The contact grill - a MUST for real burger lovers


Hamburgers are a universally popular dish, especially as they can be topped according to individual taste and mood. Especially in summer during the barbecue season, people like to sit outside, put some burger patties on the grill and enjoy the good weather. But even in bad weather or during the cold seasons you don't have to do without hamburgers fresh from the grill. They are also easy to prepare at home with a contact grill. The patties are fried evenly from both sides on the contact grill without fat splashing around. But they also have other advantages: For example, if you want to prepare burgers on the balcony without annoying the neighbours with smoke and the smell of charcoal, simply reach for the contact grill.

grill-meat grinder medium
Simply make burgers yourself

If you want to experience a completely new taste experience, prepare the Burger Patties yourself with a meat grinder. The effort may be greater, but it has some advantages: You can better determine the fat content of the meat and also directly process other ingredients, such as onions, together with the meat. There is no way to get fresher minced meat and you can taste it. Pre-made patties or patties formed from pre-packaged minced meat cannot compete with fresh meat. Since many households already have a food processor, it is worth getting a mincer attachment. The handling is uncomplicated and everything runs without effort.

Detailed information about contact grills and meat grinder attachments can be found in our test reports.