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Test 12/2019

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Test seal: Rowenta Air Force, Rating 7.8

last modified: 17.12.2019, 10:03

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All rating criteria details:

Cleaning result 50%
Handling 20%
Volume 15%
Range of functions 15%
Tested by: Elisabeth


Product tester


The Rowenta - Air Force is a sufficient vacuum cleaner, which fulfils its task well, especially on carpet surfaces.

The many attachments are only partially necessary and constitute many small parts that do not all find a place on the wall mount. The battery life is quite short compared to the charging time and as soon as you switch on the turbo mode it drops considerably.


  • Many attachment possibilities
  • LED lighting at the foot


  • Many small parts
  • Short battery life

360° View

This vacuum cleaner has a wide range of features and is suitable for shorter suction units.


The rod vacuum cleaner Air Force by Rowenta is packed in a simple but functionally illustrated package and is ready to use as soon as it is removed from the box. The instruction manual describes in 27 languages how to use the device, mainly with pictures.


The device is mainly black and decorated with silver details.


The vacuum cleaner can be easily assembled. The many attachments are intended for all possible areas, but the brush hardness grades are hardly different and a lot of individual parts are flying around.

The dirt container is easy to remove and easy to clean by hand. The brush on the vacuum cleaner foot can also be easily removed and cleaned of dirt.

You can easily disassemble the collector of the rod vacuum cleaner, the filter is easy to remove and clean
You can easily disassemble the collector of the rod vacuum cleaner, the filter is easy to remove and clean

The brush is also easy to disassemble and clean
The brush is also easy to disassemble and clean

At 2.9 kilograms, the device is quite heavy and therefore not very easy to lift. However, the castors under the foot make handling easier and the heavy weight doesn't have a very negative effect. These must be regularly freed of hair, otherwise, their flexibility will be restricted.

The volume of 75 dB is quite loud and corresponds to a somewhat louder conversation.

With the wall mount, the vacuum has a fixed place and can charge there at the same time. This means that the vacuum cleaner is ready for use at all times. Some of the attachments can also be stored there and are easily accessible.

Cleaning result

The cleaning result is good and, above all, smooth floors are cleaned in no time by the vacuum cleaner. Even on carpets, the vacuum cleaner only needs to be applied a few times to every spot for a satisfactory result. Only at edges, the vacuum cleaner has slight problems getting rid of all particles.

In comparison, you can see that the vacuum cleaner leaves some particles on the edges, but the surfaces are well cleaned
In comparison, you can see that the vacuum cleaner leaves some particles on the edges, but the surfaces are well cleaned

With turbo mode, the vacuum cleaner picks up particles from the ground even faster and better, but the battery life suffers as a result. In normal mode, the battery lasts about 30 minutes, which is just enough for normal use in several rooms. The battery lasts 14 minutes in turbo mode.

We have evaluated approx. 40 customer reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 90 percent of the buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 90% positive and 0% negative ratings

The following points were often positively noted:

  • Versatile accessories
  • LED light
  • Suction power

The following points were often negatively noted:

  • Cleaning and emptying
Manufacturer Rowenta
EAN 3221614003134
Scope of delivery Vacuum cleaner, suction arm, suction foot, 9 different attachments and combinations, spare filter, wall mount, charging cable, manual
Battery life 20 - 30 min
Charging time Approx. 3 hrs
Length of the power cable 180 cm
Capacity 0,4 l
Volume 1 metre distance 75 dB
Weight 2900 g
Height 116 cm
Width 25 cm
Depth 26 cm
Cleaning by hand Easy
Cleaning of smooth floor surfaces Good
Cleaning of carpet floors Good
Exchangeable battery No
Size adjustable No
Bag No
Wet suction mode No
Additional warranty 2 years
Quality impression Good
Quality of instructions Only illustrated, no text, confusing
Packaging Attractive, functional design
Manual language FR, EN, GER, NL, ES, PT, IT, TR, CS, SK, HU, PL, ET, LT, LV, BG, RO, SL, HR, BS, SR, RU, UN, CN, HK, KO, AR
Cleaning result
Range of functions

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How long is the cable from the charging station?
Approximately 1.90 meters.
How wide and long is the wall mount?
The mount is 32cm high (without accessories) and 14cm wide.
Is it easy to clean or does a screwdriver have to be used?
Cleaning is possible without a screwdriver. There are several click mechanisms to overcome.
Do I have to keep the button pressed all the time while vacuuming?


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