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Test seal: Braubox 'Light Beer' Brewing Set, Rating 8

last modified: 28.02.2020, 14:01

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All rating criteria details:

Preparation 35%
Taste 35%
Workmanship 15%
Scope of delivery 15%
Tested by: Jonas



The 'Light Beer' Brewing Set by Braubox made the best impression at first. The accessories included in the delivery make a qualitatively well-processed impression. I was also positively impressed by the included ingredients. With the other tested brewing sets, elementary processes of brewing beer, such as mashing and lautering, were taken away from you in advance. Here you are really active as a brewmaster. This gives you serious insight into the art of brewing and gives you the feeling of actually brewing your own beer. Accordingly, the process takes more time. Well invested time, in my eyes. Unfortunately, the high expectations of the final product could not be completely fulfilled. The barley juice we produce tastes like beer, but not like a pale. The amount of carbonic acid is a little too low. The sedimentation of yeast at the bottom of the bottle is noticeable, which is actually only known from bottom-fermented beers. All in all a cool gift to gain your first experience in brewing beer. It makes you want to learn and experience more.


  • Materials with good quality workmanship
  • The essential processes of brewing are done by yourself


  • Yeast deposit
  • Does not taste like light beer

360° View

Here you feel like a real master brewer. The end product makes you thirst for more.

General information

The 'Light Beer' Brewing Set by Braubox is in an attractive packaging. The instructions are written in German, illustrated and easily understandable.

Scope of delivery

  • Fermenter
  • Beer pump
  • Fermentation bung
  • Malt mixture
  • Hops
  • Brewer's yeast
  • Oxi-Cleaner
  • Dosing unit
  • Thermometer


Duration: 60 minutes

Stirring and temperature control of mash.
When mashing, we always keep an eye on the temperature.

The first step is to extract the sugar from the malt, which is later converted by the yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide. First, you heat 4 litres of water to 72 °C. Then pour the malt into the pot and stir carefully so that the malt spreads well and no lumps are formed. When the malt is added, the temperature drops by a few degrees. Between 65 °C and 69 °C the malt should now be "mashing in" for 60 minutes. When this time is over, heat the water in the pot to 78 °C again and then remove the pot from the stove. This process is called "mashing down".


Duration: 30 minutes

The purge will commence.
The purge can begin.

The second step is to separate the malt from the liquid and wash out the residual sugar still contained in the malt. The first step is to hang a sieve over a second pot. A very large pot is recommended so that nothing of your mash overflows. Little by little you scoop the malt from the first pot into the sieve. The malt in the sieve now forms a natural filter. The rest of the liquid now slowly and evenly passes through the filter. For the "top-up", heat another 3 litres of water to 78 °C and let it pass slowly and evenly through the natural filter as soon as no more liquid is running through the spent grains. To finish the lautering process, place the sieve over your now cleaned 1st pot and let the liquid obtained run over the spent grains once again. The liquid is called "wort". From this wort, your beer is won later.

Hop Cooking

Duration: 60 minutes

To give the beer its unique taste, hops are added to the wort. This gives the beer its spicy aroma and bitterness. First, you have to bring the wort to a light boil. After 10 minutes you add the hops. Now let the beer wort boil gently for another 50 minutes. When the boiling time is over, you must bring the wort below 25°C as soon as possible. We have filled the sink with cold water and added ice cubes to speed up the cooling process. Meanwhile, you have time to sterilize the fermenter, the fermenter plug, the fermenter plug, and the funnel. To do this, pour lukewarm tap water into a pot and add the cleaning agent (the largest portion per litre).


To initiate fermentation, our miracle ingredient is yeast. Before you add the yeast to the wort, you pour the beer wort into the fermentation tank using a funnel. The fermenting bottle should only be filled up to the curvature of the bottleneck. Now it is time to pour the yeast into the fermentation bottle. In order to mix the yeast with the wort in a balanced way, you swivel the glass vessel vigorously. Then fill the fermenting plug a little with the liquid of the cleaning agent, put it on the fermenting plug and both together on the fermenting bottle. The bottle should now be stored in a dark room at room temperature for about 10 days.

Young beer is transferred from fermenters into bottles.
The green beer is bottled from fermentation tanks using a pump.

Secondary fermentation

During secondary fermentation, sugar is added to the young beer, which is converted by the yeast over time into alcohol and carbon dioxide. We first transferred the beer into swing stopper bottles using the pump included in the delivery and then used a funnel to transfer the sugar into the bottles. After the bottles were closed, we shook them vigorously once again to ensure that everything was evenly distributed.

Sugar is added for secondary fermentation
Sugar is added for secondary fermentation.


You must now store the beer for 3 weeks standing upright in a dark room at room temperature. Afterwards, you put the bottles upright in the refrigerator for at least 2 days to stop the secondary fermentation.


The beer has a perfectly good taste. The only unmistakable taste of the barley juice can be recognized in the beginnings. However, the typically palatable and full-bodied taste of a pale is hardly noticeable. The small amount of carbonic acid and the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle, which also mixes into the beer glass, is to be criticised.


With the 'Light Beer' Brewing Set by Braubox you can create a nice whitecap. Over time it disappears but does not dissolve completely, thus preventing the carbon dioxide from escaping.

We have evaluated almost 40 reviews on the Internet. In summary, we can say that around 95 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are almost 5 percent of users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 95% positive and 5% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • High quality
  • Suitable as a gift
  • Comprehensible instruction

Negative comments were made on the following points:

  • High effort
  • Beer bottles are not included
Manufacturer Braubox
EAN 9137381276913
Scope of delivery Fermentation bottle, malt mixture, beer pump, hops, brewer's yeast, oxi-cleaner, doser
Packaging Simply illustrated, appealing
Additional warranty -
Quality of instructions Excellent
Manual language GER
Width 17.5 cm
Height 36 cm
Depth 17.5 cm
Weight 2,707 g
Capacity litres 4
Type of beer Helles
Material of fermentation tank Glass
Brew approaches 1
Tap -
Ingredients Hops, malt, yeast, water
Ingredients are enough for 4 l
Preparation time 4 hours
Quality impression Excellent
Scope of delivery

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Can the beer be stored without cooling?
The beer is fermented at room temperature and can also be stored that way.
The description says "brewing at your own stove". What do I need it for and how much time do I need to plan?
You will need the stove and a large cooking pot for mashing (duration: 1 hour) and hop boiling (duration: also 1 hour).
What alcohol content does the beer have at the end?
The alcohol content of the finished beer is about 5.5% vol.


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