Keep the kitchen clean with these simple tips


Especially the kitchen, which is a central room in the house or apartment, is used almost every day and therefore gets dirty relatively often and quickly. Fortunately, there are some useful tips and tricks on how to keep the kitchen clean longer and save time when cleaning. For example, it makes sense not to spend a whole day cleaning the kitchen but to divide the project into several small "stages": if you take about 20-30 minutes each day, the kitchen will gradually become clean. One day it could be the windows, the next day the oven and the sink, the third day the floor.

With these tips the kitchen stays clean
Tips and tricks to keep the kitchen clean - photo: @ Studio Romantic adobestock

Tip 1

The next tip is simple, you just have to apply it directly: especially when cooking and on the stove, there are many stains. Therefore, it makes sense to clean the stove immediately after cooking. Of course, you should be careful because of the still-warm stovetop. By removing stains directly, you can prevent them from burning or becoming solid. If it does happen, stubborn stains can be removed with a scraper. Otherwise, a sponge, some all-purpose cleaner and warm water will help completely. However, you should be careful with ceramic hobs and not use a sponge, as this could scratch the surface. The kitchen also includes kitchen fronts, which should be cleaned at regular intervals. A little washing-up liquid and a soft cloth are usually sufficient and the fronts will shine like new again. In the case of lacquered surfaces, you should only clean them with a suitable cloth that is specially designed for these surfaces, as other sponges will otherwise give the surfaces a dull appearance.

Tip 2

Far too little attention is very often paid to the tiles in the kitchen, which should be cleaned at regular intervals. Especially in the joints a lot of dirt accumulates, a mixture of citric acid and baking powder can help here. A mixture of vinegar and baking powder is also suitable. This mixture can then be applied to the joints with an old toothbrush, it removes even stubborn stains. After a few minutes' soaking time, the mixture can simply be washed off with warm water. At the latest every four weeks, the cooker hood should also be subjected to general cleaning. In most cases, the metal filter can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. The inner part of the cooker hood should also be thoroughly cleaned and freed of grease. Any residues should not be put into the sink or toilet but can be put into the organic waste bin, wrapped in newspaper. Otherwise, there is a risk of the drain becoming blocked.

Tip 3

The sink is just the right keyword and must also be cleaned regularly. If the sink is made of stainless steel, vinegar can help to remove limescale marks in the long term and give the sink a new shine. To avoid unsightly edges or streaks, the sink should always be wiped dry (with a lint-free cloth), cups etc. should be put away or washed away directly. Scouring milk is taboo for these sinks, as are hard sponges, otherwise scratches will remain. A sink made of ceramic, on the other hand, is relatively insensitive and requires little care; various stains can be removed with scouring milk.