Home made ice cream - find the best tipps here


Home made ice cream - find the best tipps here

Selfmade ice cream at home: You want to fulfill this dream? In this article we explain whether an ice cream machine with or without a compressor would be more suitable for you.

The differences between ice cream makers: A quick overview

What makes ice cream makers with compressors different from the ones without them is the fact that compressor ice cream makers offer a faster and easier preparation for your ice cream, and that too without needing a freezer. Compressor ice cream makers a favorite with people who love homemade ice creams, and don’t mind paying for it a bit more owing to its advanced features, including a digital display, temperature control, speed.

Delicious vanilla ice cream
Delicious vanilla ice cream

Patience vs. costs

Whereas, other ice cream makers like electric frozen bowl ice cream makers need to be put in the freezer a day before you want the ice cream to be ready. Once the machine’s bowl is cold, your job is just to add the ingredients and turn on the machine to get your homemade ice cream.
So, if you have the patience to pre-freeze the bowl to get your homemade ice cream ready with a budget friendly ice cream maker then you can opt for these kinds of machines. Otherwise, if you have a higher budget then compressor ice cream makers are the best.

Here, you can fulfill yourself every ice cream fantasy

You can choose the flavour, the toppings- everything! You could even make yourself some lactose free ice cream or vegan ice cream by choosing the particular milk.

Making your own ice cream at home can be so easy
Making your own ice cream at home can be so easy

A recipe for Cinnamon ice cream with your ice cream maker:

200 ml milk
200 g sweet cream
150 g sugar
1 pinch(s) of salt
6 tsp cinnamon powder, to taste more or less

Mix all the ingredients well and put them in your ice cream maker. For additional taste, you could add cookies, chocolate chips, walnuts or whatever you like.