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Test seal: MEDION Bread Maker MD 18636, Rating 9.2

last modified: 16.04.2020, 9:22

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All rating criteria details:

Handling 20%
Result Bread 20%
Range of functions 15%
Result Dough 15%
Safety 10%
Cleaning 10%
Control panel 10%
Tested by: Elisabeth


Product tester


The MEDION - Bread Maker MD 18636 is a reliable appliance that bakes bread and dough as well as other dishes individually and versatile. The results are very satisfying and are prepared exactly according to instructions. There are suction cups under the machine, which ensure a particularly safe stand, as the machine shakes properly when stirring. Operation and adjustment are easy and intuitive. The disadvantages are that the viewing window quickly mists up and is therefore no longer usable. Also, the processing could have been less rough in some places and a compartment for additional ingredients is missing.


  • Suction cups under the unit
  • Large viewing window
  • Operating instructions explain the programs in great detail
  • Individually adaptable programs


  • A permanent light buzz
  • No compartment for additional ingredients
  • Window quickly mists up

360° View

This bread maker is easy to use, but the compartment for ingredients that should not be in the dough from the beginning is missing and the window quickly mists up.

The breadmaker MEDION - MD 18636 scores with its flexible program setting.

Handling and function

During unpacking, a slight plastic smell is noticeable, which quickly disappears. The manufacturer recommends running the baking program once for 5 minutes. The duration can also be set longer and heats the appliance through once. This produced a slight smoke that escaped from the appliance and smelled chemically, but this quickly evaporated.

The bread maker is in the middle range of our test with a filling quantity of approx. 2.3 litres. Breads between 500 g and 1000 g can be made with it. The baking mould is easy to fill and can be inserted into the machine by turning it and removed again.

The dough container can be turned easily
The dough container can be turned easily

A heating coil runs once around the container
A heating coil runs once around the container

The control panel is easy to understand and intuitive to use. On the control panel, the program button, which is located on the far left, can be used to set one of the 12 programs, which are described in the manual. Each of the programs allows small adjustments to the bread to be baked.

The display is clear and well described
The display is clear and well described

Programs: Standard, Short, White bread, Quick, Wholemeal, Cake, Knead dough, Baking, Toast bread, Jam, Stir dough, Gluten-free, Individual

With the quick-start button, which is located next to it, you can switch back to program 1 at any time. How the weight of the bread is or how the degree of browning is to be can be set with the third and fourth keys from the left.

To the left of the display, there are buttons for adding or subtracting time in 5-minute steps.

To start or stop the process, press the rightmost button.

Each time a button is pressed, a beep is heard. Unfortunately, this beep cannot be switched off manually. You will also hear a beep when the dough is ready to add more ingredients. This must be done manually, as the machine has no compartment for this.

With the bread maker, you can not only prepare different types of bread, but also dough, jam, and yoghurt.

Using the timer function, some programs can be delayed for up to 15 hours, so that the freshly baked bread can be ready at 7 a.m., for example, if the ingredients were added at 4 p.m. the previous day and the timer was set to 15 hours.

The memory function allows you to stop the baking process for up to 5 minutes (e.g. in the event of a power failure) without having to restart the machine. The process is simply continued. When the program is finished, the beep sound appears 10 times and the warming function switches on automatically for 60 minutes immediately after baking. This can be stopped by pressing the stop button for a long time.

During baking and resting, the machine is soundless and only hums slightly. When stirring, the volume is approx. 60 dB and is not disturbing.

The case gets hot
The case gets hot

During the empty 5-minute baking process, the case heats up only slightly and during the correct baking process with dough, the case heats up over 80 °C. One should be careful, especially at the openings. The baking pan and handle also get hot, so use oven cloths to protect yourself from burns.


The result of the farmer's bread baking mixture turned out evenly browned as desired in our mid-mode test. The duration was 3:20 hours. The dough was well kneaded, had rest periods and rose well. The bread tastes very good and is easy to remove from the mould. The dough hook did not remain in the bread.

The dough rests
The dough rests

The bread has risen well and the dough is medium brown as desired
The bread has risen well and the dough is medium brown as desired

The pizza dough is also well done. All ingredients were kneaded to a smooth dough within 1:30 hours. Also, the pizza dough has risen well. While the dough is in the machine, it is kneaded, warmed up and rest periods are also included.


The baking tin and the dough hook are unfortunately not dishwasher safe. Only the measuring cup, spoon and dough hook may be put in the dishwasher. The baking tin is easy to clean, as the bread and also the dough is completely dissolved. Abrasive and harsh cleaning agents should be avoided in order not to damage the non-stick coating. The dough hook can be removed easily.


The medium-sized device is kept in plain white. Fingerprints are not directly visible on the material, like on stainless steel. The processing is partly a little rough and the lid does not lie completely on the device.

The lid does not close properly
The lid does not close properly

The size of the display is also sufficient. The display does not light up while you are operating it. The viewing window is large enough, but there is no interior lighting. It is also noticeable that the window quickly fogged up. The vents are too far away from the opening for ventilation.

The window fogging up quickly
The window fogging up quickly

The suction cups ensure a secure stand
The suction cups ensure a secure stand

Suction cups are fitted underneath the unit to ensure a secure stand. This is also necessary because the appliance shakes a lot during stirring.


The breadmaker has a good manual, from which the functions and handling can be quickly understood. It also provides some good tips on various problems. The table in which the individual programs are clearly listed and described is particularly practical. So you can quickly find the right program and the corresponding times and possibilities.

We have evaluated about 347 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that about 83 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are about 11 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 83% positive and 11% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Ease of use
  • Versatile program selection

Negative comments were made on the following points:

  • In the long run worse results of the bread
  • Coating comes off
Manufacturer MEDION
EAN 4061275108941
Baking programs 12 and an individual programme
Capacity litres 2.3 l
Ingredient dispenser No, but a reminder signal may sound, asking you to add the additional ingredients
Warm-keeping function Yes, up to 60 minutes
Timer function Yes, up to 15 hours can be set, which the breadmaker counts down and then starts
Inspection window Yes
Internal lighting No
Dishwasher safe No
Weight 4,060 g
Scope of delivery Bread maker, dough container, dough hook, measuring spoon, measuring cup, hook for removing the dough hook, operating instructions
Quality impression Good
Packaging Appealing and illustrated
Additional warranty 2 years from date of purchase
Automatic switch-off Yes
Crust 3 browning levels
Extra Program for jam Yes, and for yoghurt as well
Volume 1 metre distance 60 dB during stirring, almost soundless during baking
Power 580 W
Stand-by power consumption 0.5 W
Manual language GER, FR, NL, ES, IT
Quality of instructions Good
Height 30 cm
Width 24 cm
Depth 35 cm
Range of functions
Result Bread
Result Dough
Control panel

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The wheel inside is missing, where can I get it?
The manufacturer can help at
How can I get (download) a user manual for MEDION - MD 18636?
In our case, the manual was included in the scope of delivery. We could find the Bread Maker MD 18636 manual online in German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. Otherwise, you could contact the customer support to seek further help.
Is the machine illuminated from the inside?
No, there's no lighting from the inside.
Is the machine stable?
The device stands very stable because the feet have small suction cups. So the machine does not move, even if it shakes a little bit stronger when stirring.
Does the machine also mix dough without baking it?
Yes, the machine has different programs and one of them touches dough without baking it.


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