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Test 08/2019

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Test seal: Prime Tech Compressor Cooler, Rating 8.9

last modified: 11.10.2019, 8:39

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All rating criteria details:

Cooling 40%
Range of functions 20%
Capacity 15%
Isolation time 15%
Temperature control 10%
Tested by: Marie



The Prime Tech Compressor Cooler has many advantages that other competitors' products cannot offer. The digital display is very advanced and makes operation easy. The box is completely assembled from the beginning and the lid can be opened on both sides immediately. The box takes a little longer to cool down completely, but the cooling performance is still good. It keeps this cooling level relatively long, so the insulation is really great.


  • Battery monitoring mode
  • Digital temperature control
  • Emergency switch
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Foldable carrying handles
  • Removable basket
  • Cover can be swivelled on both sides
  • Lighting


  • High weight
  • Complicated transport

360° View

Good cooling performance. The box is also very user-friendly thanks to additional features.

The device

The Prime Tech Kompressor-Kühlbox is packed in a plain cardboard box, which has no other imprint except some standard information. The cooler is protected against transport damage by a polystyrene cover. The case is made of a matt, light and dark grey plastic.

The handles are also grey and black. When removed, the cooler feels very good in terms of quality. What is striking, however, is that the freezer cooler weighs 20 kg and is very heavy. It is just possible to lift the box alone, it is best to unpack and transport it in pairs.

To open the cooler, either the left or the right handle must be pressed in and opened. Otherwise, it is locked. Since there are handles on both sides, you can vary the door swing direction as you like. When you open the box you will notice that it smells very unpleasant chemically. The cables, car cables and network cables are ready for use on an elevation in the cooler.

There you will also find the instructions for use, which are written in two languages in a very detailed and understandable way. Pictures and illustrations are helpful, which represent the structure and use visually. Information on a guarantee cannot be found in the instructions.

The device was kindly provided to us by the manufacturer Prime Tech for the test period.

The delivery includes:

  • Cooling box
  • Automotive plug
  • Mains plug
  • Integrated carrying basket
  • Instruction manual

The application

The fridge-freezer box should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth before use and then dried again. In addition, check for damaged cables and connections, as this can be very dangerous! If you are sure that all components of the device are intact, the box can be connected to the power supply. Food that is filled into the cooler box should at least be pre-cooled if it does not come directly from the refrigerator. Only then will optimal cooling be ensured. Of course, we have also tested the capacity of the cooler. 1.5-litre bottles, standing exactly upright in the box, can be transported without any problems. A total of 10-12 1.5 litre beverage bottles fit into the cooler at the same time.

To start the cooling, the on/off switch on the Prime Tech compressor cooler must be pressed.

On and off switch of the PrimeTech cooler
To start the cooling, the on/off switch must be pressed for two to three seconds.

You should press it for 2-3 seconds. Otherwise, the fridge will not switch on. If this is done, the display lights up and the current degree in the cooler is shown. In this case, our cooler started with a temperature of approx. 20 °C. A picture taken with the thermal imaging camera has determined a degree value of approx. 23 °C. However, the thermal images always differed slightly from the temperature of the display. This is because the camera measures a certain point in the cooler and the display shows the average temperature. The digital time display is a special advantage of this box and a huge additional benefit. The temperature display and also the temperature setting makes handling much easier and enable targeted cooling. If the box is switched on, the ventilation makes noises, but not excessive. The measurement with the sound level meter from a distance of one meter has determined a value of approx. 48 dB.

At first glance, the settings seemed somewhat complicated, but after reading the instructions for use, the operation was quickly clear. In order to set the desired number of degrees that the box should cool down, you have to press the "SET" switch. Then you can use the + and - buttons to vary the temperature in 1° steps. For our tests, we have always set the minimum possible temperature of -22 °C in order to test the maximum performance of the device. Once the time has been set, the display will flash a few times and then show the indoor temperature again.

We performed each test with one empty, one half-full and one full freezer box. We measured and recorded the inside temperature with a thermal imaging camera at 30-minute intervals. We also showed the start-up power in the form of a graph.

We also recorded the temperature development in a curve.

Temperature curve of the semi-filled Prime-Tech cooler in seconds, in 220-V mode

As soon as the boxes have reached their maximum cooling, we have tested the insulation by again recording the inside temperature with the thermal imaging camera at 30-minute intervals. This is how we determine how quickly the box heats up again, i.e. how long the cooling capacity is guaranteed. All tests were carried out with 220 V voltage, as well as with 12 V voltage and an outside temperature of approximately 22 °C. The tests were carried out at a temperature of approximately 22 °C. The cooling performance of the box is therefore guaranteed for a long time.

The result

In the empty state, the box had an initial value of approx. 22 °C. After 30 minutes it was already cooled down to -4 °C according to the thermal camera. Outside at the display -7 °C were indicated. After 3 hours the box was cooled at maximum. The display had a value of -22 °C in this case. The LED light, which lights green during normal operation, changes to orange after 3 hours. This means that the compressor has shut down automatically because the minimum temperature has been reached. At the coldest point, we also measured the outside temperature. The Prime Tech Compressor Cooler had a housing temperature of 18.8°C.

outside temperature of the PrimeTech cooler
The outside temperature stays the same during the whole cooling process.

The fact that there are enormous sub-zero temperatures inside means that the temperature outside is still quite normal, which speaks for very good insulation.

When half empty, the cooler had an initial value of approx. 18 °C. The temperature inside the cooler is very low. The box was filled with food as well as beverage bottles of various sizes. In order to create a temperature curve, we placed several thermometers in the freezer for recording, because the results there were more reliable than with the thermal imaging camera. We read the temperature at 20-minute intervals. From the values, we created a graphic at the end. After the first 20 minutes, it was cooled down to 13 °C according to the thermometer. Outside at the display, 9°C were indicated. After 40 minutes the temperature was approx. 6 °C according to the thermometer. After 4 1/2 hours the box has a temperature of -10.4 °C according to the thermometer. A temperature of -14 °C is shown on the display. In contrast to cooling when empty, this time the box took longer to cool down completely, as the food is cooled as well. The starting power and the power consumption over a period of 5 minutes can be seen in the graph below:

Starting power of the PrimeTech cooler at 220V

Power consumption of the PrimeTech cooler over a period of 5 minutes

In full condition, the box had an initial value of approx. 21 °C. After 20 minutes it was cooled down to 16.5 °C according to the temperature measuring device. After 40 minutes the temperature was about 15 °C according to the thermometer. This is only half of how the cooler was cooled half empty at the same time. And empty, the cooler had already reached the minus range at about the same time. After only 20 minutes, the tendency can already be seen that the cooler cools down more slowly when more food and beverages are contained. After 60 minutes, the freezer cooler was cooled down to approx. 13 °C, when half-empty, it already had a value of 4 °C. In contrast to cooling in the empty and half-filled state, this time the box took much longer to cool. Remember: Food is cooled with it, so the cooling process takes longer when you fill your cooler completely.

In 12 V operation, the box had an initial value of about 19 °C. After 20 minutes it was cooled down to 15 °C according to the temperature gauge. After 60 minutes the temperature was about 1.3 °C according to the thermometer. After approx. 70 minutes the cool box has reached the minus temperature range. After a little more than 3 hours, the box was cooled down to its maximum. The compressor switched itself off again automatically. The period in which the box cools in 12 V mode, therefore, lasts just as long as the cooling in 220 V mode. The starting power in 12 V mode can be seen in the graph below:

Starting performance of the PrimeTech cooler in 12V mode

Finally, we tested the insulation and thus the guaranteed cooling after disconnecting the power supply. Since the LED light jumped back from orange to green and the compressor was reactivated, we took the box completely off the power. Then we measured the temperature of the interior every 30 minutes. In the beginning, the coldest point in the box was cooled down to about -21.5 °C. After the first 30 minutes, the temperature was about -17,5 °C. After 60 minutes the temperature was -11 °C. After 4 hours, the box is still at a fridge-like temperature of 5 °C. The cooler, therefore, keeps approx. 4 1/2 hours cool and fresh, which speaks for very good insulation.


According to the instructions for use, always disconnect the mains plug before cleaning. It is also advisable to defrost the cooler. For electrical safety reasons, never clean the cooler under running water or in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive detergents. The cool box should occasionally be wiped inside and out with a damp cloth. Then dry the box.

Unfortunately, we were only able to evaluate 2 customer reviews online, as the device has not been on the market that long. Therefore, it is hardly possible to read off evaluable data. However, we can understand the positive trend that is emerging at the moment.

Summary: 100% positive and 0% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Well insulated
  • Low noise
  • Robust
  • Sufficient volume

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Emergency switch malfunction
Manufacturer Prime Tech
EAN 4260206586579
Scope of delivery Cooler, connection cable for 12/24 V, connection cable for 220 to 240 V
Height 43,5 cm
Width 72 cm
Depth 44 cm
Weight 20 kg
Capacity 40 l
Capacity 1.5 l bottles Ca. 10-12 bottles, upright
Volume In maximum mode: approx. 48 dB, measured from one metre distance
Max. inclination 30°
Quality of instructions Well written, easy to understand, illustrated
Additional warranty No information
Material Plastic
Isolation Yes, three-dimensional, 45 mm polyurethane foam
Rubber feet No
Wheels No
Handle Yes, foldable
Power On average approx. 55 W
Energy efficiency class A++
Battery monitoring Available, 3-step monitoring.
Power saving mode No
Cooling system Cooling circuit with compressor
Climatic class N, T
Coolant R134a
Digital temperature display Yes, in °C and °F
Temperature regulation With two buttons in increments of 1°C (2°F)
Ambient temperature +16°C to +43°C
Automatic switch-off Yes, at low battery voltage
Cleaning Never under running water or in the dishwasher, inside and outside with damp cloth
Isolation time
USB-Connection No
Quality impression Very good, stable
Manual language GER, EN
Packaging Plain carton with a few details and information
Range of functions
Temperature control

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What is the energy efficiency class of the box?
The energy efficiency is A++.
Do 1.5 l bottles fit upright into the box?
Yes, 1.5 l bottles fit exactly upright into the box. Then about 10-12 of them.


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