What should definitely not be missing in a student flat share?


The first leaves are falling, the thermometer display at the same time and at many German universities the winter semester is just around the corner. There's a pack of excited first-time students and, above all, a lot of organisational work to be done: changing places of study, looking for accommodation and setting up new shared flats. For many first-year students, this means setting up their own household for the first time and leaving the comfortable home with mum's cooking skills. So that you don't start your new freedom with unhealthy food including frozen pizza, microwave meals and canned soups, there are some essential items that you should not miss in your new flatshare!

Student WG
What should not be missing in a student WG? Picture: @ contrast workshop adobe stock


water boiler
A MUST for every student flat share: the water boiler. Photo: @ temp2media

You probably won't have enough money to buy the stylish coffee machine that will sweeten your morning with a cappuccino made from freshly ground beans and frothed milk. No problem: with instant coffee, infused with hot water, you get an equally effective pick-me-up, which you can refine with milk and sugar as you like. The boiling water for it is served in no time at all by a good kettle, which doesn't even have to be expensive. Make sure that the kettle is not too small (otherwise the hot water will have completely disappeared into the teapot of your flatmate when you get out of the shower) and that the heating time is as short as possible. This way, coffee, tea, hot water bottles and occasionally the noodle soup in the cup are prepared in no time.

Thermo mug

Spending extra money for a cardboard or plastic cup every break when you get a caffeine kick in the coffee shop on the corner? It's smarter than that! It's best to invest a few extra euros in a good thermal mug that closes securely and can be cleaned in the dishwasher (if your shared kitchen is blessed with one). You can take the coffee for your first lecture from home and have it refilled during the day either in the cafeteria or in a café with a fresh portion. In this way, you not only protect the environment, but many coffee shops even offer a small discount if you bring your own cup.

Sandwich Maker

Let's be honest: An amazing number of things in life get a lot better when you bake them with cheese! Yesterday's soggy snack, the somewhat bland vegetable pan, the stupid first utility bill - cheese on top and you have one problem less. The Sandwich Maker is a real wizard when it comes to recycling leftover cheese. The remaining slices of sausage from the opened package, the sauce leftovers from the barbecue season that is coming to an end and everything else that you like and have to get rid of - on the toast slice, cheese on top, toast, delicious! Whether hot or already cooled down, the toasted sandwiches are a popular party food and also a great snack for on the go. The baked edges prevent the topping from running out or smearing. Also makes a real difference if the party friend suddenly stays for breakfast and you want to make an impression: Spread Nutella on toast slices, toast them in the sandwich maker and voilá, you can serve a crispy topping.

Good kitchen knives

Admittedly, even with the discarded knives of your relatives, which have been in use for a few years, you will get your ingredients somehow chopped. But how much trouble this is and how squashed and crushed the vegetables will look afterwards is written on another sheet. Fold them up and treat yourself to a set of high-quality, sharp kitchen knives when it comes to kitchen equipment! It doesn't have to be hand-forged Japanese Damascus steel, a good knife block from the department store will do. If you sharpen them regularly and treat them with care, you can even use them to cut the reward steak for passing your final exam!

Big cooking pot

The great advantage of a household with several roommates is that you can share many costs. In addition to rent and utilities, internet access and a Netflix account, food is often much cheaper if you buy it together. In the case of large packs, the price per portion or piece is usually proportionally lower. Why don't you arrange a few days per week when you cook together or alternately for each other? Of course, you need a big pot in which enough pasta, chilli or soup for everyone fits. If there is anything leftover, you can freeze it in small portions and have a ready meal ready when you need it quickly.

Storage container

Maybe you have often made fun of your mother's collection of tuppets, but at the latest when you see the buffet leftovers from your first communal party, you will wish you had a selection of the handy containers! After all, all these tasty things cost a lot of money and will make some tasty meals, if you can preserve them. With storage tins, which should be best suited for the freezer and also the microwave, you can freeze the delicacies in individual portions or take them with you to university the very next day. And just imagine your mum's beaming eyes when you pull out your own transport containers on your next visit home to pack the leftovers of her lovingly cooked home-cooked food!