Rommelsbacher MX 1250 Blender

Test 01/2020

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Test seal: Rommelsbacher MX 1250 Blender, Rating 9.5

last modified: 28.02.2020, 14:01

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All rating criteria details:

Result 25%
Handling 20%
Workmanship 20%
Cleaning 20%
Performance 15%
Tested by: Jana


Product tester


The Rommelsbacher MX 1250 Blender in its stainless steel design convinces all along the line: The blender is of very high quality and equipped with many innovative functions. The 4-fold protection and the 6-wing knife make this blender a must in every kitchen.


  • Easy to use
  • Very stable
  • Good quality
  • 6-blade knife
  • 4-fold protection
  • Large glass jug
  • Variable speed controller


360° View

A blender that convinces in all areas.

The device

The Rommelsbacher MX 1250 Blender is delivered in an appealing box containing the most important product information. The first impression of the device is very positive. Due to the built-in feet, the blender looks very well processed and stable. All in all, the blender is quite heavy compared to other machines.

In addition, an operating manual is included, which has been designed in an understandable and appealing way and is available in German and other languages.

The Rommelsbacher blender is easy to assemble and operate.

Included in the scope of delivery are:

  • Blender
  • Operating instructions

The application

The handling of the blender from Rommelsbacher proves to be very simple and self-explanatory. Before the first use, all parts should be cleaned and the device should be connected to a power supply.

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
Control panel

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
The Rommelsbacher blender in use

To attach the blender jug, it is important that the rotary switch is in the off position. Then place the blender jug on the motor unit and let it click into place. The integrated safety system ensures that the blender can only be put into operation when the lid is correctly placed on the glass jug and when the glass jug is correctly placed on the base unit. During our first test, we had placed the lid on the glass jug incorrectly and the blender did not work. Only when the testers had correctly placed the lid and the glass jug, did the blender start mixing. In addition to this integrated safety system, the blender also has overheating protection, i.e. if the temperature is too high, the blender will stop the motor.

Rommelsbacher Standmixer MX 1250
The Rommelsbacher blender in our test

Rommelsbacher Standmixer MX 1250
The 6-wing knife

The next step is to fill the container with the food to be processed, place the lid on the container, place the measuring cup on the opening in the lid and switch on the motor unit. In our test, we prepared smoothies from 400g frozen raspberries, 300g frozen strawberries, 30g brown sugar, 1.5l milk and some vanilla extract.

Regarding the rotary switch, it should be mentioned that it should always be turned clockwise to switch on the appliance.

To start a program, the lever on the control panel must be set to "on". Now you can choose between different programs such as for crushing ice or the program for smoothies, as well as "Clean/Pulse" or individual strength.

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
fill in raspberries

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
Ingredients in glass jug

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
add milk

To achieve optimal results in our testing process, we have pressed the "Smoothie" button. Here, the blender works practically alone, as the machine stops automatically after the program has run down. This process took about 1 minute during our test. If you want, you can stop the process before that by moving the knob to the left to the "Off" position.

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
During preparation

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
Smoothie Button

The preparation went off without any problems. One should just not fill the device up to the top, otherwise, the liquid will overflow. Despite the very full glass jug, the blender gave a great result. The frozen ingredients were perfectly chopped and the smoothies had a perfect consistency. Compared to other blender stands, this one was even very pleasant in terms of volume.

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
The finished shakes

Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250
Result of the Rommelsbacher blender MX 1250


Always unplug this appliance before cleaning. The "CLEAN/PULSE" function can be used to quickly clean the glass jug or the sharp-edged knife between individual mixing processes. To do this, simply pour some warm water with detergent into the empty glass jug and close the lid firmly. Then you have to keep the button pressed. Then pour out the rinse water and rinse with clear water. In general, you should clean the blender immediately after use to prevent residues from drying up. Some removable parts are suitable for the dishwasher, such as the lid, glass jug, and the closing flap. The knife block with the 6-wing special knife is not dishwasher safe.

At the time of our test, no buyer ratings could yet be determined and evaluated.

Manufacturer Rommelsbacher
EAN 4001797853134
Maximum power 1,200 Watt
Capacity litres 1.75
Quality impression Good
Dishwasher safe All removable parts can be put in the dishwasher
Special features Separate programmes: "Clean/Pulse", "Ice Crush", "Smoothie"
Manual language GER, EN
Quality of instructions Good
Height 44 cm
Width 22 cm
Depth 18.5 cm
Weight 4.5 kg
Step adjustment Variable speed control
Scope of delivery Blender, operating instructions
Packaging Good
Speed 22,000 revolutions per minute
Cleaning by hand Very easy
Additional warranty 24 months

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Is it also possible to grind e.g. spices such as pepper, cumin, cinnamon, coconut meat or peanuts/cashews with the blender?
With a larger quantity, this is certainly possible.
How many rotations does the mixer manage?
Up to 22,000 rpm.


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