hot air fryer, grate, operating instructions
Frying capacity
Control panel

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