Which kitchen utensils must absolutely be available in a kitchen?


Anyone furnishing a modern kitchen today needs a wealth of kitchen utensils. However, not all of the utensils necessarily have to be available in the kitchen area. The following article reveals which accessories are really necessary and which can be dispensed with.

The basic kitchen equipment

In every kitchen, there should, of course, be electrical appliances such as a stove with an oven and refrigerator. They are used to prepare dishes and store food. Ideally, a fridge-freezer combination is ideal for cooling, so that fresh ingredients such as herbs or vegetables are always available in a cooled or frozen state. Also important is a sufficiently wide worktop and a sink for cleaning vegetables, fish and meat.

Smoothie Maker in use
Smoothie Maker in use

The other utensils

After the basic utensils that make the preparation of dishes possible in the first place, there is a wide variety of other kitchen appliances on the market. Here the choice depends on one's own habits and preferences. Those who prefer to drink tea instead of coffee will probably do without the coffee machine but in no case the tea maker. For fans of fresh toast, it must definitely be a toaster. And those who like to prepare an espresso now and then will certainly not do without a small espresso maker either. Things look a little different when it comes to the direct preparation of delicious dishes. For example, you need a hand blender to puree soups and sauces. A blender mixes ingredients for cakes, casseroles or omelettes. And the Smoothie Maker is used by everyone who loves the healthy fitter.

Do not forget a professional knife set

The be-all and end-all in preparation are good knives in various sizes. For meat or fish, vegetables or potatoes, bread, herbs or other foods, you need a wide variety of knife blades. It is best to get a knife block with several knives of a uniform design. On the one hand, the products look good, on the other hand, one cuts with knives of the same quality. A small assortment of peelers should also be available for cleaning vegetables.

knife set
A knife set is also part of the basic equipment of a kitchen. Photo: @ robynmac adobe stock

Sieves, cutting boards, bowls & Co.

For mixing and blending, sifting and portioning the ingredients it is a good idea to have a certain selection of different sieves, chopping boards and bowls ready in every kitchen. So the flexible and speedy preparation of the dishes is no problem.

Clean dishes after consumption and dispose of any food leftovers

Just as important as the preparation of the different dishes is the cleaning of the dishes after the meal. If you like, equip the kitchen with a modern dishwasher. Environmentally conscious people may prefer to wash dishes, glasses and cutlery by hand. In general, water consumption should be kept in mind. Sometimes a dishwasher is more economical, especially if it is always filled to the last place before it is turned on.

Finally: dispose of any leftover food properly

Vegetable leftovers and food that has not been eaten are put into a bin for organic waste, where they are not used for other purposes. This is best equipped with a tear-proof rubbish bag so that no residues can form on the inside of the bucket.