YouTube video: What can a Cakepop Maker prepare?


Many trends come from America. The Cakepop trend is one of them. The colourfully decorated cakepops are an indispensable part of a party. With the help of Cakepop Makers, Cakepops can be prepared in no time at all. You can find out which Cakepop Makers we tested and which of them did best here.

But can you really only make cakepops with the Cakepop Makers? Or can you conjure up other delicacies with the help of the Cakepop Maker? Our tester Jana asked herself this question and came to an amazing result. Not only sweet cake pops can be made, but also delicious pizza balls and meatballs - and all this in just a few minutes. A real insider tip!

Product test Tristar Cakepop Maker

How to prepare cakepops properly with the Cakepop Maker from Tristar? In the following, we will introduce the Tristar Cakepop Maker.

Pizza Cakepops

Pizza cakepops are the new trend at the party. The evenly shaped little balls are perfect as a snack. Which recipe is best suited for them and which Cakepop scored well in the test, you can see in the following video!

Meatballs Cakepops

Who doesn't like them: Delicious meatballs or even meatballs made according to grandma's recipe. But can meatballs also be prepared in a Cakepop Maker? Tester Jana has taken up this challenge...