Zucchini spinach buffer in the mincer


zucchini buffer arranged

Potato pancakes are classics and are one of the most popular dishes in Germany. If you want to eat more healthily, lose weight or simply try something new, don't miss out on our low carb version! We prepared the zucchini pancakes very quickly in the Meat Grinder and grilled them without fat in the Contact Grill. The result is impressive!

zucchini buffer ingredients


  • 2 courgettes
  • 3 full hands leaf spinach
  • 75 g fresh goat cheese
  • Fresh or frozen herbs as desired
  • 3 spring onions
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 3 eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • 120 g flour (alternatively spelt or almond flour)
  • Oil if necessary
  • Tzaziki

Preparation in the mincer

To ensure that not only the preparation but also the cleaning afterwards is quick and easy, the order of the mincing process should be observed.

zucchini buffer ingredients

1. First, the vegetables are prepared. Clean the garlic clove, spring onions and the courgettes. Then the courgettes can be cut into pieces small enough for the feed chute of the Meat Grinder. If necessary, clean the spinach from too coarse stems. After mincing, however, these should not bother you any more.

2. Now the ingredients are put into the mincer. It is best to start with the feta and the clove of garlic so that the rest is then taken away by the other ingredients. (The feta, in particular, will otherwise stick to the inside of the mincer). Then the spring onions and spinach can be pressed through the mincer. Finally, the pieces of courgette are added, which will take all the spinach leftovers with it and make cleaning very easy for you.

3. Before you add the rest of the ingredients, let the juice drain out of the vegetables as much as possible, otherwise, the buffers will stick together badly.

zucchini buffer ingredients

4. Finally, add the remaining ingredients (eggs, flour and herbs) to the vegetables and stir the ingredients. You can also use a Hand Mixer or a Food processor. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Now the buffers can be baked. In Contact grill the buffers can be fried crispy without fat. Alternatively, you can fry them in enough oil in the pan. The zucchini spinach buffers taste best with tzatziki.

The advantages of a Contact grill

contact grill open

With the help of a contact grill, you can grill without additional fats due to the coating. Furthermore, the grill can be used both inside and outside thanks to the low smoke emission. This feature also means that contact grills can be used on balconies in residential areas without disturbing your neighbours. Compared to other types of grills, a contact grill is also very compact and can be easily stowed away. In a contact grill, you grill at very high temperatures, which reduces the preparation time considerably. The grill plates can also be removed for easy cleaning. If you want to know which contact grill is the best, then take a look at our detailed Test report.

The food processor - an all-rounder

food processor with blender attachment

We have relied on our test winner in the kitchen machines for the preparation. You can find out which one that is in our Kitchen machine test. By the way, we also tested the matching Meat grinder attachments.

For those who want to keep it cheaper, we have also tested Hand mixers.

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