Testing the Delonghi Kettle - Video


There are many kettles. We have tested a small selection for you, including the Delonghi kettle.

Whether vintage or retro, this kettle captivates with its extravagant appearance and elegance. It is made of stainless steel and looks very high quality.

The disadvantage is that the lid of the kettle is not attached to the housing and is difficult to open. Especially when the water is hot and needs to be refilled, hot splashes can spread from the inside of the lid when the lid is opened. If the water temperature is too hot, this can lead to scalding under certain circumstances. However, it can be rotated 360° on its base, which makes it much easier to use the appliance.

The water level indicator is advantageously located in the outer area, but only shows a scale from 1 l to 1.7 l. In addition, the maximum filling can also be read on a metal rod inside the housing. It is advantageous that this kettle has more capacity than most of the others in the test.

In our latest video we present the Delonghi kettle in more detail

You can find further information in our detailed test report.

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