The environmentally friendly option for barbecuing: The electric grill


Well done - skillfully grilled with the electric grill

Barbecuing is a tradition! Even today, barbecuing has not lost its charm. An electric barbecue is ready for use quickly and at any time and the environment, as well as the neighbour, is not disturbed by coal smoke and fumes.

Meat under power

The electric grill is a good alternative to gas and charcoal grills. Plugin, heat up, grill and enjoy. Even in winter, when it snows, the electric grill can be used in the living rooms without any problems. Apart from the barbecue food, no further preparations are necessary, a power outlet is enough and nothing more stands in the way of the barbecue pleasure.

The electric grill has many advantages

The electric grill is particularly suitable for small balconies, terraces or gardens. It does not take up much space and is easy to install and operate. Another advantage is a great time saving because the electric grills get hot quickly. In addition, the temperature can be set individually. Barbecuing is one of the most popular leisure activities and the environment should not be forgotten. Compared to the charcoal barbecue, the electric barbecue does not produce ashes or soot.

The advantages of electric grills
Smarter grilling with electric grill - photo: @ Miguel Gracia Saaved adobestock

Open fire is always dangerous

No open fire and no dangerous gas bottle, with the electric grill you can grill safely and quickly. Small children and pets do not have to be kept away from the flames and complaints from the neighbours about the smell are also a thing of the past.

The environmentally friendly option for barbecuing

The electric grill combines energy awareness and modern lifestyle. Not only in terms of heating or heat insulation but also when it comes to eating, a change in thinking and energy saving is taking place. Barbecuing with charcoal is not very environmentally conscious and barbecuing with gas can be quite expensive.

Modern electric barbecues are powerful, have an attractive design and are available in different sizes. There are small appliances that can be taken on a camping holiday without any problems, up to large, compact appliances that offer plenty of space for the barbecue food.

Barbecue pleasure without tiresome cleaning

Crickets yes, cleaning no. Many electric grills have an integrated grease drip tray and the grill rack of most models can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Even after barbecuing, the environment is protected: there is no waste as with charcoal barbecues.

Tips and tricks for the electric barbecue

Electric grills with adjustable temperature are advantageous because the temperature can be perfectly adjusted to the food to be grilled. For the meat to sizzle properly, a certain amount of power is naturally required. Grilling experts recommend that the electric grill should have at least 2000 watts of power. Meat needs a temperature of around 250 degrees Celsius. Only then do the pores close quickly and the grilled meat becomes tender and juicy. The electric grill may only be placed on a level, stable and heat-resistant surface. If water is poured into the integrated grease drip tray before grilling, it can be easily cleaned after grilling.