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Test 11/2019

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Test seal: Rommelsbacher MZ 500, Rating 9.4

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All rating criteria details:

Cut quality 40%
Workmanship 25%
Capacity 20%
Volume 10%
Equipment 5%
Tested by: Johanna


Product tester


The Rommelsbacher MZ 500 Multi-Chopper convinces in handling, processing and result. The machine is safe, robust and has a large capacity. It produces a good cutting result and is very easy to clean. Unfortunately, no very hard food can be shredded with this machine.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy handling
  • Good cutting result
  • Good workmanship
  • Stable


  • No very hard food (no crushed ice)
  • Only one single speed setting

360° View

Very good chopper with good cutting results, easy handling and easy cleaning

The device

The Rommelsbacher MZ 500 Multi-Chopper is delivered in an illustrated box, which already contains basic information in 4 different languages.

The case is in silver and matt black and is made of plastic and metal. In addition, there is a 1.5-litre container made of glass. The plastic cutting attachment, which contains 4 stainless steel blades, is inserted into these. The blades are protected by plastic caps. In addition, an anti-slip pad is supplied, which ensures a firm stand of the device.

The chopper makes a high-quality impression, looks robust and safe and has a chic, modern design.

The operating instructions are written in detail and easy to understand. The composition of the device is illustrated and recipe suggestions are included. The device is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 years.

The scope of supply of the Rommelsbacher MZ 500
The scope of supply of the Rommelsbacher MZ 500

The delivery includes:

  • Glass container, anti-slip pad, lid
  • Motor unit
  • 4-leaf special knife, knife protection
  • Instruction manual

The application

Before first use, all removable parts of the Rommelsbacher MZ 500 Multi-Chopper should be cleaned once. Then you assemble all the individual parts. First, place the glass vessel in the anti-slip pad and insert the cutting attachment into the glass vessel. Here you can decide whether you want to use 2 blades or 4 blades. For smaller quantities, 2 blades are recommended and for larger quantities accordingly 4. By pressing down the lower blades firmly with your thumb, you can now turn the upper cutting attachment clockwise to loosen it. You must be particularly careful not to cut yourself on the sharp blades.

The cutting attachment consists of 4 blades
The cutting attachment consists of 4 blades

Once you have inserted the cutting attachment, your ingredients are added and you can close the glass jar with the lid. The lid has a rubber seal, which provides good compaction and prevents liquids from escaping. In the last step you put the motor unit on and turn it clockwise and connect it to the power supply.

Place the motor unit on the filled container
Place the motor unit on the container

To start the chopper, simply press the motor unit down. It will run until you stop pressing it. Accordingly, there is only one speed level. It is advisable to shred at intervals. You can operate the device for a maximum of 20 seconds at a time, then you have to take a short break. If you don't stop on your own, the device will do it automatically. This fuse ensures that the device does not overheat and cool down.

In order to be able to see how finely the Rommelsbacher MZ 500 Multi-Chopper really chops, we first crushed onions with it and then prepared the pesto. We quartered a medium-sized onion and put it into the chopper. For the pesto, we then added a small clove of garlic, 250 ml olive oil, 20 g roasted pine nuts, 25 g parmesan and 3 bunches of basil. Since all the elements have different degrees of hardness and fluidity, this was the optimal test to see if the chopper could produce a homogeneous mass from several ingredients.

The chopper should be operated at intervals
The chopper should be operated at intervals

onions crushed with the Rommelsbacher MZ 500
onions crushed with the Rommelsbacher MZ 500

Since some of the devices are very loud, we recorded the volume with the decibel meter in this case. We measured the volume during operation from a distance of one meter. This device has a volume of 69 dB and is, therefore, one of the quietest devices in our test.

The result

The Rommelsbacher MZ 500 Multi-Chopper crushed the onions well. The pieces were fine and quite even, here and there a bit bigger pieces were available. The production of the Pestos was very successful. The consistency was even and there were no pieces in it. The device performs well with its result.

All ingredients are put into the container together
All ingredients are put into the container together

Homemade Pesto with the Rommelsbacher MZ 500
Homemade Pesto with the Rommelsbacher MZ 500

With this chopper, no very hard food, like coffee beans, nutmeg, grain and similar can be chopped. Accordingly, ice cubes cannot be shredded with this machine.


The device is easy to clean. All parts to be removed can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Since all parts can be easily disassembled, manual cleaning is not very time-consuming. Only the motor unit should be wiped with a damp cloth when dirty.

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Manufacturer Rommelsbacher
EAN 4001797854308
Scope of delivery Glass container, 4-winged special knife, lid, motor unit, anti-slip pad, knife protection, operating instructions
Accessories Anti-slip underlay
Quality impression Good
Additional warranty 2 years
Suitable for Onions, herbs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat, cheese, potatoes, raw vegetables etc. (no very hard food)
Special features 4-blade system, blades removable, very large capacity
Collecting tray for cutting material Robust, made of glass, with millilitre specifications
Housing material Plastic, metal
Material blade Stainless Steel
Colours Silver, Black, Matted
Mounting Anti-slip underlay
Blade attachment Removable
Operating mode Electrical
Height 25.5 cm
Width 17.5 cm
Depth 17.5 cm
Weight 2.12 kg
Capacity 1,5 l
Number of blades 4
Power 500 W
Energy levels 1
Volume 69 dB
Turbo function
Ice crusher
Dishwasher safe ✔️
Stability Good
Packaging Good
Manual language GB, GER
Quality of instructions Very good
Cut quality

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Can bowls and lids be cleaned in the dishwasher?
Yes, all removable parts are dishwasher safe.
Is it also possible to crush ice with the machine?
No, this machine cannot be used to shred very hard food and therefore no ice.
Can raw celery and carrots also be crushed with the machine?
Yes, that is possible.


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