The kitchen as a real male domain - this is how one feels comfortable in the kitchen


For some time now, it has been accepted that the kitchen is no longer the sole domain of women. On the one hand, this has emancipatory reasons, but more and more men have also discovered the fun of cooking and baking for themselves. No wonder, after all, modern kitchens are a nexus of networking and offer men all kinds of technical gadgets.
This passes the time while preparing food and also creates delicious food for guests without any effort - something that absolutely belongs in the kitchen for men, this guide reveals.

Men in the kitchen
More and more often men are now also represented in the kitchen - photo: @ nyul adobestock

Stone, wood, steel - Material for men

The kitchen for men today can be one thing above all: robust. The industrial look has not only arrived in the living room, but also in the kitchen.
The walls are only plastered and (especially in combination with white kitchen furniture) also bravely painted in dark tones, which brings minimalism to the kitchen, the one between sink and refrigerator.

In the case of the worktop, laminated pressboard has been stylistically obsolete since the 90s, in the man's kitchen it should be either solid wood or granite. Darker woods, in particular, make a very noble impression as a worktop, lighter woods can be artificially darkened by flames. At the same time, the fire hardens the wood, a treatment with worktop oil brings out additional shades of red and ensures that the worktop remains durable.

Ceramics should not be underestimated either, as ceramics are not only scratch-resistant but also extremely hygienic.
Nice additions to industrial minimalism are, for example, pallet furniture as seating or pallet parts as suspensions for wine glasses, iron tubes as the frame of a bar stool or table or robust chains for the kitchen lamp.
If the budget is sufficiently large, the dishwasher, stove and refrigerator should rather be covered with stainless steel. This looks pithier than white foil and goes very well with the strong contrasts of a modern men's kitchen.

In its palette, the men's kitchen should not hide away, but rather focus on strong colours and contrasts between black, dark grey and white.
Colourful variety can still be brought into the kitchen through the rich green of fresh herbs. They spray their very own scent and make themselves useful, and with a high garden on the wall, herbs take up very little space.

Boys like Toys - A little fun in the kitchen is a must

Beating meat is a popular kitchen service even for small boys. Raw forces can be used sensibly here, but it doesn't always have to be the hammer. Devices such as the DCI Knuckle Pounder ensure that gentlemen can skilfully take out their frustration on meat. As long as the pad stands up.
A classic and very simple meal, which is notorious as a men's dish because it is so easy to prepare, is pizza. Of course, it can be prepared quite despicably on a baking tray, but a pizza stone is actually one of the essentials. Men do not have to pay more than 30,- Euro for the authentic stone oven pizza.

Of course, the kitchen also needs something practical, especially if pasta is on the menu. Sagaform produces a 3-in-1 appliance with which men can portion spaghetti and then serve it, and at the same time, the stainless steel tool also serves as a cheese grater.

One tool that every man needs in the kitchen, from pancakes to omelettes, is the pan. And no material stands for robust cooking as much as cast iron. A non-enamelled cast iron pan must even be baked with oil and salt before the first use. This almost creates something like a bond between cook and utensil and the results of a cast iron pan are beyond any doubt anyway.

Nunc est bibendum - after all, the kitchen is also there for drinks

Every good day starts with a good coffee. Now the bubbling of the filter machine is not necessarily one of the most pleasant sounds in the kitchen, so in recent years it has been replaced by the hissing of the simple espresso maker. Even for single men, there should be room for at least four espressos, in case there are visitors.

Coffee from the Coffeeboxx by OXX is as simple as with the fully automatic machine and yet masculine. It can be folded into a cube and is as robust as a coffee machine doesn't have to be. A real eye-catcher in the men's kitchen is the cubist coffee machine, however, in any case.

With ice cubes in the drinks, it's one of those things, more durable than ice and very trendy are stone cubes. These are also simply frozen and then added to the drink. The cooling effect lasts for about 30 minutes - and without diluting the drink. And they are always more elegant than the small cubes from the plastic slipcase.

And on days after an intense drink, when solid food seems utopian, nothing is as indispensable as a kitchen blender. This is precisely where a larger output is worthwhile because mixers should be easy to clean. Whether especially in summer or for protein shakes, sometimes fruity and sometimes creamy shakes enrich every menu.

Men's dream kitchen

Properly furnished, the kitchen is the perfect room for the modern man, then it is elegantly designed, robust and functional - what more could men want?
And since the very furnishing of the kitchen can be quite expensive, it is all the more worthwhile to invest in a kitchen that will last. And it's not just men who will enjoy having the right kitchen utensils, stylish furnishings and a suitably stocked fridge for a long time.