The perfect 'Netflix and Chill Night'


This makes the "Netflix and Chill" evening perfect

An invitation to the "Netflix and Chill" is not only in the United States as a more or less clear offer. The caller is usually not only interested in watching demanding film classics or blockbusters together with a subsequent discussion, but we will now focus on this ;).

The perfect Netflix and Chill evening
The best tips for a successful Netflix and Chill evening. Picture: @ rcfotostock adobestock

To make sure that your invitation to a 'Netflix and Chill' evening reaches the destination of your dreams (whether this includes a heated discussion about movies or more intense togetherness with your partner is up to you), there are a few rules to follow:

Tip 1: Get a comfortable couch

No one can chill out while sitting on an uncomfortable armchair or sofa. The purchase of a comfortable couch is, in any case, a very good investment. It should offer enough space for two. If you've had enough of cuddling on the couch, there's no reason not to move into the bedroom. That's why it can't hurt to make sure that your bed is freshly made up and that you have vacuumed in preparation for a cosy evening for two.

Tip 2: Ensure a good meal

If you are a talented hobby chef, you can effectively use your qualities on such an evening. But there is also nothing to be said for the more comfortable delivery service. Everyone likes a pizza and can relax on the couch. However, you should choose a pizza baker whose qualities you have already tested. Besides the delivery service for pizza, there is, of course, another one - making pizza yourself or with the help of a pizza oven. You can find out which one is best suited for this Pizza Oven Test.

Tip 3: Provide tasty snacks

Popcorn is not only in the cinema but also at the 'Netflix and Chill' evening. You want to impress your guest and present yourself as an excellent host? It's not that difficult to prepare popcorn yourself.

With minimal effort, you show your counterpart that you are 100% chillable and know how to enjoy every moment. There are several ways to prepare popcorn.

In addition to the classic preparation in the pot or microwave, there are also real popcorn machines. In this test, we have summarized which one is best suited for this. Besides popcorn, other snacks are also suitable for the "perfect" Nexflix and Chill - evening.

How about the colourful Cakpops? These can be made quickly and easily with the help of a Cakepop Maker. With the colourful decorated Cakepops, you will definitely have convinced your partner in terms of taste, for sure.

You can find out here which Cakepop Maker is best suited for this. We have tested both Popcorn Machines and CakePop Maker tested.

Tip 4: Decide on the right drinks

Milk is said to wake up tired men, but for a 'Netflix and Chill' evening, you should offer coffee or tea instead. That sounds completely harmless and every woman loves a good coffee or tea. To be on the safe side, you can have a good cognac or delicious liqueur ready to spice up your coffee or tea. This stimulates and puts you in a good mood.

Tip 5: Choose the right film

This is an issue that requires special consideration. Show your visit with your choice of film that he or she is something very special. Romantic, exciting or scary - in principle, there are no limits to your imagination. Hurried hosts, who want to reach their actual destination particularly quickly, opt for a dust-dry documentary. Not only Netflix is suitable, we have several Movie portals under test.

Tip 6: Don't expect too much

"Everything can, nothing must", - can best be applied to the 'Netflix and Chill' evening. The more relaxed you approach the evening, the safer you can avoid unnecessary disappointments. Be alert to interpret the signals of your guest correctly. After all, it should be a nice evening for both of you. But with the food and snack tips, nothing can go wrong, because love, as we all know, goes through the stomach.

The cosy summer evenings in the beer garden will soon be a thing of the past. So what could be better than spending the rainy autumn or winter evenings at a 'Netflix and Chill' evening? If you follow our tips, you can look forward to a pleasant time and don't have to mourn the summer.