The first own kitchen: What you need


Finally, you have found your first own apartment. Now adult life can really start. In this article, you will find out what you need for the basic equipment of your kitchen. So you have the basics together and don't have to live forever on pasta with tomato sauce. Have fun reading!

The Basics

You are standing in front of an empty kitchen and don't know where to start? Then here come the absolute basics for you. These kitchen appliances belong to every basic equipment!

The most important facts:

Kettle Aicok Kettle MK-HE1504 you can find here

Toaster Cloer Single Toaster

Microwave Bauknecht MW45 SL is available here

Coffee maker Melitta - Look Therm Timer 1011-15, filter coffee maker can be found here

Sandwich maker FDK 451 Sandwich maker available here

Pizza oven Rosenstein & Söhne Pizza oven with stone oven plate can be found here

Hand mixer BESTEK 300W hand mixer available here

Your kitchen basics explained

The kettle

The kettle of Aicok
A good kettle is part of every kitchen equipment.

First of all, you should be able to heat water. An absolute must-have in every kitchen is, therefore, the kettle. So the tea or pasta water is quickly prepared. We recommend the Aicok water boiler MK-HE1504. This kettle convinces with its high-quality workmanship and practical features. With this kettle, you can decide how hot the water should be boiled by means of step-by-step temperature control. This is very practical, for example, to brew green tea perfectly. The Aicok kettle also has a warming function and a double wall so that the outer wall of the appliance does not overheat and you do not get burned. The first step to the perfect basic equipment for your kitchen!

The toaster

For the first breakfast in your new kitchen, a delicious toast is a must. The Cloer Single Toaster is compact and fits into even the smallest kitchen. You can decide how browned your toast should be. So you can get your perfect toast, depending on your preferences.

The right microwave

The Bauknecht microwave
The Bauknecht microwave offers many great functions.

Choosing the right microwave can be a challenge with a wide range of products currently on the market. We have prepared for you and tested the best microwaves thoroughly. Our test winner is the Bauknecht MW45 SL. Flabby microwave dishes are now a thing of the past, as this Bauknecht appliance has a "Crisp" function. Pizzas, for example, can be baked especially crispy with this function. Bread from the freezer and other frozen foods can be defrosted with the defrosting function. Also very practical: Thanks to the self-cleaning function of this microwave, you only have a minimum of effort when cleaning.

The coffee maker

But first coffee- that could also be your motto? Then a filter coffee machine in your first kitchen is an absolute must. In order not to let the coffee pleasure become a disappointment, the careful selection of your coffee machine is important. We recommend the Melitta - Look Therm Timer 1011-15, filter coffee machine, which has a practical timer function. This allows you to reliably decide when your fresh coffee should be ready. In addition, the coffee pot of the machine is insulated in such a way that there is hardly any loss of heat over a longer period of time. So you can make a whole pot of coffee for yourself and drink it throughout the morning.

Your first student kitchen

You are a student and are standing on your own feet for the first time? Of course, your top priority is not the complete furnishing of a luxury kitchen. But there are still some utensils that no studio should do without. We have selected a few appliances that you can use in your shared room or in your dormitory without any problems. In the long run, this will help you avoid the one or other dispute about who will be allowed to use the stove next - we promise!

The Sandwich Maker

The Sandwich Maker from Krups
That's how delicious the result from the Krups Sandwich Maker looks

The Sandwich maker is a luminary among the kitchen appliances and of course you can't do without him in your student dormitory! After all, what would life be like without being able to bake yourself a delicious cheesy toast at 3 a.m.? Life doesn't need a lot of cuisine - but a sandwich from the sandwich maker is a must. Our favourite among the sandwich makers is the FDK 451 Sandwichmaker. A solid and well-made sandwich maker, which has enough space for large slices of toast and will certainly help you prepare delicious sandwiches for the entire duration of your studies.

The pizza oven

The Pizza Oven of Rosenstein and Soehne
Prepare a delicious pizza in no time at all? That's possible with the pizza oven by Rosenstein & Soehne.

At first glance, one wonders why a pizza oven is necessary when there is an oven in the kitchen. But a pizza oven has many advantages, especially when you share a kitchen. If you live in a dormitory or a large shared flat, it can happen that the oven is permanently occupied during "peak hours". But how do you get the long-awaited pizza for dinner? A pizza oven is small and handy and can also be placed in your room. There you can easily and independently bake your well-deserved pizza. Another advantage: The pizza oven, like the Rosenstein & Söhne Pizza oven with stone oven plate, has a stone oven plate. With this, the pizza tastes even better than when baked in the oven - almost like your favourite Italian. The pizza is also quickly prepared with the Rosenstein & Söhn pizza oven. The crispy baked pizza is ready in 25 minutes. Bon appetite!

Essential for baking professionals: The hand mixer

It is the beginning of every good pastry: the hand mixer. To make cake and bread baking a pleasant experience, a well-functioning hand mixer is essential. We have tested 7 different hand mixers for you and the BESTEK 300W Hand Mixer from Allen came out best. The hand mixer is easy to use, has many helpful functions and ensures a wonderfully creamy dough. You will enjoy this hand mixer for a long time!
With these basics, your first kitchen is now perfectly equipped. If you would like to equip your kitchen a bit more, you will find more great kitchen appliances in our kitchen category. Have fun browsing!