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Test 11/2019

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Test seal: H.Koenig V5i Steam Generator, Rating 6.9

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All rating criteria details:

Ironing result 40%
Overall impression 30%
Handling 15%
Safety 15%
Tested by: Jil



The H.Koenig - V5i Steam Generator does not make a good impression. Although it has a fast warm-up time, wrinkles are not perfectly smoothed and no steam is generated.


  • Long mains cable and supply hose
  • Short warm-up time


  • Very loud steam generation
  • Weak steam boost
  • No ON/OFF switch
  • No wrinkle-free result

360° View

Weakest ironing results in the test but good handling and safety.

The device

The H.Koenig - V5i Steam Generator consists of the station in dark blue colour and the light blue carrying handle as well as a grey surface for the iron. The water tank at the bottom of the front is attached to the station and holds approx. 1.7 litres. A filter is installed in the water tank. The carrying handle has a snap-in function so that the device does not rock back and forth when carried. The iron itself is on top, also in dark blue with a shiny grey base. The iron also has a stainless steel soleplate, a heating indicator light and the steam release button is located directly under the handle. In addition, the temperature control knob is within easy reach, ranging from MIN to MAX. The supply hose is attached to the rear part of the iron, 1.60 m long. In addition, a mains cable with a length of 1.70 m was supplied.

The packaging is clear, but it does not look particularly appealing. Only the steam iron is shown on the front and back. There is little information on the side, in many different languages. The enclosed operating instructions are written in detail and easy to understand.

Included in the scope of delivery:

  • Station
  • Water tank with filter
  • Carrying handle
  • Flat irons
  • Supply hose
  • Power cords
  • Cable rewind
  • Instruction manual

The application

H.Koenig steam ironing station
thermal image of the H.Koenig steam ironing station

The first step is to fill the water tank of the H.Koenig - V5i Steam Generator completely with water. This counts as a negative point because otherwise no water vapour can be generated, but the user cannot decide for himself how much water he needs. Then the mains cable of the station is connected to the socket. One drawback here is that the device does not have an ON/OFF switch. As soon as the plug is plugged in, the indicator light lights up. When the warm-up process is finished after approx. 1 minute, the indicator light also goes out. On the negative side, there is no beep, so the user is bound to the unit during the warm-up.

The iron can be guided over the object to be ironed in a relaxed manner and without much effort. Here it is, unfortunately, the case that the wrinkles are smoothed out only after several passes. The iron is not hot enough for this. This means that a greater effort is required than with other devices of its kind.

Another shortcoming is the steam generation. In experiment number 1, the water vapour is only ejected after keeping the steam push-button pressed for a longer time. In addition also unfortunately only very weakly. In experiments number 2 and 3, no steam was produced at all. Further, the attempt of the station to produce water vapour is very loud.

The ironing result is unfortunately not perfect. The wrinkles are smoothed only after larger expenditure. It does not matter whether steam is still used without steam.

If now the ironing has taken up all the water in the tank, residual water still remains. Then the water tank must dry from the inside.

H.Koenig steam ironing station
Sufficient ironing result of the Koenig steam ironing station. Before (left), after (right)

We have evaluated almost 40 customer ratings on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 75 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are a good 15 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 75% positive and 15% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Quickly ready for use

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Heavy
Manufacturer H.Koenig
EAN 3760124951424
Scope of delivery Water tank, mains cable, filter, supply hose, cable winder, steam ironing station, iron, operating instructions
Quality impression Satisfactory
Height 26 cm
Width 17.5 cm
Depth 36 cm
Weight 2.8 kg
Capacity litres 1.7
Power 2,400 W
Length of the power cable 1.70 m
Continuous steam capacity 90 g/min
Supply hose 1.60 m
Drip stop Available
Gliding ability Excellent
Heat distribution Unevenly
Steam boost Weak
Automatic switch-off No
Eco-function None
Vertical steam
Manual language GER, NL, ES, IT, FR, EN
Quality of instructions Detailed, understandable
Ironing result
Overall impression

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